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4th January 20180

Help: Where Do I Find High-End Clients?

This morning I was doing a coaching call for my clients who are all creating their own high ticket signature coaching programs.  Their programs are rocking and looking great.  Now, they want to fill their programs and make money giving their client family members real solid results.

I told them that high-end clients are everywhere and then I gave them a list of specific places where they could find these clients.  I am listing a few of those places here, to help you, as well.

First, let’s look at offline places and I encourage you to expand this list.  This is a sample and is meant to be used to open up your mind.

Off-Line Ideas:





Networking groups

Social Clubs



Churches/Spiritual Community Centers

Book Stores


Personal Development Groups


Groups Devoted to a Cause


Rotary, Elks, Masons, Lions

Chamber of Commerce

Alumni Associations

Professional Connection Groups


Fitness Studios

Entrepreneurial Groups

Women’s Clubs

Men’s Clubes

On-Line ideas include:

Facebook, LInkedIn, Twitter



Virtual Summits



Online Forums

Facebook Ads

Google Ads


Keep in mind you don’t need or want to be doing all of this.  You only need to select a few from the off-line list and a few from the online list where your specific target audience hangs out.

I always tell my clients to focus on attending and doing things on and offline that you enjoy with people you enjoy and you will find you will gather a lot of momentum and attract high paying clients there.

Want more help?  I put together a free course for you. 

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