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BlogEmail: It Might Be Driving You Insane!

23rd July 20150

With Over 108 Billion Emails Sent and Received a Day…

How can you possibly manage to get your work done when emails are flooding inemailsfloodinginbox and going out?  Many small business owners struggle keeping a zero inbox and don’t believe it’s even possible.  I read an interesting article on this topic and the position the writer took was that it was not possible to have a clean inbox.  I totally disagree and am going to give you business tips to show you how you can do this.

I understand how it might seem difficult and perhaps impossible to manage emails while it is the primary means of communication in small business.  Armed with the right business solutions it can be done.

The article I read stated that, “42 percent of small business owners prefer to communicate with employees, partners and prospects via single-topic emails.”  I would agree.  As a business mentoring expert I see my clients in boxes and hear them talk about using email as their prefered means of communication.  It appears to them that using email to quickly get a message across is the best and quickest means of saving time.  I challenge this assumption every day.


In fact, if you want to save time and stress and have a clean inbox as a small business owner you need to follow these business tips:tobusinesstipsemail.jpeg

1.  Stop quickly sending out an email when something occurs to you

Start a draft email and hold on to it until days end to see if it is really necessary

2.  Instead of firing off an email decide if you can spare a minute      or two to speak to someone

Talking avoids the back and forth emailing which leads to a clogged inbox

3. Ask others not to bcc or cc you

Many times people are included needlessly on emails

4.  Set up an autoresponder letting people know you rarely check email and to phone or text

Email me and you’ll see an example –

5.  Triage email using a service like Yesware

My inbox is clean and I am on email very little and run successful businesses and so do my clients.

Try these 5 email business solutions and comment so I know how it is working for you.






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