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The Importance of Having a Goal Planner – Setting Goals For Yourself

You have goals you are striving to obtain in your life. But where are you keeping these goals? Are you the type who just thinks of a goal but never really writes it down? Perhaps you’re the type who writes goals on a sticky note, or on a post on social media. While these techniques can work, it has been proven in multiple studies that writing down your goals in a specific place helps you to better reach that goal.  Having a goal planner does even more in holding you to be accountable to your goals.

A planner specifically used to write down your goals can be used in so many ways. It can be super simple, where you keep track of simple goals in your life…or it can be an in-depth planner with sections for long-term goals, short-term goals, projects, brainstorming, and more. Goal planners can take an idea or wish you have and turn it into a specific goal where you keep track of progress, projects, and allow you to watch your own progress as you work to attain that goal.

Why It’s Important to Have Goals

goals in life

Having a Goal Written with a Set Date Gives You Something to Plan and Work For

A written goal is your greatest dreams and desires! Having it written down is a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish.

We’ve all been there before. We have a new goal or a new idea, and we get excited! We start out strong, working like crazy to achieve that goal. Eventually though, we tire and that new goal we made is now just the day-to-day grind and let’s be honest, it’s not exciting anymore.

When you write down a goal in your goal planner, and track the progress of what your doing to obtain that goal, it makes it so much easier to keep working toward that goal. Instead of just thinking, oh I have to save money for that trip to Paris… you can look in your planner and see that by not eating out for the last month that you saved $200 towards your trip.

Set Up Concrete Goals to Help Break Intimidating Dreams into Smaller, More Achievable Steps in Your Life

Most of us have big dreams that seem hard to reach. It is easy to get discouraged when you’re starting a long-term goal that looks the same as looking at an insurmountable mountain. Planning towards smaller goals not only makes it easier to plan goals that you can start to work on right away, but research has shown that hitting smaller goals provides the motivation to reach your larger goals in life.

Setting Goals for Yourself Is a Way to Fuel Your Ambition

Setting Goals

Goal setting isn’t just about creating a plan for your life and holding yourself accountable, it’s also about giving us the inspiration necessary to aim for things we never thought possible.

Sometimes in our lives, you want to accomplish something that many people dream about it can seem like we will never get there. That impossible dream that you and your friends have talked about since you were kids in elementary school. Unless you make it a goal for yourself and work every day towards achieving it why would you ever believe you could accomplish it? Unless you see yourself slowly making progress, your dreams and aspirations are nothing more than vague notions floating around in your imagination.

Motivates You

work harder

When you set goals for yourself, it gives you an actual “something” to work towards. Setting goals for yourself, both long-term and short-term, can really inspire you to accomplish those goals and really get what you want in life. Motivating yourself can be especially important when you’re having a difficult time. Seeing your progress advance can be just the thing in life you need at that moment to feel better.

Living Your Best Life

Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years? Ten? By setting goals and writing them down and working on them you set yourself up to achieve your goals in life. This guarantees you are living your best life. Seeing your dreams become a reality is one of the greatest accomplishments in life that anyone can achieve.

Creating Accountability in Your Life

Writing down your goals forces you to be accountable for those goals. You can hope and dream that certain things will happen in your future. But if you write down those goals, and develop a plan for them, those hopes can become a reality. Accountability for your goals means you are checking in on yourself and your progress with each goal in your life.

What is a Goal Planner?

Goal Planner

A Goal planner is something that you use to document your short-term and long-term goals and the steps you plan to take to make those goals a reality. What you use to make a goal planner is up to you. There are many options that will allow everyone to find something that works for them. Whether you use a small notebook and just write down your goals and plans or you use a store bought planner that you fill in and keep updated, or a vision board, there is literally something for everyone.


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Notebooks are perhaps the easiest and most economical way to make your own goal planner. Any notebook will do naturally. You can pick one up at just about any store and there are a variety of sizes, designs and colors. You can divide your notebook up into sections, or just write goals and plans down as you go.

Some people use a small notebook that can fit in a pocket, handbook or backpack and write ideas as they go through the day. This can be a great option if you are deciding on a new goal and want to jot down ideas of what may and may not work for you. A notebook can also be a great way to jot down materials or purchases that need to be made.

Store Bought Planners

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These planners are specifically geared towards working on projects and goals. You can find these planners on Amazon, office supply stores and specialty websites like Etsy and other small companies. Planners geared towards goal setting and the steps to get to those goals are often split up into different sections, much like a regular planner.

Some planners have sections for goal planning and the usual sections for daily to do’s, monthly happenings, etc. This can be a great option if you’re already a planner user. Having just one planner may work wonderfully for some people. However, you may be the type of person who wants their daily schedule and goal planning separate. If that’s the case, then having a separate planner for each may be an option for you.

Vision Board

Vision Board

Vision Boards can be literally just about anything you might dream of. A vision board is writing your goals and the steps to achieve them and then hanging that up on your wall where you see it every day. Most people add decor based on their goals and aspirations. Perhaps your goal is a trip traveling throughout Europe. You could write your goals and steps down and hang them up on a bulletin board, chalkboard, or even frame them! Then you could add in some magazine cut-outs, posters or photos of Europe to keep you motivated.

Who Will Benefit?


Anyone who has a goal in their life can enjoy these planners whether you buy one or make one for yourself. People who are visual learners will specifically see great benefits to writing down their goals and plans. By using a planner, it enables you to look back and see how far you’ve come in the progress of your goals.

Why Is It Important?

Why Is It Important

Writing down your goals in a planner is important because it takes those hopes and dreams out of your head and puts them down on paper! This makes you accountable for those goals. Writing goals down not only makes you brainstorm and plan on how you will achieve these goals, it lets you see what your ideas have been. What has worked, and what possibly needs to be rethought or changed in order for it to be a successful goal? This is why writing down your goals should matter to you as it is the first step necessary to bring them to reality.


Making your life goals and ambitions a reality is something that is important to all of us. Everyone wants their lives to be what they have deemed as successful. By writing down your goals and really paying attention to them on a daily basis, we can take our lives and mold them for the better. Whether you want to make small changes like saving up money for a rainy day, or plan a big trip to another country using a goal planner can help you achieve it.


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