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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 102 | Becoming Natural Born Coaches Without Paid Advertising With Marc Mawhinney

June 28, 2018

102hprbanner - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 102 | Becoming Natural Born Coaches Without Paid Advertising With Marc MawhinneyThere are a lot of people who would make great coaches, who never get the opportunity because they can’t get clients through the door. And it’s not like paid advertising is an option for someone who’s simply starting out in the business. If they give up, it’s not just them that lose out, but all of the people who they could have helped if they were only able to connect with them. And that’s a shame.

Learn how to grow, engage, and monetize a successful Facebook group – all without spending a penny on advertising. Marc Mawhinney reveals how with Natural Born Coaches, a podcast he has launched to help coaches with their businesses. With almost 500 episodes of the podcast over the last few years, Marc talks with well over 1000 coaches every year (on-air and off-air) and works with a lot of them as his clients. This has given him a unique skill for helping coaches grow their businesses… and if you’re up to it, including yours!

If you’d like to grow your coaching business, then check out Mark’s remarkable story to see how he helps people do it. It’s time for you to stop wishing and to finally claim all the success that you deserve.

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Becoming Natural Born Coaches Without Paid Advertising With Marc Mawhinney

I have a guest with me by the name of Marc Mawhinney and he is a lifelong entrepreneur. I have been watching him and following him and he does some cool stuff in helping coaches get more clients without paid advertising. That is what people in the coaching industry need, really in every industry. Marc achieves this with his coaching programs. He has a podcast that I’ve listened to. It’s called Natural Born Coaches and the Marc Mawhinney Show. He has a Facebook group that I’m a part of and is probably one of the most active and exciting Facebook groups. It’s called The Coaching Jungle. He also has an exclusive print newsletter called Secret Coach Club. Marc’s been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World. He frequently makes media appearances and he contributes for I highly recommend you get to know more about him. You can find out more at Marc, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thanks for having me, Terri. I’m glad to be here.

Tell me how did you decide you were going to focus on coaches? Where did that inspiration come from?

When I started coaching in early 2014, I had a very general focus. I want to be a coach for entrepreneurs. I want to work with absolutely any entrepreneur and I don’t care who they are as long as they’re in business. I realized quickly that it’s tough to keep things that wide open. I know niche and niching is a bit of a buzzword. You hear it all time in our industry, but there’s a reason why. What had happened in that first year, I was working with some traditional business owners, more bricks and mortar. Then I had two clients that were coaches. When I compared the two of them, I preferred my work and my sessions with the coaches. I was bouncing out of bed excited for those calls. I loved the whole thing about it. The other people, not so much. Nice people, don’t get me wrong, but I just wasn’t getting as fired up working from Jim’s Widgets. I enjoyed a lot of stuff with coaches. The other advantage with coaches is it’s a lot easier to get them on board because they don’t have to be sold on the concept of coaching, like Jim from Jim’s Widget. Jim’s a made-up name. I’m not picking on Jim from Jim’s Widgets. There are a few reasons why. I felt it was a good fit for me working with coaches. That’s how it started.

I have to commend you because the first time that I saw Natural Born Coaches, I thought that was brilliant. As someone who’s owned a coach training school and trained thousands of coaches, I always have said to people that the most successful people I know in coaching are natural coaches. We can teach you the skill sets to go on top of that, but it comes naturally. That’s how I first found you. The name resonated so much. How did that come to be?

When I was launching things, I could not come up with the right name that felt right. If I came up with something that felt good, I would then check, and it’d be taken by someone else or the domain wasn’t available. I burned through probably a couple of legal pads. I had some awful potential names. What I decided to do was l threw my hands up and in a feat of desperation, I said, “I’m going to look through the Billboard,” those top 100 charts for music and movies and all that stuff. I went through from 2014, when I launched it, back twenty years or 25 years. First, I went with music. What I was doing was inserting my key words, which would be coaches, coach, coaching into names of songs and artists.

I started in 2014 and worked my way back. I even had, at one point, New Coaches on the Block. I owned the URL, which I believe is available now. If somebody wants it, they can grab it. Thankfully, I didn’t go with New Coaches on the Block, but nothing worked for music. I then went to movies and did the same thing. Started in 2014, I worked my way back. I got back to 1994 and I came across Oliver Stone’s great movie Natural Born Killers and I inserted Coaches. After that, I had the most nerve wrecking ten seconds that any online entrepreneur has. That’s when they race to GoDaddy, punch in the domain, just cross their fingers, and hope that it’s available. Luckily, it was available and I grabbed it. I like New Coaches on the Block, but I don’t think it’s in high demand. That’s how I came up with Natural Born Coaches. I always advise people if you start naming a business, program, product, go do that. Look through movies and music. Look at books on your bookshelf. Just play around and take the pressure off yourself. You’d be surprised what you can come up with.

I have to tell you, I am so glad I asked that question. Fascinating answer. It’s really creative and it will inspire other people in naming. Your Facebook group, I want to let folks know if you’re a coach, consultant, even a speaker, trainer, author, I recommend that you join The Coaching Jungle. It’s like 13,000 and grows every single day. It’s one of my most favorite groups to contribute in because it’s very active and people have a real interest. How did you come up with the name The Coaching Jungle? How did you start it? What are your secrets?

What happened was I had a Facebook group previously just for past guests of my podcast. I had 300 and some people in there. What was happening was I was having all these coaches requesting to join that group, not realizing that what it was called was Natural Born Coaches Past Guest. Really original name, but they weren’t seeing the ‘Past Guest’ part. They were just seeing Coaches and they’re requesting to join. After enough of that, I said, “I’ll have a group that’s open to any coaches, not just somebody who’s been on my show before.” That’s what got the ball rolling with starting The Coaching Jungle. I wanted something that was fun and different because you know what it’s like with Facebook groups. There are a trillion groups out there. A lot of them are boring or they got tumbleweeds blowing through them. That’s where the whole theme of jungle came about.

Anyone checking it out, you go to You’ll see the banner right away. It’s Marc in Tarzan cartoon, wearing a Tarzan suit, and swinging through the jungle. Everything we do is with theme-based. Everything else has a jungle theme with it. That’s how I came up with that. I wanted a different place. A unique and fun place. As you’re aware of, there are debates in that group and things get tensions at times. I won’t get into that because I don’t want to get in trouble. Overall, I would rather have an engaged group, even if it does polarize and drive some people away, than a boring group. That’s the thing that I’m trying to stay away from with my whole business. I don’t want to be in the mushy, middle, and boring. Boring is bad. I want to be entertaining, engaging, and something that people will have their eyeballs on because if you’re getting attention, you’re probably getting money as well. You’re growing your business.

pexels photo 1000445 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 102 | Becoming Natural Born Coaches Without Paid Advertising With Marc Mawhinney
Natural Born Coaches: I would rather have an engaged group, even if it does polarize and drive some people away, than a boring group.

I only participate in a couple of groups. Two literally and not counting my own. One of the reasons I was attracted to your group is those are interesting. Your sense of humor and personality comes across and I absolutely love the fact that we can have spirited conversation and then that people take different approaches and people are sharing those different opinions and approaches. A lot of groups just don’t have interesting conversations, so kudos to that. I’d love for you to give me a tip, if I can get one out of you, that might help a coach get more clients without paid advertising.

What I tell people is don’t do what most coaches do online. They try to do a bunch of different things, but they don’t do any of them really well. I’d say focus on just a couple of key things that A. you enjoy doing because if you don’t enjoy doing it, you’re not going to consistently do it, and B. things that work because they have to work. For my business, I have three main pillars. Things that I do. I have podcasting, my shows, and also going on shows like this. There’s podcasting, there’s Facebook and the Facebook groups, and then there’s email marketing. I do daily emails to my list. If I’m doing those three things, I know that I’m good. I don’t try to get into 100 different things. That way, it’s like trying to set something on fire with a magnifying glass. If you don’t keep it in one place at once, it’s not going to get a strong enough line from the sun to get the fire going.

Your three things might be different than my three things. They probably will be. Pick just a couple of things that you enjoy doing and that work. You then have to consistently do it. Unfortunately, most coaches aren’t consistent. They try something for a few days or few weeks, they don’t get clients and they say, “This is stupid,” and they’re off to the next bright shiny object. Just jump in there and do it consistently. Give it time. It took me 30 days of daily emails before I started to get results from it. My podcast got a daily show the first 300 episodes and now it’s a weekly frequency. You got to be patient, you got to be consistent, you got to be disciplined, and do the work. In a nutshell, that’s what I would say.

[Tweet “You got to be patient, you got to be consistent, you got to be disciplined, and do the work.”]

What you said is very true. I think that people give up really quickly. One of the things that has helped me in all the businesses I’ve owned is Zig Ziglar was my first mentor going back decades and decades and decades ago. He tells the story about priming the pump and just when you think there’s just no water in this pump and I’m going to give up, it might be that next pump that you’ve primed just enough and the water comes out. I still agree. Be consistent. Be patient. It takes the stick-to-itiveness and it takes the action in any business to be successful.

I blame the get-rich-quick Facebook ads people, the rented mansions, yachts, and stuff. People see that and they think, “I can work five minutes a day with this magic system or magic funnel.” It doesn’t work like that.

Marc, how can people connect with you and find out more? Where can they go? I’m really encouraging my audience to make a connection. Marc is someone that I follow, a group that I’m active in, so I highly recommend that you get to know him.  

That spot’s central hub is or The Coaching Jungle is the Facebook group.

I have to just say it’s wonderful to have an interview where we can get a lot of value and really enjoy. I appreciate you. Thank you for being here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

For the audience, make sure that you subscribe to the show. If you’re not a subscriber, you may miss an episode. You could’ve missed Marc talking about Natural Born Coaches and I think this was a huge episode. Make sure that you subscribe. If you like the show, be a Heartrepreneur. Pass the show forward. Share it. We’d love your great reviews and make sure that you tune in next time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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20151119152144 MarcMawhinneyPicture 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 102 | Becoming Natural Born Coaches Without Paid Advertising With Marc MawhinneyAfter spending a decade building a thriving real estate firm, Marc Mawhinney watched as the market—and his business—collapsed around him. In this pivotal moment, Marc made the decision to dust himself off and keep moving forward, going on to launch Natural Born Coaches and establishing himself as one of the premier business coaches in his niche.

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur and has started a number of companies, including one that grew to 100 employees. He has a passion for helping coaches build stronger businesses, and is the host of the daily podcast, Natural Born Coaches.

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