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BlogHow to Efficiently Onboard New Hires to Your Team

April 10, 2017

There comes a time in the life of every business when its owner must seriously consider whether to onboard new hires. As your business grows, you will find yourself with less and less time to get into the day-to-day grind. At this point, you will have to think about taking on a few team members to help you manage some of the processes.

interview 300x200 - How to Efficiently Onboard New Hires to Your TeamYou may be reluctant to pass on your baby into the care of strangers, and this is completely understandable. You will need to let go of certain areas, however, if you want your business to continue growing. And if you want to be able to stay on top of things and enjoy the business that you have worked hard to build up. Here are some tips for easing the process so that you can onboard new hires as painlessly as possible.

Starter Self-Check

Are you in a good place to start training and working with a new team member?

When you begin to onboard new hires, you will need to spend some time getting to know them, communicating your systems and expectations, and training them for the job. Look at your schedule before you start your search and set aside a few hours each week that will be dedicated to this. The hiring process can be grueling, and FreeeUp can help you with the most time-consuming early stages of hunting down the top talent. Once you have your chosen candidates, however, it will be up to you to onboard new hires so that they will be ready to take over from you when you pass the baton.

Communicate Your Company

Does your worker know who you are and how you envision the future of your business?

Most business owners are intensely interested in the skills of any potential hires, and rightly so. Talent, however, is not the only important aspect of the right worker for the job. Take some time to communicate with your new hire the key aspects of your company. Talk to them about what your business is all about, but also show them your company culture and the way your systems operate. If you have a partner or other team members, make introductions part of the first stages when you onboard new hires. Armed with a more holistic view of your business, your new worker will be equipped to not only perform on the technical side but also work with an understanding of who you are and where you want to get together.

See the Signs

Are your workers exhibiting certain behaviors that indicate they might not be the right fit?

If you are not able to cover a lot of ground during the interview process, you might have to spend more time getting to know your workers. This is vital to properly onboard new hires because you need to see how they will fit into the bigger picture.

Do some probing throughout the training process to learn about your workers’ attitudes and levels of professionalism. They will soon be in a position where they represent you and your business at some level. You will want to make sure that they are not going to give you a bad name.

Pay close attention to the way they operate in the early stages and tie this into your company values and culture. You want to ideally onboard new hires who exhibit the same core beliefs that you do. Finding these gems is not always the easiest task, but you will see that the digging is worth the effort when you finally unearth the perfect jewel of a worker.

Explain Your Expectations

Does everyone on your team know what is expected of them in each role and from other team members?

team 300x201 - How to Efficiently Onboard New Hires to Your TeamBe prepared to take some time to really get into how you want things to go. From how your workers represent your company to how they should be communicating with you and clients to the level and quality of output they should be producing, onboard new hires with a clear idea of your expectations. This could be a long list or a short one depending on what you prefer. The main point is that they fully understand how to proceed so that you can get the results that you are aiming for. Here is a free Client Expectations Document that you can download to give you a head start with a few ideas on what areas to cover.

One particular aspect that all businesses should stress is how workers represent the company. They will be in a unique position to help or harm your reputation, and you should be very clear about the significance of the name that they bear when they come into the fold. Onboard new hires by ingraining in them the concept of holding that name high, whether they are on or off the clock.

Frequent Feelers

Are you sending out feelers every once in a while to check your workers’ temperatures?

If you want your business to continue down the path of steady and healthy growth, do not underestimate the need for frequent meetings. Checking in often during the training and probationary stages is an indispensable part of onboarding new hires.

First of all, it establishes your presence and shows them that you are involved and concerned about what happens behind the scenes. Secondly, it allows you to monitor their attitudes and set precedent so that your workers will not learn or perpetuate unwanted behaviors. Third, your willingness to talk to them will encourage them to share their opinions, making them feel more like a real part of the company. You want to onboard new hires who are invested in your company so that they will make greater efforts towards growth. Allowing them to express their opinions and seeing their ideas get real attention is a great way to do this.

So there you have it.

hireus 300x200 - How to Efficiently Onboard New Hires to Your Team

Onboard new hires with the right training and integration techniques and you will increase your chances of retaining the right people to push alongside you for business growth. You will have the time and peace of mind to focus on where you add the most value as they will comfortably perform the tasks that they are skilled at and excited about for the advancement of your company. As the FreeeUp of CMO, Connor Gillivan, says in his book Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, “the people you surround yourself with will eventually impact the heights that you are able to reach as an individual and professional.”  Raise that bar when you onboard new hires and you can expect faster and more stable growth while you avoid burnout and get to actually enjoy your business and the freedom that all business owners long for.

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