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BlogFollow Up On Comcast Poor Customer Service

31st July 20170

Comcast And Customer Service

About a year ago or so all of my televisions in my home stopped working and went black the exact same day. When Comcast first sent out their person to check he told me all the televisions were bad.  I didn’t buy that. 3 televisions (some fairly new) going bad at the exact same moment? Plus we have some type of device to prevent them from going bad hard-wired to our home in case of power outages. He finally went outside and begin searching and about an hour later he returned to tell me the last Comcast technician we had out didn’t ground the wires properly and electricity had gotten in and “blown up” my televisions. He said he spoke with his supervisor and to call him. At first, it was an hour of a busy signal and finally, we got through.

Comcast went from going to give me a few hundred dollars to me letting them know I have a fairly large influence on social media and through my following and after they googled me they decided to allow us to replace all our televisions at their cost.

I complain on social media when a company doesn’t do what is right for customer service since this is part of what I mentor businesses in and when a company does a good job I also shout them out on social media. Today, I shout out Comcast positively for helping me quickly get all the televisions replaced so my family could watch the sporting event they were coming over for and for doing the right thing since they accidentally took out all of my televisions.


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