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February 14, 2020

When I wrote About To Break: The Path To True Forgiveness, I had already helped thousands of business owners create more income by teaching them how to attract their ideal prospects, build a referral-based business, automate their leads, close their leads without selling and increase their revenues and profits while working a lot fewer hours and enjoying life a lot more.

I decided to write a book that had nothing to do with business – or so I thought. As I shared the forgiveness process with about 100 of my client family members before the book was published, I received calls, emails, messages and handwritten notes telling me how the book had been the most effective transformational mechanism that taught those who went through the process how to improve their lives and that once they did their businesses built almost magically.

Since the publication, About To Break: The Path To True Forgiveness has opened the minds and hearts of thousands of readers and produced more notes, emails, messages and thank you’s from business owners worldwide.  I know that the book clarifies for each person how forgiving is life-changing and then they see that after they truly forgive they are on their way to even greater wealth and health.

I have been listening to the requests of those who have read the book and they are asking me for an inexpensive way to truly apply the processes in the book with interaction and live coaching help. Since I am a master life coach, a clinical psychologist and have experience and background in live coaching I have decided to work with a small group of people hands-on and to take them on the forgiveness journey. The day we will spend together will have a profound effect on their business and on their lives.

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More Wealth, More Health

I am excited to take a group of open-minded people on this path and help them transcend all the ideas they have about themselves, forgiveness, and even how the world is. I am going to open their minds and hearts through an interactive day together that will transform their beliefs and create new realities for them.

There will be no power points at this event and no boring lectures.  Instead of word lessons, there will be world lessons that consist of experiences that will have each participant involved. As you participate in an activity you are changed.  By attending the event and fully being active in the process, world lessons will transform your thinking and your beliefs and once those shift your life and business, health and wealth will improve.

If you want to go beyond materials in a book and engage with the process of forgiveness beyond an intellectual level then this event is for you.

Join me for one day and in the few hours we will have together you will see the limitless possibilities that await you. Prepare to have more wealth and health.  Register now as I will only be taking a handful of people into the forgiveness retreat.


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