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HPR 172 | Energy Healing

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 172 | Channeling Healing Energy with Daniel The Healer

HPR 172 | Energy Healing


Good vibes are contagious, but are we all aware of what it really means? It is the vibration or energy that a person releases from being happy and positive in life. It’s not just about the mood, but also about the energy a person has. Some people seek for doctors and psychiatrists to heal physically and mentally, but there is a branch of alternative medicine that is entirely unique. Daniel The Healer, an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer, and Spiritual Counselor, brings up the process of energy healing. The ultimate expert on one’s energy field, Daniel shares how having high energy benefits someone in business and how being aware of seeing the reality that we are creating is vital. On the side, he tells what happens when you stop doing negative self-talk and more.

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Channeling Healing Energy with Daniel The Healer

We will be interviewing Daniel The Healer. Daniel has made a business out of energy healing and works on four levels of our existence. Daniel, welcome to our show.

Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Daniel, tell me a little bit, how did you get started in a small business? Both you and your wife run your own small business. How did you guys get started?

From a business point of view, it was rather odd because I was very socially inept. I was very afraid of humiliation, which I felt that if I had a boss, I could endure. I’m originally from Switzerland. When I came to this country in 1973, I decided to be my own boss and do my own thing. I wouldn’t have a boss that could make my life hard. I did quite a few things along the way. I was a computer programmer and systems integrator. I was a mortgage broker. I was a realtor. I worked in MLM. I did a lot of other things, but always on the side, I did some healing work.

You were attracted to Heartrepreneurs. What does having a heart-based business mean to you?

Everything in our universe gives off more energy than it takes in. Click To Tweet

A heart-based business is a place where you can support your clients and those people that you work with or even your suppliers, everybody you interact with in a loving and caring way. You respect them. You give them impact. You listened to them. You treat them well. You work everything out so that you can create win-win situations.

You had mentioned something about having the energy in your body, so you are giving more love to the universe than you’re taking in. Tell me a little bit about how that works.

Everything in our universe gives off more energy than it takes in: our planet, our sun, plants, animals. Look at how the dog continuously loves you and is totally dedicated to you. It’s unending and always loving. Humans seem not to have that. It’s because we are in a world of lack and scarcity. Most humans do need energy. Most humans think where is mine? With that in mind, they suck the energy out of their environment. Unfortunately, the energy that they suck out of their environment is very tainted. I worked something out called the Heart Love Activation, where I teach people how to run their energies differently.

It’s how to receive pure and untainted energy from their life force through the crown chakra and from the Earth through the root chakra. These energies come together in your heart, the red and the white, and they create, manufacture and bring about love, the pink energy. Once you know how to do this, meaning that you continuously send out pink love energy into your environment, then your life changes around. Things open up. It’s blissful and things go more your way. People recognize you differently. You become good buddies with everybody. It’s warm, fuzzy and cozy.

As a business owner, we’re trying to launch our businesses. How does having a higher energy benefit someone in business?

When you start to put love out in your environment, people look at you differently. They respond to you differently. Let’s say you cannot fall asleep. It’s late at night and you go to the local bar. There are two clients still at the bar. On one side, there’s a silent person, all sunken in and stooping over their drink. On the other side, there’s a couple that is laughing and having a good time. Where are you going to go? You’re going to go to the laughing people. When you put out heart love into your world, people respond to that. They will recognize, “There’s somebody here who treats me well, who loves me and I will go with them.” Making connections in your marketing, everything is tainted by this fact that you are a loving and light radiating being.

It’s putting out the good vibes that naturally people are attracted to. Tell me about a couple of business successes that you’ve worked with once they changed from taking up energy from their environment to putting out energy. How did their businesses change?

I had this woman. I taught her how to go about this. She was involved in legal actions. It was so hard for her. The extensions were filed. It was a never ending thing. She learned about the Heart Love Activation. The next time she had to go to court, what she did is she sent the judge some love. She sent her attorney, the other party’s attorney, the suing party, she sent everybody in the courtroom love. The case was dismissed immediately. It turned out just fine. The attitudes that one holds changes completely when you do this.

That’s so true in my life. Sometimes things have happened where I’m fighting against something. The more you fight against something, I feel like it gets stronger and it starts fighting against you. When you let go and let it happen, there are many things that relax. People are more willing to accommodate your needs. You started doing some energy healing on the side while you were software programming and systems integrating. What made you decide to start helping people with energy work?

HPR 172 | Energy Healing
Energy Healing: The biggest bang for your buck you will get out of is working with your mind talk. You need to have control over that voice so that it thinks that which you want to think about.


I’m basically a metaphysician. I don’t only deal with what you can see, feel, taste, smell in the physical. Metaphysics means in, around and about the physical. With that, I got into something which I call reality creation. I know how to work with the energies to create circumstances in my life that come to me. You all create your own reality. You all make your own bed. You do that in your unconscious mind. It comes back to you seemingly unrelated to what you do as feedback from your world. I’ve learned to manipulate or to work with. You work on a sculpture and you to chisel and work. I work with reality so that that which comes to me is that which I desire.

The physical, the five senses, we are all aware of that. Some of this metaphysical stuff, our emotional states, our spiritual states, we’re not always aware of. What can we do to maybe raise our awareness so we can see this reality that we are creating or the bed we’re making?

The biggest bang for your buck, you will get out of working with your mind talk. You continue to have this little voice that goes on. You seemingly don’t have any control over it. First of all, you do need to get control over it. That’s part of Silva Mind Control. They were the first that put this out. You need to have control over that voice so that the voice thinks that which you want to think about. Also, you need to listen to that voice because that voice is feedback to you where you stand at the beliefs and the attitudes that you hold. If you have any negative self-talk, in other words if you in any shape or form feel that you’re either defective or inadequate, you have a critical voice in there that says, “You’re not good enough. You should be doing this. You should be doing that.” That needs to be recognized and that voice needs to be eliminated. You are absolutely not allowed to have one iota of negative self-talk.

That’s a tall order, Daniel.

It is a tall order. I’ve worked on it for years, but it is that negative self-talk that continues the scenario over which you have negative self-talk. If you stopped that cold, then all those negative scenarios that are happening in your life like, “I always forget things. I’m not good enough to do this. I always mess up relationships,” or all these little things that we say to ourselves, by saying this, it will continue doing that. If you stopped doing that, and it’s always about a three-week lag time because we have a subconscious mind that needs to learn new things, those negative situations will disappear out of your life.

From a metaphysical viewpoint, what does that do to the amount of energy you’re taking in or putting out? Let’s say, we change our self-talk. We decided we are good enough and that we were made for the right place and the right time with the right gifts. What does that do to our energy levels and how people perceive us?

It will add a lot of extra confidence. You have no idea how important confidence can be. It allows you to have more trust in your environment, in yourself and in others. These are things that will build you up from the inside that will change the energy that you project. We have an energy field. This is dumb when you say this, but your energy field holds your energies. What does that mean though? Energies that you hold is everything that you can say I am, which is not physical. If you say, “I am stingy” or the opposite. These are energies. People recognize this. For some, this may be totally new. You do have seven chakras. These are energy centers with which you exchange energies with the energies of the universe and with the energies of other people.

When you put out heart love into your world, people respond to that. Click To Tweet

If someone said to me I am stingy, I’d be like, “Let me find someone else to go talk to in this networking group because I don’t need any more stingy people in my life. Your work is fascinating. How can people get in touch with you?

I have a website, My email address is I’m offering all the people that are reading this. You need to send me an email if you wish to do so. You need to say that you heard me on Heartrepreneur Radio because this is specifically to you. Normally, this is sold on my website for $97. I will send you a link to a video, which explains this Heart Love Activation and tells you how to do it so that your life can become blissful. It’s free to you.

That’s a very generous gift. Thank you for tuning into our show, Daniel. Thank you for being here.

It was my pleasure. Thank you too.

You can find out more about Daniel at Daniel The Healer. Be sure that you email him at to get your free video of how to increase your heart output energy. I am Sam Mak. You can find out more about me at Also, connect with us and other Heartrepreneurs on Facebook at Heartrepreneurs With Terry Levine.

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About Daniel The Healer

HPR 172 | Energy HealingDANIEL THE HEALER is an Intuitive Holistic Energy Healer, Body Whisperer, Psychic Energy “Chiropractor,” Psychic Surgeon, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor who heals with Love. He is the ultimate expert on your Energy Field. For decades Daniel has studied, experienced, and mastered the art of Quantum Healing, and shared it with clients. He has sought education and guidance from the world’s greatest leaders in healing and spirituality. He has distilled this, developed tools of his own, and offers you his amazing gift of “Healing with Love.”It all started when he experienced hypnosis to enhance learning and comprehension, and then passed his private pilot’s exam with a high 90! He was so impressed he immediately became a certified hypnotist. He soon got the opportunity to use his new skills on his wife who had various health issues. The successes intrigued him and he began learning more and more. Along the way, he studied the Mari El Healing Method, Radionics, Magnified Healing, and the Circles of Life System. He has studied with Lazaris (, trained in Dimensional Mastery with Starr Fuentes (, learned with Kam Yuen (Yuen Energetics,) Gary Douglas (Access Consciousness,) the Russian medical intuitive Dr. Gregory Antyuhin, the famous healer/dowser Harold McCoy and the extraordinary healer Dr. Ed Wagner.


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