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February 25, 2020

Six Steps To Forgiveness

Why does a business consultant mention forgiveness?  I know you may be wondering… I know that when a client family member isn’t having the health and relationships they desire and deserve, their business won’t have the wealth they also deserve. I have created a process that has dramatically helped my client family members and also helped me and once this process is put in place true transformation has happened which has increased my client family members (and my own) wealth.

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Create More Wealth Through Forgiveness

This six-step method equips you with a proven method to forgive yourself for an offense that you committed against another person or one you believe someone else has committed against you as well as a circumstance or event that occurred in your life —even one that still bothers you even after a significant amount of time has passed.

I won’t reveal the method here – it is in my book About To Break: The Path To True Forgiveness, I just want to open your mind today to the benefits of forgiveness.

First, let me ask you, what is the biggest thing you might have done or someone has done to you or a circumstance or experience where you have some anger, resentment, guilt, sadness or fear?

Notice what specific life event triggers these feelings. Maybe you feel like a failure? Do you feel shame? Perhaps guilt?

I want you to fully allow this to be released out of your mind and know it will be when you use the process in the book. Readers have told me when they learn and practice the method I teach they are able to apply it to all areas of their lives.

When you become a skilled forgiver you will live life and do business through values-based living. You will accept yourself and others have more freedom, more peace, more love, better health, and relationships and increase your wealth.

If you want to attend a one day retreat to actually transform your wealth, join me!

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