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BusinessTools & ResourcesFreelance Marketing: What It Is and How to Get Started

October 7, 2018

Freelance Marketing offers experienced marketing support to assist businesses in their growth, through a detailed understanding of the marketplace, development of helpful marketing plans and execution of campaigns. It is similar to regular marketing which involves assisting enterprises and organizations in promoting their brands. The chief distinguishing feature is that a freelance marketing specialist does not work for a single employer or company. They are likely to have many clients and work independently. It is also possible for freelance marketers to work from home without having to be at an office on a daily basis and most such engagements are on a temporary or contractual basis. Besides the freedom that it affords you, it is also a great way to garner experience in a wide range of businesses.

The advances in technology make it easy to look for and find marketing jobs online. A This kind of marketing specialist can earn anything between $40,000 and $100,000 annually with experience being a key factor in determining this. Hourly fees can be between $25 to $200 per hour and having experience of around five to seven years can be a plus point.


What Is Freelance Marketing?

On the surface, this marketing might appear to be nothing but promoting a business or a brand. However, the finer aspects of this job description are many. They include:

  • Looking out for opportunities to provide consultancy and coming up with the cost estimations associated with it.
  • Conducting adequate market research based on the requirements of the client and performing market analysis.
  • Understanding client specifications and coming up with the best techniques to build brand image and market products. This encompasses advertising in the media, news outlets, and social media and other methods.
  • Being involved in product design, promotion design, and packaging and related promotion.
  • Putting together job proposals to be sent out to prospective clients
  • Visits to the client office may be essential where you will hold discussions with the client and seek their inputs on the campaign at hand
  • Following up on invoices and collecting the fee at the right time is also often necessary.Understanding what freelance marketing is all about can prove valuable in coming up with your strategy and in pursuing opportunities.

Need for Freelance Marketing

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Given the competitive world we live in, the demand for this style of marketing is immense. Every business needs to pursue some amount of marketing goals if they are to succeed and sustain themselves. It has been found that about nine out of ten companies use social media networks for marketing purposes. SEO, content creation, and email marketing are some of the means by which companies achieve their marketing aims.

While some companies have their own in-house marketing teams to achieve these targets, a lot of organizations, particularly small and medium business, look for talent outside. This is where freelance marketers assume importance. Being up-to-date about marketing trends and staying abreast of the happenings in the industry where you hope to find clients is half the battle won.

Freelancer marketing consultants are hired not just in an attempt to bring down costs. The personal touch that a freelancer gives to every project is one primary reason why even businesses with their own team of marketers or larger marketing agencies on their payroll opt for a freelancer in some cases.

How to Get Started

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The first thing to do would be to project yourself as a professional business. You can start on this by coming up with a website. Even a basic site with contact information, details about your freelancing abilities, and the services you provide is sufficient to attract potential clients. A logo can make a good impact on prospective clients as it will distinguish you from other freelancers and ensure your clients remember you better. The following are some other steps you should follow in an attempt to build up your business:

Zero in on a Niche

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This kind of marketing is a wide arena and it is essential to figure out your niche before you can take it any further. Roles covered under this include content writing, copywriting, SEO, and social media or community management. While you may be good at more than one of these or all of these, it is still necessary to specialize in one. Being specific about your niche can help you get more opportunities. Here is how you can zero in on what your specialty is:

  • Think about the skills you possess with regards to freelance marketing. If trends and analytics are your cup of tea, then you might want to think about SEO management. Similarly, if coming up with a catchy tag line is your forte, then copywriting is the way to go.
  • Ask your friends what they think you excel at. This can prove more insightful as it will give you another’s view of your talents. If your friends love to read your blog and are ready to listen every time you have something to say, then content writing might be right for you.
  • Contemplate what you are passionate about. What is it you do in your spare time? For instance, if you like posting witty tweets and Instagram photos, then social media management might be your niche.
  • Find Clients.

If you are new to the field and don’t have much experience to show on your resume, then start off by approaching smaller businesses and start-ups. Registering on online job posting sites and boards can also help you find business to build up a portfolio. If you have a website and logo, you can link it to your social media platforms to reach a wider pool of prospective clients through shares and comments from people in your network. Be sure to include the link to the website in your application for new job opportunities.

Keep Room for Flexibility in Rates

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When starting off as a freelancer, you should be open to negotiating rates and might even have to settle for lower pay initially. Since you will be just building your portfolio and establishing a network of clients, being flexible with rates can prove an invaluable asset to your growth. The payment options that you might come across include being paid hourly, by project, by a retainer, and on commission or bonus basis.

Seek Referrals

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Don’t hesitate to ask your existing clients for referrals to help expand your network. This is one good way for freelancers to build up their clientele gradually. Referrals add value to your portfolio and eventually, you can seek higher rates from future clients.

Some Other Helpful Skills

Besides being equipped with the academic qualifications, knowledge, and experience of marketing, there are other skills that can come in handy to ensure your success as a freelance marketing consultant. If you possess none of these, then consider pursuing courses or training that equips you with these skills. They are:

  • Knowledge of advertising and different means of promotion available
  • Capability to conduct market research, analyze the market, and familiarity with the market
  • Capability to conduct market research, analyze the market, and familiarity with the market
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills that enable you to effectively interact with clients and better understand their expectations
  • Ability to use computers well and integrate them with your marketing efforts
  • A good personality, analytical skills, and consultancy abilities

Tips to Keep in Mind

Apart from possessing the necessary skill-set, you should be able to keep things professional and organized at all times.

Be Business-Minded

Being a freelance marketer equals running an independent business. So, think like a businessman would and look for ways of sustaining yourself once you have gotten off to a decent start. Build up a reputation for yourself in such a way that clients come looking for you and not the other way round. A strong and impressive portfolio can be the key to your success.

Do Not Mix Business with Play:

If you are working from home on a freelance basis, it can be easy to erase that fine line between work and play. There are no defined office hours as such and social media is something that never sleeps. So, set realistic targets and stick to them. You should also fix the number of hours you want in your work week and make it a point not to exceed this.

Use a Calendar

A calendar with weekly responsibilities and targets marked clearly will keep you organized and ensure the work-play balance is maintained. This is one job where you cannot afford missed deadlines or meetings.


As with most other types of jobs, preparing for a career in freelance marketing requires some amount of time and effort on your part. Being diligent about the groundwork by doing the research and enriching your knowledge of the field can prove invaluable. Besides offering expertise and value for money, provide personal service of an unequaled standard. Once you have worked out everything and all the pieces fall in place, there is no stopping you from achieving your goals each day!

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