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December 2, 2020

“The only thing consistent is change” is an aphorism I have heard for quite a long time. While this is a cliché, it is also obvious. Yet we move along in life thinking the status quo is the manner in which things will remain. Whether in extreme occasions or great occasions, for the most part, it doesn’t make a difference. We start to accept things will remain as they are.

Consider how the world was pre-COVID-19. The U.S. was encountering the second-longest Bull Market ever. Some budgetary specialists were advised that it would not and could not continue any longer. Yet, we moved about. We believed that things would ‘continue as before’.

Even as the world got mindful of COVID-19, world pioneers were delayed to act. Again, believing such change was beyond the realm of imagination. They did not see potential danger to ‘the state of affairs’. As we currently know, only a one day delay in advising us about COVID led to the rise in contaminated people.

What have we learned from this?

As we come out the opposite side of the pandemic, I ask, “Have we learned from this?”.

I go back to two books that have impressed me over the years: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, and Stephen Covey’s book The eighth Habit”. Both books point out we are responsible for our reactions. We choose how to respond.

At the start of COVID-19 here in the U.S., we saw numerous instances of crowd mindset. People not stopping to respond and to consider outcomes. Then we saw toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages. We went into a panic about an item that we had not had in this country until the 1920s.  Surely we could survive without toilet paper.

So, how do we make certainty in uncertainty?

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Making Certainty in Uncertainty

How would we make the ground-breaking outlook that both Frankl and Covey point to? How do we keep up our genuine and last opportunity, the intensity of decision, to feel sure during vulnerability?

As I expressed toward the start, the only constant is change. There is an exception to this, however. Our Core Identity. Both Frankl and Covey knew their Core Identity and utilized it on intense occasions. Their core identity was their guide for making significant choices.

Yet, the vast majority have lost who they are at their Core. You see this when a person loses their job. Or a young person moves from away from home. Or during a time of a separation or a resignation. And of course, there are a lot more groundbreaking occasions. Indeed, even while completely at a job bliss and fulfillment appear to be tricky. No matter how many vacations people have or the number of material things they accumulate. Bliss is hard to find. People are rarely satisfied.

One thing, in my experience, wins. That is vulnerability.

Post Pandemic

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic has made you question who you have been being before it, during it, and after it. I accept there are changes that the pandemic has caused that will require lasting change. Some of what existed before will continue as before. Some things may only change marginally. Whatever the case, an essential piece of being human is the requirement to be who you are and know your Core Identity.

Those in a place of administration particularly need to completely consider post-pandemic development. They need to be more vulnerable than before. Envision having such a profound handle of who you are that you feel an unrivaled feeling of lucidity, center, and sureness. These qualities will help make the new “typical’. Others who don’t know who they are will attempt to make sense of what the new  “ordinary’ is.

Not every person is prepared for such significant development. Not every person knows how to be vulnerable.

If you want to add vulnerability and to do business from your core – heart-to-heart, join my community.


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