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BlogGroup Coaching: Getting Real Results For Clients

19th February 20170

The Shift In Coaching

I’ve been a business and marketing coach for 2 decades and have learned a lot about how to effectively coach people. I’ve coached over 5,000 small business owners. During my first several years in the field, I was coaching one to one. I found that my clients got results slowly.  I also found that when I was charging lower prices during those 2 years a lot of my clients weren’t super committed to the coaching process and didn’t do the work needed to get results.

While I was working with a hospital and coaching their leadership team I began to see the difference in the results I was getting while I was engaged in team coaching.  First of all, the hospital was paying me a large fee to coach the team leaders and second of all the synergy that was happening while coaching the group was having my clients get much faster results than the individual coaching I had been doing.

I began to wonder about the team v group coaching and if I could work with my clients using group coaching tools and my team coaching skills and get great results coaching groups of people instead of individually coaching my clients.  I started my first group and charged high prices, promised an actual result I knew my target audience wanted that I could actually deliver on and put through my first group coaches and trained them to do what I was doing.  My executives were coached by me following a similar method to MAP Coaching which is a model that I was familiar with.  I was also familiar with KW group and how they used group courses and coaching using module-based learning with weekly sessions.

I enrolled 41 people at $1200 each in my first group and most of them achieved the result they paid for, showed up very motivated and got more value from being part of a group than if I had individually coached them.  I also found that these clients were willing to pay me a premium price because I wasn’t just showing up with no agenda.  I had a clear course to teach over a short period of time with objectives and outcomes and delivered on the promise of giving them the result they hired me for. The group members bonded and began to form a community of support which expedited their results, too.

I shifted my entire coaching business after running that first group and seeing their results. I also realized I now had a lot of free time to do other things as I was coaching many people at once instead of the one to one model that is so prevalent in this field.

For the past 18 years or so, I have primarily coached groups helping people get real results in a short period of time.  I believe so strongly in this model I now teach this method to other coaches and consultants and I help them create their high ticket, real results, signature coaching program that they can command premium prices for.

I have a webinar I did on this topic and it’s free. 


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