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January 10, 2019

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In our professional lives, we’re always caught in that mind frame of trading our time for money. Most especially for us entrepreneurs, we often think about how we should be creating and creating one product after the next. Bernadette Doyle has transformed herself and her entrepreneurial journey by focusing not on coming up with new products rather on creating a steady stream of customers for just a single product or program. Staying true to that, she is a transformational expert and the founder of Online Profits University, an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to create new income streams. Learn how she did it and get some great insights about moving to an online business.

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Stop Trading Time For Money By Moving To An Online Business with Bernadette Doyle

I have with me Bernadette Doyle and she is a transformational expert. She is the Founder of the Online Profits University, which is an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to create new income streams. Let me tell you a little bit about her entrepreneurial journey. It began at the age of 26 where she was successfully trading her time for money and she found herself overwhelmed and constantly hustling despite how successful she was. After the birth of her first son, Bernadette found that her own success had become an anchor.

As the demands on her time grew, suddenly she needed a team and to house and manage that team. Her previous business model was simply unsustainable. Soon after, Bernadette fully switched to an online model and soon found herself rid of her constraints by packaging her expertise into products and online programs and connecting with customers. By teleconference and webinar, she doubled her income in her first year as a new mother, all with time to spend with her family. By 2008, Bernadette had generated $1 million in online sales and even masterminded personally with Richard Branson, all with the free time to be a single mother of her two children. I’m so excited to welcome you to Heartrepreneur Radio, Bernadette.

Thank you. I’m so happy to be here.

I love your story because a lot of entrepreneurs, we start out trading time for money, making money. I also found myself completely overwhelmed and working a tremendous amount of hours. Tell us a little bit about what you were doing at the beginning of that journey.

I was essentially selling my time to corporates, companies like Sony, British Telecom, and AIG, the insurance company. I was going into their businesses to teach their teams about sales and customer service over the phone.

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Here you are, you have your first son and you realized you need to shift the model. How did you figure out how to shift the model? I talk to people every day that are where you’re at, the old Bernadette, and they go, “I need to shift the model,” and they have no idea how. What would you say showed up for you? How did you figure it out?

I’ve already started to think about passive income and packaging up my expertise into physical products, like recordings of my training, videos or audios. The problem was as long as I’m still trading time for money, that’s where my main revenue was coming from. There was never a compelling enough reason for me to go and invest time and energy in creating those products. I couldn’t see immediately how it would replace my full-time income and as long as it was just a sideline, it wasn’t compelling enough. It was when I found out I was expecting my first son that I’ve got the wake-up call and I was like, “This has to happen now. There’s no more thinking about this, telling myself someday, now is someday.”

It’s interesting because I started out in the coaching and consulting field about twenty years ago and I was completely trading time for money. At the end of the first year, I realized all I had done was created another job. In the second year, I got a lot smarter and I redid the model. By the third year, most of my income was coming in passively. I want to share what I did in the beginning because I really messed it up.

I thought I had to go create product after product and course after course. I spent hours and hours, creating and creating, and then I realized that wasn’t the best way of packaging expertise. What advice do you have to people who are going, “I would love to be able to offer online programs and other kinds of programs?” What kind of advice might you have for other entrepreneurs?

It’s so funny you should ask this because I’ve done something talking about how entrepreneurs create and create. What you need to create are paying customers. You only need one product or one offering. At the moment you have that, what you should then do is focus on creating a steady stream of customers for that product or program.

I have switched several years ago, five, six, maybe more to only having one offering and that’s all we focus on. We literally send people, they can watch our free webinar, and if at the end of the webinar, that resonates with them, that’s my one offering. All we do is we focus on getting more and more eyeballs on the webinar and the right people, then know if they want to work with me and that’s it. I don’t know if you agree with this, I found confused minds with a lot of offerings. They’re so confused. They don’t buy. Would you agree with that?

That’s one problem if you create lots of offers. At the other end, as a business owner, having lots of offers keeps having complexity. In my experience, the simpler things are, the easier they are. That’s another reason why you’re right to focus on just one offer and one webinar.

What’s the main thing that you offer and who was it right for?

The main thing I offer is the Online Profits University. I created it a couple of years ago because I wanted to have one solution for someone that wanted to go from thinking about starting an online business, possibly not even clear on who they’re paying customers would be, and take them all the way through to growing that business to the multimillion-dollar level if they so choose. I completely get that’s not for everybody. Some people, when they start an online business, might just want to add an extra $3,000 to $5,000 in monthly income, but I wanted to have something that captured the whole journey I’d been on in my online business journey and provide that expertise under one umbrella. I focused on that. Like you, I have a webinar that educates people about the Online Profits University and like you, I focused on getting more people watching that webinar.

It’s fantastic that you put together the one solution because I do agree. If someone wants to create passive income, they want to create online profits. They can do it on smaller scale. They can do something and do a few thousand a month or they can say, “I want to follow in Bernadette’s footsteps. I want to go out there.” You said in 2008, you generated $1 million in online sales and that’s amazing. That’s phenomenal. Here’s someone who’s a real expert, who has done it and can take you by the hand and do it. If someone wants to join Online Profits University, who are the best people to join and to learn from your university?

I would say there are two types of people. Person number one is someone who already has a successful business but hasn’t brought it online yet. Maybe someone, if they can see the potential of creating online offerings, but they haven’t figured out how to map their offline business into an online business. That would be the first person. The second person is someone who is attracted to the idea of having an online business and might not even have figured out who that customer is or what they’ll be offering or how will they get started. One of the things that we do in the Online Profits University is we gave everybody who joins a custom road map. Whether you started with that little bit of experience I described or a complete beginner, there’s a path laid out for you that starts where you are.

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Online Business: Having lots of offers keeps having complexity.


I love this because a lot of programs out there that I investigate for my client family members, they’re what I’m going to call cookie cutter. It’s like one-size-fits-all and the fact that you customize a road map, I got goosebumps. Tell us what your business looks like. What is like a day in the life of Bernadette Doyle?

Now is quite good example of a typical business day for me. I started out with a team meeting where I connect with my team. We haven’t been connecting weekly for travel reasons, etc., but typically, it’s weekly. After that team meeting, I went on and I had a couple of sales conversations with prospective new members of my programs. I’ve been working on a new webinar, I have some new content for my Facebook group, and now I’m doing this interview. Most of it is I’m working with my team, connecting with customers or creating new content.

That’s all the stuff that I love to do and very similar to where I’m at in my business as well. I always have people aspire who choose to live this way so that you’re working, enjoying your work, not trading time for money and able to have a passive income business and go on vacation. Be with your family or if you get ill and you can’t work, the money is still rolling in. How do people get to connect with you? Where do they go for the Online Profits University? I want to check this out myself.

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If you come to , I will add a link where you can join my webinar and also other resources that we have for your audience, Terri. That’s the place to go.

Do you have one or two tips you want people to take away from this interview, breathe in and remember as a lesson or as words of wisdom directly from Bernadette Doyle?

Most of the people that I work with are people that want a business to give them more freedom. They want a business so that they can connect and share their gifts with others. You can absolutely have that. If you dream of it, it’s in your heads, that’s not some hocus-pocus, that’s your highest self in my view, calling you forward and saying, “Come this way, this is possible.” One of the things that I would have you focused on is where inside of that business you’re going to get paid. I notice too often people will think about the program or think about the people they want to help, but they haven’t flashed out where’s the money in this? What’s the transformation? What’s the transaction? What’s the client going to pay in exchange for what? How those clients going to come in and how are you going to get paid is one of the key parts to a successful business model.

I am so glad you shared this. I don’t know how many hours I have done radio interviews for the last twenty years both terrestrial, iTunes, iHeart and I have not yet had a guest, and I had a lot of guests, that said, “Look at where the money is. Look at where and how you’re going to get paid.” People create all kinds of programs and services and products and they haven’t sat down and thought about, “What does that exchange going to look like and how do you price it?” I’m so glad that you’re here.

Thank you.

I want to thank you so much, Bernadette Doyle, for being here with me on Heartrepreneur Radio. For the audience, make sure you do subscribe or you could miss an episode. This was a hugely valuable episode with Bernadette Doyle. Don’t forget, as a subscriber, you get your free course at We also have our online forums for free where you can go, engage with other Heartrepreneurs, get help, share your business, and find your own clients over at Finally, if you are not part of the Heartrepreneur family and our community on Facebook in Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine, go ahead and join the group right now. Go introduce yourself. Bernadette can be a member. We’d love to have her. She can go in, introduce herself, and we can all get to interact and learn from one another. Thank you again for being here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Bernadette Doyle

Bernadette Doyle 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 145 | Stop Trading Time For Money By Moving To An Online Business with Bernadette Doyle

What makes me unique is that I have built my own home-based business to the million dollar level not just once, but twice! The first time I did it by working hard, getting busier and frankly doing a lot of stuff I didn’t really want to do but thought I had to do to be successful. Then I got a huge wake-up call when my son nearly died that caused me to re-evaluate everything. The second time I did it, I did it with a much simpler business model that works around my family and allows me plenty of time off. Even though I no longer lead business events outside of my hometown, I am still able to connect with and serve clients all over the world. And because of this, my clients get a unique business plan that is tailored to their life.

The truth is there are a million ways to make money, so it’s not how much you make but HOW you make it (and how much of it you keep!) My life changed when I found out I was expecting my first child. Up until then how I earned money was by selling my time and there was a lot of travel involved. I knew instantly that would not be a sustainable business model when I became a mum. However, now I faced a new set of challenges. I struggled as my business became more successful. I had a lot of different programs and demands on my time. I hired a team to help me take care of customers, but the team needed to be managed. I rented offices to house my team. My freedom business had actually become a prison. But then I decided to find smarter ways of serving my clients that were less time intensive for me, but still got as good (if not better) results for my clients. This involved packaging my expertise into products and online programs. And connecting with my clients through group teleconferences and webinars.

As a result in my first year of being a mum, I made more than DOUBLE what I had ever made working my old way. And the sales continued to grow. By 2008 I had generated over a million dollars in revenue via online sales. In 2009 I generated $1m in online revenues within 12 months and since then I have mentored other clients to the annual million dollar revenues too. It’s been quite a journey and I’ve met some incredible people along the way including Richard Branson as I’ve been to his island for private masterminding with other successful business owners three times. You might not be able to see every detail of the plan yet, but it IS there. You can break the rules and at ANY moment redesign your business to serve you better.

Every woman can make the money she wants with a business and revenue model that suits her. Woman don’t want to be working the old 9-5 model, we need flexibility in our business. We need time to be with our families. We need time and space to be WOMEN. These days I operate my business part-time, working from home, and I’m a single mother to two amazing sons aged 8 and almost 7. Success to me means living life on my own terms.

Bernadette Doyle Development Ltd and making money by making a difference to others in a way that works for me and my family and allows time for all the things that are important for me in life.  As an ah-ha moment for me was discovering that it’s not how much you make, but HOW you make it, and no matter what you’ve been told there IS a plan for you where you can make the money you want to, working with the clients you want to in a way that works for YOUR life.


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