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October 3, 2017

I am a member of a few small Facebook groups and I am often asked…. Tim, I am so down due to the moods in public..anywhere there are many people or all these acts of indiscriminate violence. It is depressing me. What can I do?

I do not claim to be any kind of guru or spiritual master. However, I do have a unique perspective on many things, so others look to me for advice on many things. I do enjoy lifting others up, so while it may be a dark subject, and it saddens me…I do have the ability to separate my thoughts at times from my heart.
Sounds weird, right. It is hard to explain.
Adobe Spark 2 300x300 - An Empath Living In The Real WorldSome of you know, part of my perspective is inherent…I have an empath personality (lots of info online..too much to explain here). The rest is from my personal history.
Most asking for my assistance are also empaths. We are highly sensitive to the energy and emotions of others, even if we may be separated by thousands of miles. Due to my history, in many cases, I can choose to hold my emotions in…like Spock.
Many of those friends have to prepare themselves to do any shopping. Sometimes they run out feeling very nauseous due to so much negative energy around them. They also feel literal pain when they hear of events like the latest shooting in Vegas, or what happened in Paris or London.
Because I can control my emotions….oooohhhh it hurts me too, they send me a message… This hurts so bad what can I do?
I know they are referring to the latest acts of stupidity and want to know both, how can I deal with this, and how can I change it.
The short, simple answer is… You and I, personally, can do nothing to change that or stop it from happening…Unless, you have the funds to get to that site now, and you are a grief counselor Or have some other specialized training that is needed. Very few of us meet those qualifications.
Truth is, even if you are a billionaire and you showed up at that site, you would be hampering the work that needs to be done. Even throwing out money is of little value.
So here is what we all can do. We can take small steps to improve our corner of the world. We ALL can do something to make it better. I’m getting there.
If by some silly chance you happen to have a reporter show up in your face with a camera, you tell them…  This was a senseless act that could have only been committed by a person with disturbed thinking. The only thing that will make this better is to show love to all people, after all, we are brothers and sisters.    All are One, One are All.
That is unlikely to happen…the reporter part, but we all can do the rest. How much does it cost to share a smile? How much does it cost to give a hug, especially to one in pain?
My personal goal, no matter how I feel, is to put a smile on someone’s face. I’ve been doing this for years, I really try hard with those that I can see are hurting.  About 95% of the people will smile back instantly. Three percent will look at me like I’m a freak….I am and proud of it, and as they walk away they turn back and smile. The last two percent just won’t smile.
Now tell me honestly, how do you feel when you smile and one smiles back? Don’t you feel good? What about the one you smiled at? They feel good too. Many have told me. Thanks. I needed that..or… Do you know how long it’s been since anyone has smiled at me?
But you say…that’s only one person. What’s that gonna do?
For me, I don’t just do that with one person I see. I do it with all that I make eye contact with. So now I’ve made a few people feel better. Do you think that maybe..just maybe, they might smile at others they meet?
So your one smile has just become, let’s say four more, and those four each become four more, and it keeps on building.
There is another simple step, but a bolder one, we can do. When we hear others spewing hate of any kind, ask them…  Why do you hate them so? Have they ever hurt you? What do you know about them personally?
Most will only repeat what they have heard from others but have never had a conversation with anyone of the group they hate. Stand your ground…ask them again. Maybe they will start to think for themselves.
That is what ALL of us can do to change the world. A trek of a thousand miles begins with one step. Each one of us can be a first step, a catalyst for change.
Tim James
Tim James has had a number of life experiences that give him a wide range of knowledge.
Tim is a friend to all. Tim loves learning and helping all.

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