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BlogGet Over It and Just Do It, How to Beat Procrastination

November 13, 2017

Please tell me I am not the only one that suffers from this affliction, it’s important for me to know I am not alone. I am a procrastinator. There I have said it. I know that admitting it is the first step to recovery.

I got it bad. Even today I knew that I wanted to get my blog posts out for the week and I found myself doing everything under the sun to avoid sitting at the desk and actually doing what I wanted to get done. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I even completed tasks on my perennial honey-do list, replacing the tiles on my kitchen counter. How far removed can you get from the actual needle mover that is the most important task to get done? Blog post versus counter repairs….hmmm decisions, decisions.

procrastination - Get Over It and Just Do It, How to Beat ProcrastinationIn a world that can often feel so overwhelming with responsibilities, obligations, requirements and dare I say it, desires, there are strategies to prioritize, and possibly even give us permission to delete tasks from our daily to-dos.

Here is a list of solutions that keep procrastination in check, and will save you from suffering from the emotional drain of self-sabotaging behaviors and physical presentations of not doing what you know in your heart you should be including intestinal distress, headaches, agitation, lack of self-confidence and a never-ending cycle of procrastination.

*Start every day with a moment or two of quiet contemplation, meditation, or just space to allow in what you are being guided to lend your energy to for that day. Limit to 3 intentions versus building an overwhelming list of to-dos that will never get completed and leave you feeling negative and limited.

*Triage the critical task that needs to be completed for the day and do that task first. Nothing is more freeing as the positive impact of completing an important task first thing in the morning. This sets the stage for other successes and provides a boost of confidence that you are ready to take on the challenges that may come your way.

*Take action.  Get over yourself and just do something, anything that will move you forward in the direction that you need to complete the task or project and this will jumpstart your energy for the day. Taking action is a panacea for almost all problems: Analysis paralysis, basic ignoring or avoidance.

*Subdivide: sometimes when a task has many moving parts that may contain numerous sections requiring a learning curve, it is easier to break into chunks to afford the opportunity for successful completion of a portion of the task.

These simple steps can make a significant impact on your ability to avoid distractions and move forward in the direction you want to go. In the example above I was fortunate to tackle two significant items on my intention list- completing my blog posts and replacing broken tiles on the counter (this garnered me bonus points with my honey), finishing the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

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