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6th September 20170

Why You Lack Coaching Leads And How To Turn Them On Fast

Having trained over 5,000 coaches around the world who attended my coach training school and now focusing on helping business consultants to run 6 and 7 figure businesses, I realize that many coaches and consultants have high-level skills yet sadly don’t get to share these valuable skills with others because they have no clue how to grow a business.

Frankly, this upsets me and I am on a bit of a rampage to change this. The world of business needs great coaches and consultants who get results in operations, sales, and marketing and individuals need help in living their best lives to their fullest potential.  If a coach or consultant doesn’t know how to find ideal qualified prospects then they can’t be helping the people who are seeking their services.  Sadly, most coach training schools don’t teach marketing that is proven and effective and most business schools also lack this curriculum. In my company, I am the lead coach or consultant on our team and am responsible for rainmaking and bringing in ideal client family members who my coaches and consultants can make a big difference for.

Before I share how to get coaching or consulting leads who are highly qualified and who want and need the outcome you provide, I must have you understand my business philosophy.  I believe in authenticity, transparency, and integrity in business and in life. I call this Heart-repreneur®.  I am not alone in my belief. Mike Krzyzewski is a college basketball coach who took his team to eight trips to the Final Four and who won two national championships with Duke University.  He is considered one of the most successful college basketball coaches of all time. He also believes we need to be good, decent, honest people in business and in life. In Coach K’s book, Leading With The Heart he teaches how to be responsible and in integrity in business and in life. In Leading With The Heart with Coach Khe shows how in business and in life we can be good human beings and make a huge difference to our teams, our families, our community and even for ourselves. This philosophy is how I actually grow a business and find qualified prospects. It is the Heart-repreneur® way of giving value and serving others without focusing on the outcome that brings in qualified prospects over and over again. Before I reveal the steps I want you to think about who is teaching practical ways to generate qualified prospects.  Have they done this themselves?  Do they have success stories other than themselves?  I ask because there are a lot of false experts out there and although they may be leading coaching in coach training schools, this doesn’t mean they have done this themselves.

Let me use a point in case.  When I was in coach training several decades back, I took a course called the Million Dollar Coach.  I had already owned several of my own million and multi-million dollar businesses and was embarking as a coach and after a month I had 30 clients in 30 days, so this course excited me.  At one point, I lost confidence in the lead coach who was teaching the course and asked him when he made his first million as a coach since he had been in the profession for about 10 years and I was only in for about 45 days.  He laughed and told me, “No one makes that kind of money.  I would be lucky to make a hundred thousand.  Right now, I do about $36,000 a year”.  With a shock, I left the class and decided I would not only make a million, I would teach other coaches to do the same and not by following the Law of Attraction, which is what he was teaching, but with intention and action combined with results.

Step By Step Guide To Gaining Coaching Or Consulting Prospects

  1. Create value

Speak to local groups. Host your own events. Offer people 10-minutes of your time to help them. Give value on social media with posts and Facebook Live. Give teleseminars and webinars where you provide tools, tips, and strategies.

2. Establish A Method Of Adding More Value

After a 10-minute game plan, I suggest you offer a longer session or diagnostic with you and you charge for that. I provide a 90 minute paid full strategy session where I focus ONLY on helping the qualified prospect and not selling anything. At the very end I simply ask, “Where would you like to go from here?” and if the prospect wants to go further I credit the money they paid for their session. I also dramatically reduce my 90-minute session fee and let the prospect know this.  Regularly an hour of my consulting time is $6,000.  On a 90-minute strategy session, I reduce my rate to only $250 and let my prospective clients know this is NOT a sales session.  I will go deep giving them strategies, tools, and techniques customized for their business and the reason I do this is they might like to go further with me and they can credit the $250 to working together or they might want to implement things on their own and I’ll wish them the best of luck in that case.  Nothing will be sold.

3. Facebook Is Your Friend

Join Facebook groups and contribute value to conversations. Start your own Facebook groups for your ideal target audience, like this one.  Do a lot of Facebook Live where you share knowledge and resources and engage your followers. Then you message people who attended or commented and offer them a 10-minute consult to see if you can help them further.

This is the plan.  No joke.  It works.  I have done millions in revenue by serving qualified prospects who become my client family members and you can, too!





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