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PressDon’t Let Stress Deminish Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

January 13, 2015

Reducing Headaches of Being An Entrepreneur

When you’re struck with the entrepreneurial spirit, you wear many hats: operations, finance, management, sales, marketing, and often creator. Wouldn’t it be great to have a system in place that reduced the workload that falls on you, the business owner? I have identified the three most common problems that entrepreneurs experience:

  • Having to do all or most of the work themselves
  • Not having enough time to do the things they’d like to
  • Missing the family or personal life they want

Here are some strategies that will help you decrease your stress. First, get to know who your customer is and why they buy products or services from you versus a competitor. Understanding how your current customers make their decisions will guide you to develop a sales process that will be effective to attract other customers. Once you understand the customer you can quickly develop a sales presentation that will create the image you need to bring customers to you. It really is that easy. If you have employees, you can train them to use your sales presentation effectively and consistently and to get terrific results. Learning about the customer will help you understand their needs and meet their needs. You’ll spend less time in sales/marketing yet have more business!

Another strategy of successful entrepreneurs is to train and hire people to do the work the way YOU want and need it done. If you know how to hire committed people they will do their best and work according to your standards. You need to model these standards and be respected by your employees and you must have a written system for effectively training your employees. Often orientation is poor so people don’t know the standards of their employer. An essential stress reducer is organization of your business so you can escape for a week or so and know your employees will conduct business the way you would.

Finally, it is critical for entrepreneurs to create more personal time for themselves. Often entrepreneurs are so caught up in their business that their lives are completely out of balance. The need is to get the business operating smoothly so the entrepreneur can balance their business and personal life. This starts with organization of the workplace, of paperwork, and developing an effective work schedule for the business owner. The work schedule of the owner should allow the owner to only spend their time on work that is productive to the business. As owners learn to organize and schedule themselves properly, they will produce more in less time. That leaves time for family, friends and fun.

If you are in clinical, medical or private practice, you are faced with:

  • Continuing declining reimbursement
  • Fewer patients
  • Declining income

How can you overcome those problems and enjoy your business more?

There are several successful marketing strategies that will build and expand your private practice.

  • Marketing – As little as 10 minutes a day is profitable
  • Generate Referrals – Using Non-Traditional Sources
  • Utilizing Your Computer for Skillful Marketing

Marketing in 10 minutes a day? That doesn’t sound like too much work. Want to try it? Here’s how it works. Knowing that our current clients are the critical ones to keep and who will help us expand our business if they are satisfied, you commit to calling and speaking with clients daily. Who do you call and why? If you spoke with a client that day who was upset or confused or had a major event occurring that day or later in the week, you simply call and follow up . Tell the person you were thinking of them and wanted to call. You don’t sell a thing to them. You simply show you care and are different from what they expect from most businesses today. Guess what? They will be so impressed and surprised, they will tell their friends you called.

Next, you rack your brain thinking of who will refer clients to you, right? Here’s a great target market – alternative care providers. That can include massage therapists, Reike Masters, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, and other holistic health practitioners. Start thinking outside the box and you will see the results as your appointment calendar grows.

How can you use your computer for marketing? There’s the internet of course. A website, on-line advertising, linking with others in a strategic alliance, sending out an e-zine or writing for an e-zine. There is also using your computer to generate mailings, thank you letters, a referral program, notices, and invoices and completely automating your business. A computer can do all your marketing if you have a good database and organize your data well. It’s a great way to attract more clients, be more efficient and make more money!

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