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*schema doneBlogDoes Your Business Lack A Smart Digital Strategy?

April 18, 2016

A Digital Strategy: The Newest Marketing Concept

While a digital marketing strategy is a relatively new concept it is a very necessary marketing concept that a business owner can not overlook. To me, digital marketing strategies have to do with everything from email, text messaging, websites, social media networks and all marketing and communication efforts. I also include, in my definition of digital marketing, electronic payment, on line registrations and anything related to ‘going mobile’.

If your small business is going to thrive in the world today and be current in the evolving world of marketing you must have a smart digital marketing strategy and can’t have your head in the sand asking, “What is digital marketing?”. Get educated now about all forms of digital marketing and stay ahead of the curve. Create an effective digital marketing strategy that encompasses search engine optimization, website, citations, business listings, blogging, Google maps, social media management, mobile, conversion, directories, content, adwords, keywords, analytics and more.  Keep on top of your digital marketing as a regular check-up and see how your digital marketing is going and check your key performance indicators regularly.

If you are not an expert in this area get mentoring and get it fast.  This area is growing fast and you can soon be left behind competitors if you blink an eye.


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