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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 152 | Optimizing And Leveraging Offline And Online Content with Crystal Lindsey

February 5, 2019


In a world that is too caught up with the power of the Internet, businesses have now overlooked the power of print and how it can work together with social media to grow your business. Marrying the two is Crystal Lindsey who is an industry leading social media expert, professor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She shares her journey of how she came about being known in social media, while giving some great tips on how you can expand your presence. She talks about marketing and repurposing what you do with your offline and online content, highlighting the need to optimize and leverage them.

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Optimizing And Leveraging Offline And Online Content with Crystal Lindsey

I’m with Crystal Lindsey. She is a social media expert, a graduate professor, Fortune 500 professional public speaker and an entrepreneur. She speaks about social media marketing, live video and personal development to entrepreneurs and to executives through Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Oracle, Intel, Google, Clorox Walmart and many more. Thank you, Crystal, for making time to be here on the show.

Thank you for having me.

How did you go through your journey to be known in social media and to be the speaker that you are? How did that all come about?

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I came from a world of print media and I used to help people get in front of multi-millionaires in Silicon Valley using a print publication. People wanted to know how many people clicked on ads, saw their ad and all of that. Social media is the perfect way to be able to get those precise analytics. It was a natural extension of working with affluent business owners in Silicon Valley doing print and bringing them into social media so they can have those analytics and numbers that everybody craves.

I wrote a blog article that was on old-school marketing. I talked about people are using social media and I do too and we use live video and all these wonderful things. I said, “Don’t forget print is still alive, so is direct mail. We shouldn’t forget those things.” How do you feel about that?

One of the things that I do is work with businesses. When I sit down with them, the first thing a real estate agent or entrepreneur says is, “What should I do?” My question back to them always is, “What are you already doing? What’s already important to your business?” Social media in particular is not a part of your marketing, it is your marketing. That is to say that you repurpose everything you do online or offline into social, but use the print publication and repurpose it to a social media post. Go ahead and get featured in that publication and then do some behind the scenes footage of you getting your photo shoot or do a quick live on what it’s like to write this article for this publication. Layer in that behind the scenes process and that exposure what you’re getting in print into your social bit. Print is alive and well.

I believe in optimizing and leveraging. Even for example with Heartrepreneur Radio, we transcribe the radio show and it becomes a blog post. We’ve done it once and yet it becomes something else. From the radio show, we pull out some pieces and that becomes our social media post. We’ve done something once, a wonderful interview. We found out someone new that we got to meet and learn from. Then it’s not only a radio show, it is also a blog post and it is also a social media post. Optimize and leverage what you have offline and make it online.

You hit the nail on the head. I’ve been doing social media for a few years, and through this time I’ve seen 80% of my results are coming from my video. About 80% of the reactions, comments, engagements and leads are coming from my video. In addition to that, 80% of the rest of the content is coming from the transcription of that video or cutting it up into 60-second segments and putting on for fifteen-seconds and putting it as a story. Get it transcribed and put it on your LinkedIn or put it on YouTube. Send it to your email marketing. The sky’s the limit, but optimize and leverage what you have. For many people who are paralyzed by not knowing what they need to do to get started or that perfectionism is standing their way, “I’ve been doing this social media campaign and the channels are blank.” What I encourage them to do is start with some type of show and I encourage using my video show and then repurpose and optimize and leverage 100%.

I have an interesting question from one of my client family members. She sent me a message and said, “I’ve watched one of your lives and I also looked at one of your videos on social media. Do you script out what to say?” I’m like, “My live was 30 minutes. I don’t script it out. I show up talking about something that I know a lot about and then I engage with the audience. On my three-minute videos that are typically posted mostly to Facebook, I said, “It’s three minutes of content, something I know something about that my audience is interested in.” She said back to me, “I’m going to have to wait until I look perfect.” I’m like, “Nobody wants anybody to look perfect. We want you to show up being you.” Respond to that and then any tips you have for live video. I get asked about that all the time.

I want to say that first of all the emphasis isn’t on you. It feels it is because of the camera is on you. Live video and social media or marketing generally, but marketing and live video in particular is done well when it’s about who is your ideal client. If you know who your ideal client is and what they care about, you simply deliver value. Through that, people engage. Take the emphasis off of you. Don’t let perfectionism stand in your way. The easiest way to break through if you’re concerned on how you look on camera would be to interview somebody else. It’s easy to make somebody else look good. If you’re struggling with your perfectionism and you don’t know what you need to do to get started, simply interview somebody and it’s a win-win situation.

The second thing I would say to that person, male and female are concerned with how they look online. If you’re concerned with how you look online, get umbrella lighting. Make sure you stabilize your camera. Practice talking into your camera, on basic camera mode not live. Do your funny faces, hold up your sign, practice or do a 30-second clip and send it to a loved one. Do something to break through because a live video is getting ten times the engagement as a prerecorded video and you’re seeing 30 times engagement over a flat post that does not include video. If you’re not using video, you’re working too hard and you can break through your perfectionism by interviewing somebody, getting good lighting and stabilizing your camera.

I have another client family member who started out doing a couple of Facebook Lives and she was shocked at how many comments and how much engagement she got. She has started once a week interviewing someone. Interviewing someone has made her way more comfortable with the entire process and she’s getting great engagement. Any things we should know not to do?

Offline And Online: Don’t let perfectionism stand in your way.


Nobody likes a talking head. If you can simply figure out some way in those first three seconds to stabilize your phone and be able to lean into the camera. I encourage people to pop and prop. Get something that has something to do with your business or the topic, make a sign, have a photo or something like that. Lean into the camera when you get started and create movement. People are scrolling on the highway of social media and you have to catch their attention within three seconds. What you should not do is turn on the camera, stare blankly into the screen with minimal smiles, and start talking. You want to turn it on, keep your smile real big and lean into the camera to create movement. Have a prop and engage in those first three seconds to get people to click on your video.

When I’m looking at my own feed and I see somebody sitting at their desk and they’re talking, I’m not that drawn in. When I see something that’s moving and stimulating, somebody’s holding up a sign or they’re holding a gadget. I had somebody hold up old-fashioned slinky. I hadn’t seen one in years. I’m like, “What are they doing?” I wanted to hear more. I wanted to see more. Pop and prop and remember, those three seconds matter. What are some of the things that a smaller business owner might consider when doing social media or lives?

The number one thing that a small business owner can do to get started is to identify who’s your ideal client. I always start there. What questions are they asking you? Most businesses have FAQs whether it’s on your website or in your head or in the drawer at your desk. You know what questions you can ask time and time again. Those questions, each one of them, is a Facebook Live topic. What I would recommend if you want to jumpstart and get started and provide valuable content is to identify those FAQs and then go for gold. Pick out somebody who can interview or have as your sidekick or your co-host. It will help increase your confidence so you’re not sitting alone in a room looking at a camera, hoping somebody shows up and engages with you. You’ll have somebody sitting by your side, you know the topic’s valuable, you know the content and you can deliver. That would be what I would recommend to be able to get started.

How can people find out more about you, Crystal? How can they work with you? Where can they get in touch with you?

I am building a community of entrepreneurs and real estate agents who are on fire to get seen on social media. If you’re on fire to get seen on social media and you want to learn how to use live video so you could stop working hard and get better results, then I want you to reach out to me via email at or check us out on our Facebook page. You can always figure out what we’re doing and see our videos and get connected. Make sure to subscribe and join us there. I deliver live video mastery workshops every single week.

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I learned a ton from you. I want to thank you, Crystal, for taking some time to be here with me on the show.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to help tell the good news about how live video is going to get you seen by more people and generate leads.

If you didn’t subscribe to the show, this is all the reason to subscribe. You could have missed this interview. I thought it was power-packed. Make sure you do connect with her. As an audience, we do have a gift for you. It is a free course that we used to sell for $5,000. We’re giving it away to our audience. It’s over at If you have not joined our free and amazing community of Heartrepreneurs, join our family. It’s a Facebook group called Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine and we would love to have you. Get to know more about you and introduce you to more entrepreneurs. Thank you.

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About Crystal Lindsey

Crystal Lindsey, MBA is an industry leading social media expert, professor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. Crystal established to help people use storytelling branding and LIVE social media too. Small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs utilize Crystal’s skillset to drive inbound web traffic and increase revenue. Crystal’s passion is to help #SmallBiz enhance brand loyalty, drive sales, and build profitable industry partnerships. Her expertise will enrich your understanding of lead capture, referral marketing, LIVE social media and… yes… Storytelling Branding.



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