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BlogThe Habits Of Success Revealed

June 8, 2017

Want To Know My Habits of Success?

I share a lot of information about my business success and don’t really discuss my personal success much. The other day when I was running a mastermind group, one person began asking me about my marriage success and then another about my weight loss and long-term weight maintenance success and then another wanted to know how I have achieved my personal goals. I realized that the things I do that create my success in my personal life I have not shared and decided to cover a bit of it in this article.

Everything I do in my personal and my business life that creates success for me is a habit. Each habit has a reason behind it.  I will list my habits and explain the reasons behind each habit in a moment. First, let me tell you that in my experience all successful people in business and life have their own list of habits that work for them and their own why behind each habit.  Yours will be personal to you. They key concept you want to take away from this article is to be consistent in your daily practices. Consistency is key.

My Top 10 Habits For Success

Adobe Spark 2 300x300 - The Habits Of Success RevealedI am going to list all 10 of my habits and next to each I will explain the why of each for you.

  1. Every day I write down what I am grateful for.  I do this because when I am grateful more flows to me and it also reminds me of all the things that are going well in my life.
  2. Before I get out of bed each day I set my intentions. Intentions allow me to choose how I want to experience my day. My attitude determines how successful I will be and I choose how to want to create my day very intentionally.
  3. Each day I delegate things I can’t yet figure out over to the Universe.  I really wanted to live at the beach and had no idea how that would manifest when I was living in my home in Philadelphia many years ago. I gave it over to the Universe and detached from the how. Now I still have my home in Philadelphia and I have a place right on the beach in New Jersey and I live at the beach in Mexico 3 months each year as well.
  4. Focus on what IS working. I ask myself over and over and over again every day what is going well and going right. This keeps me attracting more good things as like thoughts attract like things.
  5. Look for the good.  I believe that all circumstances and people are good.  Whenever something shows up that disturbs me I focus on finding the good.
  6. Journaling. I write down whatever is on my mind before I go to sleep.  This allows me to declutter my mind.
  7. Quiet time. Sometimes this is meditation and other times this is just a time to quiet my brain. This allows me to replenish and focus.
  8. Moving my body. I walk, spin bike, run, or lift weights every day. When my body moves I am creating endorphins that I need, energy and health and well-being.
  9. Listen to my inner guidance system. I tune into what my heart is saying and to what I am feeling and I quiet my monkey mind chatter. My own inner voice has my answers.
  10. Love is love.  I love myself and do things that nurture and support me and I also love all human beings and share my love freely. This allows me to have a happy heart which gives me a happy life.

Your Turn!

Now it is up to you to create a list of your own success habits and to understand why you want to do each one. Being consistent with your list is what makes each item on the list a habit.  Think about this. When you brush your teeth each day, after a period of time no one had to remind you to do it. Maybe when you were a child your parents had to tell you this and now you just wake up and you do it.  That’s how you develop habits. At first, the use of habits may seem forced, yet over a period of time they become natural and you won’t even think about them.  Create your own daily habits for success list now.



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