Managing Is Dead!

I have now been in business for over 4 decades.  I’ve worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist and owned my own speech clinic, I’ve owned a business doing art consulting and selling art, I’ve been a VP of marketing for a huge healthcare company, I’ve been president of a national healthcare company, I’ve been a business coach and consultant for over 2 decades, I’ve owned a coach training school and co-owned a business consulting institute, I am a keynote speaker traveling the world and a best-selling author publishing books for many decades…I’ve seen business from the inside and grown businesses and there is one thing I know for certain – managing doesn’t work!  You can manage behaviors and manage things and you can not manage people.

So, how then do you grow a multi-million dollar business?  How do you operate with client family members?  With prospective client family members and with employees, contractors, and vendors?  If you can’t manage people, what is left to do?

The entire reason I changed my company name, my brand, my logo, my focus and trademarked the term Heartrepreneur® is that I relate 100% of my business success and my life success to coming from the heart and being transparent, authentic and in integrity.  I will take you on my journey and allow you to vicariously experience what this means and my wish for you is that you will shift your business and life to a Heartrepreneur® philosophy.

When I started my first business, at the age of 21, I had no knowledge of business, sales or marketing.  I invested in many courses, training and hired a mentor.  I learned how to sell and was able to create an amazing business as I discovered I enjoyed marketing.  Marketing, to me, was simply having people discovered how I could help them.

Then, when I transitioned into the business of art consulting, I learned the art of selling and got really good at it.  The only problem was that I threw up after convincing people to buy and overcoming their objections until I wore them out. I tossed out everything I learned and decided just to be 100% transparent with people.  I soon became number one in the company with the highest sales for many years. All without selling and with serving people heart-to-heart.

My journey took me to managing over 1800 employees for a company that wanted me to bully people and to boss them around and that insisted they be managed better and required to be more productive.  I decided to sit in the shoes of my employees and I showed up with transparency, integrity and being authentic.  Soon productivity soared, morale soared and turnover was dramatically decreased as did sick days and people being hurt on the job.  I knew my style of working with people was right.

On the other hand, the corporation wanted me to be a bully and to be more aggressive and threatening with employees.  I decided to quit and to begin my coaching and consulting business over two decades ago.  I came forth treating my prospective client family members, client family members, employees, vendors and independent contractors with integrity and transparency and being fully authentic with them.  Very quickly my business prospered.

I then began training coaches and business consultants teaching them to do business the same was I was doing it.  I was also working with business owners who owned service business of all types and mentoring them to do business my way.  Soon, case studies began to build and I could see the difference that was made when a business (even a large corporation) shifted to the stop managing, start coaching, Heartrepreneur® philosophy.

Then, a few years ago, my publisher asked me to write a book talking about how I do business heart-to-heart.  The book became an overnight bestseller and I started getting notes and letters and even videos from people around the world praising this methodology.  I changed the name of my company, I trademarked Heartrepreneur® and I shifted my entire business to creating a movement and a cause for people of all size companies learning to do business with heart.

As success stories poured in, I knew I was sharing a much-needed philosophy for business.

Today, I ask you, how are you doing business?  Are you 100% transparent?  100% authentic?  Are you always in integrity? When you shift to doing business as a Heartrepreneur® you will find you have prospective client family members coming to you, instead of you hunting for them.  Your own client family members will be thrilled with the outcomes they receive when they invest in your services and products.  Your employees, contractors, and vendors will fully support your business, as well.

This leads to a highly profitable business.  At the same time, your personal life will have more ease and you will have freedom roll in while profits roll out.

Come join the Heartrepreneur® cause now.