February 17

Episode 20: Discovery Calls: Get More Clients Without Pitching


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Stop pitching and start having conversations through discovery calls.

Aren’t you feeling sick and tired of selling, closing, manipulating, and overcoming objections?

Personally, I am feeling over it.

I don’t overcome objections, manipulate, or sell. I never try to pitch to anyone and I don’t have a closing script or anything of the sort.

So, how do I get clients? I simply focus on discovery calls.

Discovery Calls Encourage Conversation

sales discovery questions

I was on the phone with a social media coach who was very enthusiastic about the possibility of me working with her.

This coach was sharing her reasons as to why I should hire her. In other words, she was pitching me.

She gave me all the reasons my social media wasn't working and listed all the things I needed to do right or what I could do better.

I wasn’t responding to her or encouraging her in any way. Despite my apparent lack of interest she said,  “Okay, now let me tell you what it looks like to work with me.”

However, I never said that I wanted to work with her. Do you see what she was doing? She was pitching.

I was on the phone with a different coach who also does social media and that coach did something completely different.

What that coach did is talk to me.

They asked me questions, listened to me, and truly took an interest in what I had to say.

This coach created a discovery call for me to share information about my business and needs.

As a direct result of them having a conversation with me rather than simply pitching me their business, I hired them.

It changes everything. I literally had a breakthrough with that coach on the phone as they allowed me to express my thoughts and had valuable knowledge and ideas to share in return.

Do you see how big of a difference that can make?

Stop Pitching And Start Discovering

discovery call script

So, how can you incorporate more discovery calls into your workflow?

Offer discovery calls to at least three people that you know. Don’t pitch to them. Instead, focus on helping them transform their lives.

Promise them that you aren’t going to make an offer, you’re just going to transform their lives on that call.

To help you truly understand this, let me explain what I do.

I offer a deep dive breakthrough session – which is what I teach at the Modern Coaching Method – and at the end of the session, I ask if I truly helped you make a breakthrough. If you say a resounding “yes!” then I ask if you would like to continue having more.

If you say “yes,” I say “great, let me tell you how we can do that.” If you say “no,” I say “great, no problem. If you know anybody else who may benefit from one of these sessions please let me know because I am truly here to help.”

Then I get referrals.

It’s pretty darn simple. It really, truly is.

Make Transformations Through Discovery Calls

call discovery plus

I want you to stop making sales, pitching, and learning how to close.

Instead, go into the Facebook Group and share how you are shifting from being a salesperson into simply being a transformation specialist using the hashtag #breakthrough.

By focusing on making these transformations through discovery calls, your business will truly blossom.

Let me help you grow your coaching business:

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