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HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 116 | Living A Life Of Purpose, Profit and Passion with Connie Benjamin

HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion


For entrepreneurs who are juggling life, work, and everything in between, Connie Benjamin discovered that it’s possible to have it all in the right time and the right order. Connie is an international speaker and the author of the book, Women with Fire… 6 Secrets to Purpose, Profit & Passion. She shares that working day in and day out, all night, all day, she was stressed out, overwhelmed, and losing everything that was most important to her. She felt like she was being torn in a million pieces and that she couldn’t win. Learn how Connie was able to take back her life and everything she hold dear and she shares simple principles to turn things around.

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Living A Life Of Purpose, Profit and Passion with Connie Benjamin

I have with me Connie Benjamin. She’s an international speaker and author of the book, Women With Fire: 6 Secrets to Purpose, Profit and Passion. After sharing her message from the stage to thousands of people, Connie realized that a book was needed for women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are juggling life-work and everything in between. She discovered that it was possible to have it all in the right time and in the right order when she attended a life-changing event called Master Your Power Within.

The principle she learned there helped return her marriage around from feeling disconnected and alone to having a relationship that is better than the day she and her husband, Andy, got married. Using these principles, she has replaced income from her day job, but real estate investment property. Connie knows how important it is to give back, so she is donating all the profits from the first edition of Women With Fire to charity to help families in developing countries have access to safe and clean water. Connie, clearly you are a true heartrepreneur. Welcome.

Thank you so much, Terri. It is such an honor to be here with you.

It’s great to be with you. I have to tell you that this is a much-needed book because I talked to women who are entrepreneurs and as you said also, entrepreneurs, who truly juggle so much. Sometimes I look at them and say, “How the heck do you juggle everything?” First of all, let’s talk about you. What even brought you to Master Your Power Within?

There are so many women struggling with this. How to juggle it all and how does this all work? That was me. That’s what brought me to that event. It started when my husband and I were living in this house that turned out to be unsafe for our family. As I looked down at my little baby girl, I realized I needed to do something to get out of there. At the time, we didn’t have much money. I didn’t have the money to move and I knew I needed to start a business. I started a business, but I had no idea how to do it. I made every mistake possible and then I started going to business workshops and events, but they were focused on how to build a business. They were focused on how to make money and we did that. We started making some money.

HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion
Purpose, Profit and Passion: We’ve got to be who we need to be and then we can build profit, so we can serve others.

Things were going good and I thought, “We were able to move. We’ve got it. Perfect.” Then I realized that I was losing everything that was most important to me. My relationship with my husband was totally disconnected. We were working day in and day out, all night, all day. I was a stressed out, overwhelmed mom. I felt I was being torn in a million pieces. I felt I couldn’t win and that was so brutal. That’s what took me to Master Your Power Within.

Luckily, I learned the higher laws principles that helped me to take my life back and get more connected with my husband. He is now my hero. I love him so much. He rocks. With my kids, I felt that I could be a more present, more loving mom. We could replace both of our incomes, buy some real estate, move from the frozen tundra of Canada to the first place that had palm trees, which we love and that’s how it came about.

We definitely have a lot of female listeners. What is one tip that you can give them that might be something they can implement pretty quickly to turn things around and to stop the overwhelmed that they’re facing?

One thing that made a huge difference for me and I know will make a difference for any women entrepreneurs and men as well, but especially women is to recognize that our lives are constantly changing. It’s something that we don’t talk about very often, that as women, we go through seasons of life more than men. If people have kids and you’ve got little babies, little toddlers, teenagers or your kids are all grown and you’re in retirement or you don’t have kids, there are so many seasons to our life. We need to realize that and understand that what’s happening right now is not a forever thing. That it is going to shift, and it is going to change. We got to learn to honor the seasons of life we’re in. I know for me, I found four steps that have helped me to honor the seasons of life I’m in. That has been game-changing.

I’m always amazed at how much people get done in their lives and that part of the getting things done disconnects people. Was any of that happening in your marriage? Can I be personal? Where was the disconnection?

I am an open book. You can be as personal as you want to be. Getting things done was a huge one. We were very much focused on the tasks in front of us. We were both looking at our to-do list and there wasn’t that time to connect. There wasn’t that bond that keeps couples together. There’s tons of research. It’s so interesting on the bonds and how when you’ve connected with your partner that increases productivity and increases the amount of money you can make. It decreases your stress levels. There’s so much tied to that. Our relationship was struggling. We were very disconnected and we didn’t know how to get it back. I remember at one point looking over at my husband and saying, “Is this all there is?” I knew at that moment things needed to change. I needed to fight for our relationship while I was getting things done.

The way that you wrote the sentence about having a relationship that is better than the day she and her husband, Andy, got married, those are just words, but the way that you wrote it, I literally have gotten goosebumps. I couldn’t wait to introduce you to say those words because I could feel the passion and it’s so interesting to me.

Here you are, purpose, profit, passion. Phenomenal words and look what comes from that. You were placing a day job, donating profits from a book, which is beautiful and phenomenal. Having this wonderful place to live and this wonderful and a way of being in your marriage with Andy, what can someone expect when they read your book?

Thank you for saying that. I’m grateful for your perspective on that and for sharing that. I was reading a part of my book, which is a chapter for getaway and as I was reading it, I thought, “I needed that book.” I’m so glad I read that chapter and it’s so funny that it changed my day even though I wrote it. I was so grateful for it. It’s so fun. What people can expect from the book is about how to live a life of purpose. I believe that every person, and especially every woman, has this divine purpose that we got in deep. It’s that thing that we’re scared of and freezes us out, but we got to do it anyways. The challenge with it is life often gets in the way and we don’t know how to get it done in a way where we don’t lose our family and our sanity.

The book addresses that it gets to the heart of how do we win the battle within so that we can be the person that we need to be to live that life of purpose and how do we do it in a way that’s in priority that we don’t lose our sanity and how do we do it in a way that we don’t lose our relationships along the way. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that share, “I’ve got the success I wanted and yet my marriage is gone, or my kids don’t talk to me.” It’s too important. What’s the point of having an awesome rocking business if you lose the people you love the most along the way?

That gave me goosebumps when you said that because I hear so many people talk about, “Let’s build your business.” I always get people to start with the end in mind and with the beginning as well. What is the purpose? We could be doing any business, we could be doing anything. What’s your purpose in life? What’s your purpose on the planet? What’s your purpose with the business? I also want to celebrate the order in the way you put these secrets. It’s purpose, profit, passion. I liked that order. People have their priorities mixed up. Any thoughts about that?

It’s interesting when you say about priorities mixed up. That’s one of the biggest things. When we change that, when we put priorities in the right order, that’s when life begins to shift. That’s exactly why I put in the order of the book in that way because we got to start with our purpose first. We’ve got to be who we need to be and then we can build profit, so we can serve others. We can make a difference in the world and have that passionate relationship so that some things that are most important in this life don’t get lost. I agree with you.

Having things out of order is, I believe, epidemic in this world. There are a lot of pressure for us to do that and that’s why I feel so passionately and strongly about doing things in an order that honors the season of life we’re in. I know for me, that was game-changing. For me, that helped me do things in the right order. It helped me write my book in fifteen minutes every day. I had a baby and a toddler and that’s all the time I had. That’s so much my time I had to write my book.

HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion
Purpose, Profit and Passion: What’s the point of having an awesome rocking business if you lose the people you love the most along the way?

What’s your big purpose right now?

This is why I wrote the book because I have the opportunity to coach with women from around the world and person after person would share with me, “I feel unbalanced. I feel like I can’t win. I’m feeling stressed and I’m not connected with my partner.” My purpose is to empower women to live their potential and do it in a way that they don’t lose their sanity. They don’t have to lose their families. I know that women can make such a huge difference in this world. If we strengthen the woman, we strengthen the family, we strengthen the world’s capacity to do great things.

How can people get in touch with you, Connie?

I would love to connect with people. That is one thing that I love to hear from people. They can go to On that website, there’s an app you can download. It’s called the Master Your Power Within app. There’s a tab for Women With Fire. I got tons of resources there. I want to make sure to give women as much as I could. There are things like fifteen minutes to your greatness, so they know how to do things and priorities. You could still live your purpose and in the midst of the chaos of life and things like morning empowerment that helps you, to focus on each day on what’s most important, so you don’t get lost in your to-do list. That’s how people can connect with me.

Thank you so much and it’s easy to remember. I love it. You’ve been an amazing guest here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much Terri. What an honor it’s been with you. I love that you have such a huge heart and that you’re providing the space for people to make a difference doing what you love.

Thank you. I do this show, but selfishly, I do it for me. I love to meet new people and find out what they’re up to. I’m sure that as I felt inspired in our conversation with Connie Benjamin. I’m sure you did, too. I’m going to recommend that you go over to I believe we’ve learned a lot here in Heartrepreneur Radio and because you are a valued listener, we have a free transformational webinar for you. It’s at Totally free, transformational as our gift for being a valued listener. Thanks for tuning here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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HPR 116 | Purpose, Profit and Passion

Connie Benjamin is an international speaker and author of the upcoming book Women With Fire…6 Secrets to Purpose, Profit, and Passion.

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