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Where Do I Find High Paying Clients – I've Got Your Answer

The Answer To Where Do I Find People Willing To Pay For My Services

Over and over again prospective clients come to me asking where to find high paying clients and telling me people aren’t willing to pay for their services.  I tell them the answer is my dirty little secret and we need to re-engineer their business from the inside out and get rid of some internal beliefs and then add some proven processes and BAM!

When I first started coaching and consulting, several decades ago, I was trading time for money and helping clients on a retainer or hourly rate basis. I did what other folks were doing in these industries.  After I had MORE than enough clients (30 clients in 30 days) I realized this was a flawed model and I would not be able to serve very many people if I worked with individual clients.  I also paid attention.  In one day I said something similar 11 times to different clients.  that’s when I realized I could offer my work in synergistic coaching groups.

I had clients RAVING about the results they were getting and praising the outcomes of our work together individually and now I just had to explain the benefits of group coaching.

I decided I would change my model to find more people who wanted the outcomes I was delivering and I began to seek premium clients or high-paying clients only.

I realized that these types of clients were already connected with me and that I had never offered them a high-end service.  I also knew that many of them were hungry to have the outcomes my client family members were getting. I decided to offer a high-ticket coaching program and about 18% of my prospects were willing to invest in the program.  These were my ideal client family members.  They didn’t want to fool around with some hourly coaching or consulting program that didn’t get them real solutions to their business issues. They were willing to invest in a high level of service that would have them actually achieve the outcome they wanted in their lives and businesses.

The Shift

I shifted my entire business to premium package, high-ticket, signature coaching and consulting programs and I found that people were looking for a high level of results and were thrilled to enroll in them.  Then, I went on to help about 1,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, advisors, authors, etc. to do the same.

My experience has shown me that people are out there who are very serious about getting a result with the coaching/consulting they invest in. Your target audience will buy high premium coaching/consulting or even training from you IF you have a solution to their greatest need and can get them the result they seek. People aren’t looking for a quick fix, which is what most coaches/consultants and others give them. They are seeking an expert to nurture them and who really cares and will take them under their wing and solve their urgent problem.  There are people right now seeking the result you offer them that moves them out of their pain and away from their struggle and towards their goals.

High-paying clients are ready to invest their money to alleviate their pain and they are ready right now. They want expert help.  No matter what you do, you can help them.

One of my clients helps people with the high-end signature coaching program we created to help people attract their ideal life partners. Her audience is sick and tired of not having lasting, meaningful relationships with their soul mates and wants to find the right person and have the relationship of their dreams.

Prior to creating a high ticket program, she was getting people who had some interest in their relationships and weren’t really committed to doing the work to have what they wanted and also some prospects who told her they could not afford her or didn’t have the time to work on this.  When I got her focused on high ticket clients only I explained that these people want results and will work hard to get them and are actually seeking these results, willing to do the work and to pay for them.

Premium clients are motivated because the problem is urgent for them and they will pay to get a result that will solve their problem. They are results-oriented and ready to get help now.

A Client Story

Let’s look at a client and study how this actually works in the real world.

My client, Gina, is a personal trainer and fitness coach. Her niche was generic and she was what I refer to as a “me, too” business. A lot of people offered what she offered and looked and sounded just like her business.

A lot of people need to get fit and yet not that many are truly motivated to do it right now.  Her fees were low and prospects still tried to negotiate down her rates and she was frustrated when she hired me.

What did we do?  I helped her create a high-ticket premium coaching package for prospects that took their health very seriously and wanted her help urgently.  Instead of helping people get in shape I had her stand out from the crowd when I created a Core Unique Positioning Statement for her that said, “I help frustrated females who are sick of yo-yo dieting get to their ideal weight and strength – guaranteed”.  She was no longer a “me-too” business.  She only works with the woman who is serious and ready about ending yo-yo diets and willing to invest and do what it takes to be strong and fit.

Instead of her $60 an hour offering, I helped her created a new service offering her premium package for $6,000. Yes, we ten-timed her rates and within 5 days she landed 2 clients who were thrilled to pay for the kind of value she was going to deliver.

Last month she told me she has 15 people each investing $6,000 and is thinking of increasing her rates another $1500 based on the results and outcomes her success stories have gotten.  No way would she have made this kind of money or easily found ideal client family members for $60 per hour!

It must begin with the creation of a highly desirable premium high-ticket coaching or consulting package.

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