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BlogThe Guide To Writing A Great Business Report

February 1, 2017

Business Reporting Simplified

While a business report can have many different formats they have one purpose. When you have clarity about the purpose of business reporting then you can be certain your report contains the data that is needed. Think of business report as a document that informs by summarizing information and then analyzes facts and then makes recommendations to the report reader.

businessreport 150x150 - The Guide To Writing A Great Business ReportA business report example I recently completed for of my clients will give you an indication of how to structure the report. This client is a children’s hospital that needed to increase their profit margin. I looked at all aspects of the hospital operations and finances and gathered data from every department. After I collected the data I thought about who was going to read the report.  In this case, it was the board.  I also considered what they wanted to learn as a result of my report. They wanted to know my recommendations for increasing their profits and to understand how each department could be improved.

The ultimate goal of the report was to show them the problem they were having and to uncover, with facts and data, what the present situation is and then to recommend solutions.

Before you write a business report it is helpful to see some examples of reports and look at standard business report format by going to Google and viewing some reports.  Once you find an example and understand the basic format then you need to know your purpose for writing the report and what facts and data you need to cover in the report.  Finally, you need to draw some conclusions in the report so the reader can make informed decisions considering your findings.

Don’t make business report writing into something complex.

Here are my steps to make this task effortless and easy:

  1. Understand the purpose of the report you are writing.
  2. Clearly, know your audiences needs and the information they are seeking from your report.
  3. Consider the purpose of the report and what the ultimate goal is.
  4. Gather the research and data.
  5. Analyze the data.
  6. Look at sample templates for the best headings and subheadings for your specific report.
  7. Keep every section short with a paragraph summing up the main point.
  8. Add charts, graphs, and bulleted lists to help the reader quickly grasp key concepts.
  9. Create a summary of recommendations based on your findings.
  10. Write your draft.
  11. Wait a day and review your draft.
  12. Proofread your report several times by reading it slowly and out loud.

That’s all it takes to write a kickass business report!

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