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August 7, 2018

Transformation: Not Information

My Post 300x300 - Growth Quotes For Life ChangeI have been working on myself since I am fifteen years of age.  That’s a long time. I realized when I was a teenager that growth and development were a key to for success in life.  I began my journey reading growth quotes and that morphed into my studies of people and how they overcome obstacles. I realized that if I wanted to create my best life, filled with love and happiness, I could not allow myself to stay in my comfort zone filled with my own thoughts.  I knew that I could not live on hope and dreams and mere chance.

As I ventured further and further into intellectual growth and personal growth, I realized there were no limits to growth other than the human mind. Once I moved from my teenage and college years I decided that my life was not going to be filled with hard work and goal setting and achievement.  I wanted to live my life in an easy, effortless, joyful and loving and peaceful way.

I hired my first mentor, Zig Ziglar and became a Born To Win Trainer.  I noticed as I helped other people with the things I shared with them they were transforming.  I decided I did not want to share information and wanted to actually create change for others.  As my life moved forward I encountered all the typical problems that human beings have on their journey of being human. I struggled with the concepts of time and money and I dealt with my own fears.

Later in my life, I worked with Tony Robbins and other coaches, consultants, and mentors in hopes of continuing to change and to grow.  I kept seeking more learning and more information.  I got a Ph.D. in organizational behavior as I had a curiosity about human intelligence.  I wanted to understand what motivates people and how I could help others grow and shift and live amazing lives, too.

On my path, I discovered life coaching.  I hired my own life coach who helped me grow as a person and showed me I had the courage to walk away from work that I had not enjoyed for over five years to begin a career that I felt passionate about and in resonance with.

When I quit my job as president of a national healthcare company and began business coaching and business consulting over twenty years ago, I realized I was doing what I was meant to do and what had been part of my journey that began in my teenage years.

Take A Step

My Post 1 300x300 - Growth Quotes For Life ChangeLao Tzu said,  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. I could not agree more.  I took the step at age fifteen to engage in my own personal development. I knew that I wanted to be a living being who continued to learn and to grow each day.  I didn’t yet see that my bigger purpose and my true calling and my passion was to help hundreds of thousands of people with my consulting/coaching, through my best selling books, giving talks around the world, with my radio show, my TV show, my magazine and with my social media community.

This journey that began so long ago has led me to know that I am on the right path and that my contributions to humanity are my legacy.  I feel sad when I realize that many people don’t know their path.  Actually, they don’t even know themselves. They are going along and doing some job day in and day out hoping for me and wishing for more. They aren’t happy and they aren’t growing and evolving. They are not getting the juice out of life. Some of them, like my parents, believe they have to work hard and then hopefully retire to finally have time to enjoy life.

Sadly, many get ill or die before they get to retirement and some retire and discover that retirement isn’t the thing that creates happiness. I find this to be a sad way to live and don’t believe a man (or a woman) was put on the planet to be miserable. In fact, I believe our creator sent us her to go forth and to discover joy and love and peace and to engage in a delicious life in every moment.

My Post 2 300x300 - Growth Quotes For Life ChangeMany live their lives without even noticing the moment. I am writing this article sitting on my balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  I stop between almost every sentence and breathe in the ocean air.  I listen to the seagulls.  I watch the ocean waves rolling in and out.  I feel at peace.  I am grateful to have eyes to see this.  I am thankful I have ears to hear the noises and have skin to feel the breeze.  I am in the moment taking it all in.

Yet, I see people walking by without even looking at their surroundings. They are in a rush to walk fast or run or jog and get in exercise instead of being in the exercise. It’s just another task to get complete. Think about this. When you are working, or walking, or talking or even when you are making love, what are you truly taking in?  I mean, are you in the moment?  Are you fully focused on that activity and noticing with all five senses the absolute joy of being alive?  Or are you just doing something without being present?

I am not faulting you or blaming you. My intention is to raise your awareness. There are a lot of quotes from Lao Tzu that oscillate with me. I used to rush through life focused on achieving goals and being a success.  I kept trying to mold myself into being some kind of a person that I believed I was supposed to be. Then, this quote woke me up, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

I remember reading that quote about twenty years ago and realizing what if I didn’t know anything about myself and lived as if everything was perfect and accepted myself as a soul in a body having a human experience.  What if I forgot all I thought I know and all I believed and lived from a place of peace and joy and love? I began to study the Law of Attraction and even wrote a book about magnetizing and allowing your life to unfold.

About a decade after I wrote that book I read another quote by Lao Tzu. “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” That quote had me realize that I had not yet given over to the full understanding that I was not here in this physical body to control life and to achieve things.

I began to do more work on transforming myself and became more open to my inner feelings and began to allow my inner guidance system to move me instead of me pushing my life someplace. I remember the first time I truly let go, I burst into tears as insights came rushing at me.

Now my desires manifest without any pushing. I truly know that I am loved. I wake up each day feeling empowered and know I don’t need to actually be doing anything.  These higher level vibrations have become my norm. I have let go of the old energy patterns where I constantly pushed to make things happen.  I live from a place of perpetual grace and the knowing that everything unfolds perfectly for the greater good.

I made a firm decision about five years ago to no longer share information with my client family members.  I would no longer give business owners information.  Instead, when a client family member comes on they understand that I will provide transformation. I don’t believe anyone should engage a business coach, business consultant or a mentor who educates. Education does not equate with change.  When I went to college I get an education.  Nothing in my life really changed.  I gained more knowledge I could apply to my jobs.  That’s it.

My Post 3 300x300 - Growth Quotes For Life ChangeTransformation is way beyond education. It is a lifelong change that is sustainable.  It is so much more than facts and figures and knowledge.  It is beyond theory. You can take in a lot of information yet never have a joyful life.  You can get an education and never achieve your personal desires in life.  Education teaches. That’s it.

Transformation is what I stand for.  As a child, I always marveled at caterpillars and how they turned into beautiful butterflies. I would often sit and wonder about how one thing could actually transform into the next.  I was amazed at the concept. What struck me most, was that once transformed into a butterfly the caterpillar was free and could fly!

For me, when I help my client family members transform their businesses they are learning to be free.  They have systems and processes in place that free them up from working a lot of hours and they create more income rolling in while they dance in their lives and enjoy being alive and in their physical bodies having a delicious and delightful experience.

Life is not about gaining more and more degrees and acquiring more and more information. Information alone will never create transformation. Transformation, in my experience, comes from doing something. Transformation comes from taking action. Albert Einstein said,” Nothing happens until something moves.” I agree. You have to take the education and knowledge and actually use it to create change.

When I quit my job in corporate America, I let go of being an employee.  I took the actions to transform into a business owner who was creating her own company. I not only changed my thinking, I changed my daily actions.  I created new priorities and made choices to support my transformation. I began working on my business and no longer doing tasks to achieve goals and to make another person happy.  I found ways to use my talents and gifts and to fully enjoy my work. This was a huge transformation. Prior to creating my coaching and consulting company, I would get up each day going to a job and performing tasks.  I was a doer. A doer who pretty much did the same things day in and day out.  I didn’t fully enjoy my work and lived for my weekends. That is pretty sad. I was a wage slave.

When I transformed into a business owner I began to live and work in a way that aligned with my mission and purpose.  I took inspired actions. I released doing anything I did not enjoy.  I discovered my own brilliance and I allowed my brilliance to shine.  I began to enjoy each moment of work because I was only doing what felt great for me. I discovered myself. I bloomed.  I grew from the caterpillar leaving her skin beyond to a butterfly with wings that would and could joyfully carry me. I began to move and to grow without effort.

Take a look at your own life. Are you adding more and more information and yet things seem to stay the same in your business or your life? Take a moment and truly allow yourself to imagine being free. Imagine transforming from your typical way of living and being and working to a soul who is joyful, loving, happy and at peace. Imagine everything coming right to you as you give up pushing and pulling and hoping and wishing and wanting and dreaming. Imagine just being. Sit for a moment and take in your surroundings. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you feel?

Transformation is a choice. My client family members not only get results, they transform. They discover freedom. They find out who they are and what their gifts are and they learn to live the life they are meant to live with joy while they make money serving others.

I’d love to see you transform.

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