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12th September 20160

Turbocharge Your Business With Giveaways

As a social media master and business mentoring expert, I use Facebook to find my exact target audience. Then I use my reverse marketing formula and the leads purchase my products and heartrepreneurgiveawayservices without me selling anything to them or overcoming their objections, or having to hunt for them, or pay for advertising to get their attention. I have been mentoring other business owners to also use giveaways and they are finding exactly what I have found. Are you ready to get more customers? And I suggest you read this article very seriously and take some notes. And if you haven’t read my recent bestseller Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business As A Heartrepreneur®  grab your copy today.  In fact, get one for you, one for a friend and one for someone you want to make amends with.

Free Giveaways Work

What do you have that is a highly valuable product or service that you would be willing to giveaway so that your ideal, potential customers can find you, try you on, and decide if they want to raise their hands and do business with you? I’m not talking about a giveaway that does not have high value. Not an e-book which is overused and few people actually read. Not an MP3 or video which nowadays we are flooded with that most people pay no attention to. What about a course that you used to sell for several hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars? What about a teleseminar series? A webinar or webinar series? What about a certain amount of free coaching, free consulting, a free massage, a free chiropractic adjustment, a free gift that you will give away when a prospect enters your store, etc. Free is the way people actually engage on the Internet.
I’m going to speak to you now as if you were one of my paying clients. Since you’re reading this article I know you have an interest in getting a lot more ideal customers. This is exactly why my business mentoring clients hire me. So here we go. The best place to do a giveaway is on Facebook. That’s right Facebook giveaways really work. I’m not saying they don’t work to your email list, or with LinkedIn or Twitter., I’m just saying that I have used Facebook giveaways very effectively to double and triple not only my own business but the businesses of my individual coaching and consulting clients. I have enough proof and evidence to clearly state that giveaways on Facebook or critical to your business success, no matter what type of business or industry you were in.
You can be creative and give a lot of things away. For example, you could have a giveaway of the day where each day you give someone something for coming in and buying a sandwich at your shop or you give someone something if they mention a special code on your website or email you or call you or text you. You don’t need to do a daily giveaway. You can do a weekly, or monthly or quarterly giveaway instead. I’ve used very successful giveaways only doing them for a limited amount of time, making sure they are super valuable and then posting about 7 to 10 times on my Facebook friends page, my business page, as well as all of the groups that I lead. If you don’t yet know how to use your fan page correctly and have not started groups or if your fan page and group page is not building with rapid momentum, contact me today and I will do a free strategy session with you- no strings attached- to assist you. You may be wondering why would someone offer a free strategy session with no strings attached? That is my giveaway. At the end of 30 minutes where I actually help you, assist you, and serve you, I will not ask you to hire me – guaranteed. This is my strategy in action. If you got value, and if the way I work with you resonates, you can ask me about working with me, or we can simply part as friends. This is exactly how I grow my business using the free giveaway of a very valuable strategy session that I charge $500 for typically.
Using free giveaways absolutely works. Let me give you two examples from recent client case studies.
1.  This client is starting a coaching business to assist women to find their perfect mate. She is a relationship coach and was not attracting enough leads to convert enough people to buy her services and therefore was not making the kind of income that she needed. So she hired me. We decided that her three-part webinar series was highly valuable. I had her offer this webinar series on Facebook using promotional campaigns that I designed and never paying Facebook a dime for advertising. That part is really important. All of my strategies teach how to make money and not spend money and waste money giving Facebook your money. Using my strategy, within three weeks she had 171 people who had watched her webinar. At the end of the webinar, she simply asked people if they wanted more information and if so they could schedule a free consult with her. She scheduled 28 consults from that strategy. At the end of the series, she landed herself 17 new clients. And then using the new model I taught her instead of charging her old rates of only $97 per month, she charged $5000 per client because of the massive value that we built into our offer. You do the math. 28×$5000 using just this one strategy. Yes, she certainly a happy client.
2.This next case study is a gentleman who hired me to get his healing practice to become profitable fast. His work consists of doing teleseminars with group healing sessions and charging each person $350 for this work. When he came to me he was only earning about $60,000 for the first four years of his business. He was tired of not being able to move the needle and wanted to make $300,000 or more in the coming year. Using the free gift strategy we created a series of webinars that were extremely powerful that he normally would have charged money for. Instead, we offered those for free on Facebook, again no paid advertising at all, just organic reach that I was able to get for him. I then created a new service for him. Instead of charging $97 per person per webinar, I had him pre-qualify those who he could bring value to and then offer the right people his healing sessions in a group format with a lot more benefits. He now had a $5000 webinar product offer for them with even more incredible results and also he had a very strong guarantee. We began to get the crowd that he needed to watch his webinars. At the end of the webinars, they’re very simply was a form that invited people to join his highly valued webinar series and to see if they were right they needed to fill out a form to speak with him and apply. 22 people applied. Of the 22 people who applied 13 were accepted at $5000 apiece. First time out of the gate 13 new clients times $5000 is a pretty great number to rave about!
How are you going to use this free giveaway strategy? What will your giveaway be? How will you use this and tie it in with Facebook? And don’t forget, if you don’t know how to create a product or service that sells for $5000, I am here for you and you can schedule your free strategy session right here.



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