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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 13 | Connecting To People From The Heart

February 10, 2017

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Being an entrepreneur is all about connecting to people. It is about giving them services that will benefit their lives for the better. Yet getting people for your business can be quite tricky. Without them, there will be no business to attend to, dooming the point of it all. Get into an extremely helpful exercise that will help you build up those connections and reach many people. Wonders can happen even with just your notebook, pen, and phone in hand. Learn how to build your A-list to your B-list and explore the ways to develop a relationship with potential clients that will last and go beyond business.

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Connecting To People From The Heart

If you don’t have a lot of business, it’s pretty easy to get a lot more business. I’m going to teach you a system for doing that. I do always say that the Heartrepreneur philosophy, “It’s not for everyone. It’s clearly for you because you’re here on the journey with me.” What a Heartrepreneur is all about is being authentic, being who they are, loving their products and their services, believing in themselves, loving themselves, and doing business in an authentic way. The Heartrepreneur system is working all the time. It’s just testimonials, stories, and what happens in my own businesses. It will work for you when you apply it.

I want you to take a minute. I want you to think about your business and your life too. What would you like to improve? What would you like your day to look like, your life to look like? Let’s work on improving that here and improving that now. Whenever I’m talking with someone who’s a prospect and who might want to hire me, I’ll normally talk to someone for about ten minutes. My job is simple when I chat with them. I want to see if I can help them because I have no idea until we chat if I can even help you. If I can, how? What can I do to help you? What can we do to serve you or support you? My job is equally important that if I can’t help you or support you or serve you, I point you in to other resources that I know into a different direction.

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What’s going on in your business? What’s the gap? What’s not quite right yet in your business? What’s specifically broken? To use a better word, what’s busted that you want to have fixed? You’re like, “I wish somebody would help me.” You want to get results, want to achieve a goal, or you want to get your vision, but something is in the way. That problem that you have is actually costing you impact. It could be financial, emotional, physical, mental and there are lots of different ways that it can impact. Let me share with you a way that you can get a ton of business.

I want you to get a notebook and I want you to write down the numbers one to 200, one number in each line. Over the course of the next seven days, I want you to fill in those 100 lines with everybody and I do mean everybody that you know, no judging, and no making decisions about them, every single person that you know. It could be your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your colleagues. It could be the people in organizations, people in groups, people on social media, people you’ve met at events, people you go to networking meetings with. The person who does your hair, your dentist, the person who does your nails, the person who does your dry cleaning, your accountant, your financial services person, your coach or consultant, everybody.

I don’t only want you to put down their names, if you know their phone numbers and email addresses, put that down. Keep going, that’s why they do it over seven days and have a notebook. Carry the notebook with you. You’ll go, “I just remembered someone.” Put them down. Constantly put down the names of people that you think of and carry this book with you for the rest of your business life. I do. Every time I meet somebody, they go in the book. That book has been worth millions of dollar to me. That’s step one.

Step two is over the course of the following week, you get a two-week assignment, make sure you also get their snail mail. If you’ve got their emails, make sure you get their phone numbers. Contact each person and say, “I’m missing your email and missing your address. I’m missing your phone number.” Just get all of that information together in your little notebook. After you’ve done that, I want you to go through all the names with a highlighter and I want you to highlight all the ones that you would consider, the ones who are most likely to refer to you. Who understand what you do and would like to help you. Highlight all of them. They are your A-list, and then you can circle or star the ones that I call your B-list. Your B-list are simply, “These people don’t know me that well or don’t know what I do that much, but they might want to help.” Then anybody else that’s on there, dump them.

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Connecting To People: Email isn’t personal and texting certainly isn’t either. Pick up the phone and connect.


All of the people that are in your As, get in touch with them. Ask them for their birthdays, maybe their anniversaries. Just tell them, “I realized I don’t have this and I’d love to have it.” Then over the course of the next few weeks, all you want to do is phone. You’re a Heartrepreneur, email isn’t personal. Texting certainly isn’t personal and some people don’t like getting texts. Pick up the phone. Simply ask your A’s to schedule a brief meeting with you. “I’d love to catch up and connect and I want to talk about my business philosophy. Would you have ten minutes?” Get them scheduled on your calendar.

Then when you’re chatting with the A’s, make it a simple conversation. “My philosophy of doing business is to come from the heart. I have a business radio show that I listen to and a business consultant that I know who’s a Heartrepreneur and that’s how I do business. Authentically, I want to do business in that way and I’m just wondering if you might know some people to refer me to? I can tell you more about what I do, but I’m looking for referrals.” Ask every one of those A-list people, “What can I do for you?”

Then after you finished with your A-list, which will take you a while to do, go to your B-list. Ask for personal meetings with your B’s and say, “I’d love to connect, get to know more about you, to see if I can help you serve you or support you.” A ten-minute phone call, get on the phone say, “What’s going on in your business? What’s going on in your life? I just wanted to see what’s happening and if there’s any way that I can either help you or refer somebody to you.” Then ask them for referrals after you’ve explained your philosophy as a Heartrepreneur and how you do business. From now on, every time you meet someone, ask them, “What can I do for you?” You’ll be surprised when you ask the question how many hearts open back to you.

Call your vendors also. Anybody you’ve done business with, you look at everybody you’ve written a check to, everybody you’ve made a credit card payment to and let them know, “You’re one of my vendors. Our relationship is very important. I’m all about being a Heartrepreneur, creating a lot of value. What can I do to help you, serve you, support you, and who do you know that I can help?” Being an entrepreneur is pretty simple. It’s coming from, “What can I do for you? How can I serve you? How can I support you in building your business in an authentic heart-placed way?” You must believe in yourself. If you don’t have enough self-love, let’s amp that up. If you are not being authentic, let’s work on that so you are more authentically you. Let’s not try and get everyone to be your client because heart-to-heart philosophy, it’s not going to work for everyone. Some people aren’t meant to be on the journey with you and that is perfect.

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The Heartrepreneur system, this philosophy that I gave you of building a referral-based business, it works. What I taught you will work if you apply it over and over again. If every time you meet people, whether it’s on social media, whether you crossed their paths, whether you’re at a networking event, a speaking gig, you just say, “It’s been great to meet you. I’d love to keep in touch.” It’s a pretty simple thing. Keeping in touch is what a Heartrepreneur does automatically. I automatically keep in touch with my family and friends because they’re in my heart.

I automatically keep in touch with prospects, past clients, and current clients. Why? It’s not to gain anything. The only reason I do it is because I want to make more connections and get the juice out of being a human being in a relationship with other human beings. I want to know as many people as I can who I’ve open hearts and get to know them. What I taught you is simple. Keep in touch with prospects, clients, and past clients just the way you would keep in touch with family. They’re all your extended family if you’re truly heart-based. Follow my system consistently doing what I teach, doing what I say. Personally touch people, using the telephone in person and being at events.

Finally, use this Heartrepreneurs system that I’m teaching you because it works. It works when you are all about creating value for other people. My job is so simple. I do quick sessions with people, ten minutes, just to get to see if I can help you. If I can, I’ll do a free profit session for you for about 45 minutes. The ten-minute sessions are simple. I tell people it’s the easiest job in the world. The only thing I need to do is ask a few questions to see if I can help you, truly from my heart. If I can, how can I do it? What are the results you want? What’s your goal? Where do you want to get to where you trying to go?

We can’t get anywhere unless we know. Your goal is X, and I’m not talking about a year from now or six months. I want you to get clear for a moment. Breathe in and think about and feel your vision. What do you want a week from now? Let’s say it’s a week from now, what would you like to have? Get it in your mind, in your heart. See it, taste it, touch it, hear it, smell it, feel it. What a week from now do you have that you’re already experiencing? How do you feel? What are you excited about? Who are your clients, your customers, your patients, your associates, your colleagues a week from now and what are you absolutely committed to making happen in that week?

If you have a problem or an obstacle or something in the way or that’s broken, it’s costing you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to help you break through by achieving your goals week to week to week. If you are in my Heartrepreneurs group, it’s #HeartrepreneurswithTerriLevine. If you’re not, go join it over on Facebook. What I’m going to be doing is recommending those people who are truly Heartrepreneurs who show up in the group helping and serving and connecting. I’m going to actually be recommending you. I’m going to be creating a listing of all the businesses and all the people I know who create value as Heartrepreneur. If that’s you, I want to get to know you better, so get in the group and create value for others. Prove that you can create value.

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Connecting To People: The only way you can begin helping people is if they love themselves.


I always tell potential clients that the only way I can help them is if they love themselves. If they passionately love their products and services, they do great work in the world, if they’re willing to do what I teach, and if they are follow-through type of person. Sometimes, something you do doesn’t work and if you go to work, “Just forget it. I’m throwing in the towel.” It’s not a Heartrepreneur. A Heartrepreneur brings heart into what they do. They fully experience it, they get excited about it, and if what they tried doesn’t work quite right the first time, that’s okay. They do it again.

This is check-in day with yourself. Are you truly being a Heartrepreneur? Are you going to go on that Facebook group and go serve people or are you a seller or a marketer? All I can tell you is all the six, seven, and eight-figure business owners I’ve helped create, all the eight figure business owners I hang out with, we all do it with heart. We all do it without sales. We all do it without marketing. We all do it from a place of passion, self-love, and using the system I just taught you. If you ever choose to work with me in a group or individually, I customize that system for you. I wanted to give you the basics of it. You can go run with what I just taught you. Are you going to? Are you going to sit around making excuses as to why not or it’s not going to work for you or it’s impossible or I have tried that.

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I want to help you. I see you, I feel you, and I believe that you’re attracted to Heartrepreneur Radio because you are in fact in your heart and you want to align your business and your heart and your marketing. Stop spending money on marketing that doesn’t work, selling that people can’t stand, or with coaches, consultants, mentors, or anyone who hasn’t been there, done that, or who isn’t willing to be transparent and show you the ropes. I’m here with you. I’m here for you. I see how perfect and beautiful you are, shining wonderful diamond with all your imperfections. It makes you even more beautiful. I want to touch your heart so that you can touch other people’s heart and you can serve more people selling your products and services.

That’s all I want to do. If you get more customers and more clients than I’m happy. I’d love you to comment on some of the podcast. Let me know what you think, let me know how you’re doing and come back to Heartrepreneur Radio. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Share it with your friends and most of all, let me see your heart. Get over in that Heartrepreneur Group. Create value. You’ll end up on my business referral list and that will give you a lot of influence and impact. Go be a Heartrepreneur. Let your heart shine.


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