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BlogThe Guide To Kickstarter Success

February 1, 2017

Getting Your Product Funded With Kickstarter

Do you have a new product that you want to bring to market?  Are you clear about who the product is for?  Does your target audience seek products online? Is there a way to add value to prospective buyers of your product before the product is delivered to them?  If you answer yes to all of these questions then Kickstarter can work for you.


Before deciding to use Kickstarter to launch your product you need to determine how much money you need to raise and the length of time to run your campaign.  You can choose any length of time up to 60 days for your campaign. Kickstarter launches that are slow and steady seem to work best.

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Think carefully about the product you are launching and what time of year works best for your product.  One of my clients launched her journals on Kickstarter and needed those journals funded and ready to ship out by December so she launched the project in July knowing it would run for 45 days and then hopefully she would then have the funds to produce and ship the journals.

You also need to determine the minimum funding that you will need to produce and deliver your product to those who back your project. You want to be able to hit that goal so that instead of refunding people and having the project fail those who funded feel successful as part of your funding and actually receive your finished product.

You can add in special deals and rewards to get faster pledges and create the initial momentum for your campaign and I recommend you do this.  You can give people a discount or a bonus gift or a special version of your product as examples of early bird rewards.  Create scarcity and excitement with these rewards.

When you set up your campaign page have photographs of the product or a prototype and even video. Craft your page as if it were a website selling your product and use great design elements to catch the eye of backers.

On the page explain why you created the product and state the Core Unique Positioning of your product showing how it stands alone in the marketplace and the need it solves for your target audience.

Show any social proof and endorsements you have and of course give specifics of the product.

Finally be certain to show the rewards you are offering and be clear about your dates for campaign, production and final delivery.

There you have it!

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