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BlogThe Guide To Personal Selling

31st July 20172

Personal Selling For The Business Owner

I am often asked, “What is personal selling?”.  While people know they need to sell to make money they don’t understand how to use personal selling with a sales force or by themselves to sell a product or service to a prospect. Business owners who don’t understand that a sale is made based on attitude, appearance, and knowledge as well as how a product or service can get the prospect the result they are seeking and the outcome they desire. Personal selling should inform, educate and inspire the prospect to purchase your product or service.

The other day I was giving a talk on the personal selling process and asked the audience what they call a person who does personal selling in a small business.  I had to chuckle with some of the names they came up with.  When I asked them, “What is a person who sells houses called?”, that they answered by shouting out “realtor”.  I found that interesting. It is so easy to label someone who sells for a living yet the business owners also need to sell for a living and don’t realize this.  If I ask you now, “What do you call a person who sells jewelry?”, I feel confident you will tell me “jeweler”, yes?  It is vital you begin to see yourself as a sales person in your business. In fact, you are in the business of selling your products or services. The Chiropractor sells Chiropractic care, the Dentist sells dental care, etc.

Now I will guide you through personal selling step by step.

What Is The Personal Selling Process?

Personal selling is a process of steps that results in a sale. The personal selling process I mentor business owners to use includes: prospecting for leads, qualifying leads, meeting with leads, assessing prospect needs, presenting your offer to leads, meeting objections, closing the sale and following up. If I were defining what is meant by personal selling I would define it as this process. So, what is the definition of personal selling? Personal selling is where the business owner or the sales force working for the business owner meet or speak with qualified leads to encourage them to purchase their product or service.  It doesn’t matter if you want to understand what is personal selling in marketing or what is personal selling in business – the definition is the same.  Now let’s talk about why personal selling is a must for every small business.

What Are The Advantages of Personal Selling?

I have mentored business owners to use personal selling (and I use it myself in my business) because instead of marketing and selling at people you are engaged in two-way interactive communication. As you deeply tune in and hear what your prospect needs and wants you can determine if your product/service is a fit for them and then you can explain the benefits and features that match the prospect’s desires. You can explain exactly how your product/service results in the outcomes the prospect is seeking and also answer any questions or concerns they may have.

When you advertise or promote that is a one-way message that talks at people and does not allow you to address their concerns or get to know their needs and what goals they want to achieve with your product/service.

Personal selling is interactive and allows you to begin to build relationships with prospects. Instead of social media that has prospects clicking from place to place you can do business face to face and create long-term relationships as people get to know you, like you and trust you.

So, if I ask you what business are you in, your answer should be, “I am in the business of personal selling (whatever you sell).”   For me, I say, “I am in the business of personal selling business consulting services to small business owners who want a lot of highly qualified prospects to purchase their products/services using my 3 step simple and proven process”.

Here is my number one resource to really help you increase your sales success.


  • Carlos Colosimo

    28th November 2019 at 9:27 am

    I like how the writer organized his thoughts as well as the visual


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      29th November 2019 at 2:18 pm

      Thanks for your comments and I am glad you got value and hope you will read more of my articles and you can also find my books on Amazon


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