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How To Find Coaching Clients Fast

How To Find Coaching Clients With Ease

I am saddened to see that many coaches can not easily find clients to serve. There are so many people who need all types of coaching services yet coaches don’t seem to really understand how to get coaching clients.  I am amazed that this continues to be such a struggle for so many coaches.  Why?  When I started my coaching business several decades ago I quickly had 30 coaching clients in 30 days with a waiting list and have never had to hunt for more clients.  I now realize this is because I understood the techniques to get coaching clients and knew that anytime I wanted to I could get more clients if I desired.

Why don’t other coaches know this?  One reason is that coach training schools usually don’t teach this and often tell coaches to rely on the Law of Attraction which only works with actions are applied.  So you get coaches sitting around and hoping people will show up.  Not a good way to grow any business. Another reason is that coaches really want to help people and typically don’t want to actually do any marketing or selling. So even if they are taught how to get more coaching clients or a system like we teach that shows how to get coaching clients fast, they don’t want to take the actions to do this and prefer not to be marketing or selling themselves or their services.

Let me show you the simple, easy and effective way to get coaching clients without marketing or selling.  I believe that if a coach doesn’t have enough clients that simply haven’t created enough value for their qualified prospects. Instead of complaining about lacking clients create a coaching client intake form to use with qualified prospects who might consider coaching services. On that form, you can ask about the person’s main areas they want help with and find out their biggest challenges and what result they want from a coach.  Then spend about 10 minutes chatting with your prospective clients and have a series of life coaching questions for clients that you ask on the session to see if you are speaking with someone you can truly get an outcome for when you coach them. If you don’t know what types of life coach questions to ask clients the book I authored will show you how to get life coaching clients and also give you the life coach questions for clients.

What actions do you need to take if you want more coaching clients?

  1. Create a lot of webinars, teleseminars, live events that offer huge value and results for prospective coaching clients
  2. Speak with prospects you meet at in person events and through your own valuable talks and webinars and offer them 10-minute calls to help them
  3. Know the number one result your ideal qualified prospects want through your coaching services
  4. Watch this webinar that teaches how to get clients as a life coach or any service provider
  5. If you have questions about getting coaching clients or things like what coaching client management software to use or anything related to your coaching business, schedule 10-minutes with me here to chat and I’ll be happy to provide you tips, tools, and techniques to make more money as a coach.


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