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December 27, 2018

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When we think of having a healthy and balanced life, we tend to go towards improving our health by exercising or eating well. However, this overlooks the fact that we also need to have a stress-free home environment that is clean and pristine. Talking about the importance of a clean home is Farnaz Dar, owner of My Clean Peace. She talks about how you can set-up a stress-free home environment because everyone deserves a sanctuary. Teaching people how to properly clean and make time for doing it, she puts forward how a family should make room to create chores and design a schedule.

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How To Set Up A Stress-Free Home Environment with Farnaz Dar

I have an exciting guest. Someone I’ve known for several years. Someone I have high respect for and someone who I consider a friend. Her name is Farnaz Dar and she says, “Sometimes it’s a gift and a curse to be given superpowers.” Hers happened to be teaching, cleaning, organizing, and being a mom and business owner with a passion for making a difference. She says, “Sure, you can have more than one.” About seven years ago, she took a break from teaching in order to follow her entrepreneurial dreams by opening a cleaning and organizing company.

Within the last year, she’s finally figured out how to morph the two careers into one, My Clean Peace. The philosophy soon to sweep the nation is that everyone deserves a sanctuary to come home to or to work in. A healthy, balanced life is not only eating well and exercising, but also living in a clutter-free, neat, and stress-free environment. It’s a topic that’s not discussed nearly enough and certainly not taught anymore. Farnaz is here to change that. Welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much, Terri. I’m happy to be here.

I’m happy to have you because there’s a lot that you’re juggling here. It’s teaching, cleaning, and organizing, being a mom, and being a business owner. At the same time, it’s like, “Can I merge these things?” How did My Clean Peace come to be?

I thought I had hung up my teaching hat when I opened the cleaning service portion of the business years ago. Within those years, I noticed something over and over again. People either don’t have the time to clean, don’t know how to clean, and have lost the importance of living in a clean environment. I realized that I have a voice and I can teach people. I have taught people, but this is something that isn’t taught anymore. I’ll be the one to teach it. I’ll be the one to step up to the plate. The fact of the matter is not living in a clean environment, the mental and health detriments that can happen from that, it’s sad and it’s such a quick fix. It’s a mood boost, if you will. It was more of a necessity and a gaping hole in society, not talking about cleaning.

People either don't have the time to clean or don't know how to clean that they have lost the importance of living in a clean environment. Click To Tweet

I’ll say to anyone in our audience who is an entrepreneur that it is what it’s about. It’s about looking for what the holes are. When you see the hole, if it’s a hole that you have a passion to fill, you know that it’s there. You know that people need it. You know that people want it and then stepping in. This philosophy that everyone deserves a sanctuary to come home or to work in, describe what that means.

We’re out and about in the day. We’re inundated with so much stimulation all day long, whether it’s in the home or outside of the home. There are many people who work from home and are inundated with all of this stress and the busyness of our lives. I feel as though, if not your entire home space, there should be a room in the house or a corner of the house you could come home to and take a deep sigh of relief and unwind in. I’ve seen people who don’t have that. There’s not even a corner of the home in many homes that will allow you to take a deep sigh and let it all wash away.

My parents’ generation, perhaps when moms were home and there was a parent home, keeping the home clean and having that space to come home to was important. With the way we live our lives now, both parents working and chasing after kids and activities and things of that sort, we lost that importance. Having a place to unwind is important. I’m hearing trends saying, “Meditation is going to be a big part of healthy living and exercise coming within the next few years.” My immediate question was, “Where are they going to be meditating?” I need a quiet, clean space in order to let my mind go and meditate. Where are people going to find these? Are they going to be leaving the home to go and meditate? That seems silly to me. That’s what My Clean Peace is all about. We can have a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we can eat healthily, and we can exercise. If we’re coming home to chaos, clutter, and disorganization, I don’t feel we’re living that healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A lot of people are focused on the physical, spiritual, and the emotional. They’re not focused on their environment because that is where our physical body is residing. I have two favorite things. Part of the time I’m living here in the Philadelphia area, part of the time I’m either in Mexico or New Jersey, which is on the beach. If I’m in Philadelphia, I have a hot tub on my deck and that’s my thing. I get out there in the morning and it is my quiet time. I meditate. I’m alone. I’m in my own thoughts. It’s a quiet sanctuary for me. I come out, I sit in the chair by the sun for a while, and it’s beautiful. When I’m at the beach, walking along the beach is meditative.

I’ve got these three different homes, these three different locations. I don’t have any place in what is my more permanent home in Philadelphia that is that quiet sanctuary. I’ve established that in a little corner of my place in New Jersey and I’ve got that in Mexico. The interesting thought is, “Here we are and we’re not making time to have that in our environment.” What are some things we can do to set up this stress-free environment, the sanctuary? What are some actions the audience and I can take?

A lot of times, before I can give practical tips, is that people don’t know what they don’t know. If they’ve grown up in this environment and they don’t realize what they’re missing, they’re not looking for solutions or they’re not thinking that it’s top of mind. That would be tip number one, to recognize that it is something that will benefit a person’s life. You can do a quick little study and look at three pictures. One with a beautifully decorated or nice space, another with some messy or completely chaotic space, and then a third one that’s somewhere in the middle. Naturally, you’re going to choose the one that’s the cleanest and pristine. Recognizing that is something that impacts your life and changes your mood, the space that you live in, that’s definitely tip number one.

The second thing I would strongly suggest, and I see this with busy families, is that it is time and children will not break if we divide up the work and have the kiddos involved in the cleaning and organizing process. Cleaning should be part of playing. Living in a home, as a citizen of a home, one should participate in the cleaning of the home. There should be systems and processes in place like we are expected to have in a company or a business. I’ve always found it fascinating that parents don’t teach their children how to clean or they close the door and they act like however they live is how they live. It goes back to that first tip about if you could focus on what benefits there are to living in a clean space, you will make it a priority and you will take the time to teach your children how to participate.

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Stress-Free Home Environment: Recognize that the space you live in impacts your life and changes your mood.


I come from a culture where men aren’t supposed to or aren’t classically expected to help out with the home, but it’s also 2018. Especially if you’re living in the West, every person in the family should be able to help out. A final quick tip would be a chore chart. It’s something as simple as a calendar or a chart where every member of the family can be accountable to one or two tasks a day, to divide those work up between the members of the family, whether it’s two people living in the home or one person or six. If everybody has a job to do that’s not going to make a huge dent in their day, things can be maintained and things can be picked up.

You were saying with the children, cleaning and playing and they’re tied together. I have a lot of family members and I go to their homes. Their kids are playing and there are toys all over the living room and dining room. They’re piled up and you can’t even move. The kids aren’t expected to clean up and I’m like, “I wonder what that’s going to be like.”

There is a plaque that you will find in little cutesy stores that says, “Excuse our mess. My children are making memories.” That infuriates me and worries me so much because yes, they are making memories. The memories are, “My house is always messy that none of my friends could come over and it was embarrassing when people came over.” That’s the memory that you’re making.

I like what you said about kids getting involved and the chore chart, dividing up the tasks. What you’re saying makes so much sense. We live together in a household, in a family unit. All of us can take on some responsibility. I remember as a young child, I had some household chores. I had some responsibility that I can handle at a young age. As I got older, I got some different tasks, but I still wasn’t doing the bulk of the household because that wasn’t the way our household ran. My mom was a stay-at-home mom back in those days. You could do that thing. However, all of us participated. You also said, “Come on, it’s like a business.” We’ve got to run it with systems and processes. What do you do? How do you help people figure this out? What does that look like and how can we connect with you?

Everyone deserves a sanctuary to come home or to work in. Click To Tweet

In a few different ways, the service part of the business is definitely there to come in and give a deeper clean to the home every two weeks or whatever schedule a client may want us on. I also have courses that I am developing and have developed where we get the family together and we teach them how to go about cleaning the homes. Sometimes the parents don’t even know. They know they’re supposed to clean, but they don’t know how to clean. How to use a vacuum? How to best use the different products you have in your home to get the job done? I teach practical skills that will get the home cleaned in the most efficient way without taking up the most time and without taking up the most energy. I spend a good portion of time educating people on what the benefits are, how it impacts all the different aspects of their life.

I learned that a friend of mine flies out to her son’s college to clean his dorm at the end of the semester. That’s a little bit ridiculous. It’s crazy. We’re not doing our children any favor. We’re not doing our families favors by shortcutting and not teaching them. To learn more about me, you can always visit me on Facebook. I have a page for North Penn Cleaning Solutions and for My Clean Peace. I’m always there. New things are developing all the time and the information about those new things will be on those two sites on Facebook. I’m also on Instagram and Twitter, @Farnaz.Dar.

We got so much value. I do recommend that people connect with you. Truly, I believe that this is going to serve the world, help the world, and all of us who do business in a heart to heart-based way. This is another way of bringing heart into the family. It really is, and saying, “We all live here. We share. We’re a piece of this. We’re all in this together. Let’s create our loving sanctuary, our home.” Farnaz, thank you so much for being here on Heartrepreneur Radio.

You’re welcome. I appreciate the time. Thank you.

You’re welcome. As a reminder, if you haven’t yet joined the Facebook community, Heartrepreneurs With Terri Levine, we’d love to have you at the Heartrepreneur Family on Facebook. Look under groups Heartrepreneurs With Terri Levine. We will see you next time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Farnaz Dar

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Farnaz Dar is a Pakistani immigrant who is on a mission to start a conversation…but not a glamorous or sexy one! She taught in the public schools of Long Island, NY before moving to Lansdale, PA where she homeschooled her 4 boys for many years. Although a natural teacher, upon sending her children back to public school, she realized she needed a break from teaching.The natural next career option? Open a cleaning business! It wasn’t that far of a stretch…after all, cleaner and organizer was always her role growing up. Interestingly, though, on the list of Pakistani career paths, cleaning company owner is pretty much scraping the bottom! However, if you believe everything happens for a reason, as Farnaz does, you’d better believe she has found her reason! After six years in the service side of the business, Farnaz noticed a gaping hole that no one seemed to be talking about. Cleanliness just isn’t important anymore! Too many folks are coming home to spaces that are cluttered and unkempt, not teaching their children how to perform basic cleaning chores, and generally unable to take a deep sigh and de-stress after a long day. Her solution to this is Clean Peace. My Clean Peace is the educational side of her business. The philosophy is that everyone deserves a sanctuary to live and work in and that cleanliness is an essential part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Through workshops, courses, and speaking engagements, Farnaz is spreading the word on the importance of cleaning and, more importantly, how it relates to our mental and emotional health. To learn more about Farnaz’s businesses, North Penn Cleaning Solutions and My Clean Peace visit www.NPCleaningSolutions.comor follow her on her Facebook pages.

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