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August 30, 2016

Collaboration Effects Your Business (and Life!)

I have always come from the school of collaborative business. I have looked for places to go and people to be with who have the desire to collaborate.  I am a member of my Chamber of Commerce and on the advisory board for my local chamber as well as on the Women’s Net committee (the largest chamber group and most active).

A few months ago a client asked me if I was a “Dot”.  I had no clue what the heck she was talking about.  Then, when I was speaking on stage, at a break a participant asked if I was a “Dot”.  Again, I was clueless.  Finally, a woman I took out for coffee to get to know each other asked if I was a Polka Dot.  I had to know what all this talk about Polka Dots was about.  I was introduced to Polka Dot Powerhouse when I asked my coffee pal.

I’m A Jumper!

As soon as I left my coffee meeting, I went right over to the Polka Dot Powerhouse site, I looked for a local chapter and instantly joined. I learned that all successful business owners don’t sit on the sidelines waiting, thinking, debating, considering, asking the Universe, sleeping on it, asking others… they JUMP. They move quickly into action and this is why they create success, and why I believe I have created success in business and life.

So, yes, I jumped and joined right away.

I then attended a meeting a few weeks later.  As soon as I walked into the room, I could feel the energy bursting out of the door! There were super positive women who had an abundance mentality. I began to chat and connect and realized I was at an interprofessional collaboration.  The women at the meeting were supportive, drama-free, and all in the same room for the purpose of collabortive solutions in business and life.

For the very first time, in my over 30 years in business, I experienced a group of people who truly are jumpers. This group is the exact collaboration definition.  I define collaboration as people connecting to give their very best and to get the very best from others. I found Polka Dots to be just that. A community of women who have these traits: positivity, connection, collaboration, and celebration.  I realized I was at “home” with these women.

And then I took a bigger jump!  I resonated with the chapter so much, and I realized that my business and life would change when I connected the Dots, so I applied for Managing Director to begin my very own chapter here in Montgomeryville, PA.

By starting this chapter I can help other women grow their businesses and lives like I have in just a few short months.

Years of belonging to groups never did this for me.  Being a part of Polka Dot Powerhouse over the course of a few short months, I have: grown my business, expanding my friendships, met amazing women who are the top 10% of successful women, made deep connections, expanded my circle, and created a lot more fun and personal joy in my life.

Want More Business? Collaboration Is Your Answer


Sadly, I believe most business owners think they need to join a networking or referral group. In my experience, those are the furthest things from a group that is filled with collaborative people. Let’s face it, if there is only one of each category per chapter, it isn’t about building collaborative relationships.  Those meetings have people with a lack mentality. Not an abundance mentality.

I prefer to truly establish connections and relationships and to collaborate with what some people may perceive as “competitors”.  I don’t believe in competition.  I believe in cooperation and collaborating how we can help and support each other since no customer is perfect for every business. I have referred to others in my field, done events with them and also gotten business and shared business with them.

Through my relationships in this collaborative group, I am expanding my business and enhancing my life.

Come join us here: 



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