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HPR 175 | Intuition

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 175 | Intuition: How To Listen To Your Inner GPS with Lynn Robinson

HPR 175 | Intuition


Intuition is a gut feeling within your body that only you can come into contact with. Trusting your instincts is a process, but it is true that once you can uncover the access to your intuitions, you will learn how to handle and commit to it in due course. One of the country’s leading speakers on developing and trusting our intuition, Lynn Robinson, imparts in-depth knowledge on how to use intuition in business. She is the bestselling author of Put Your Intuition to Work and has authored seven books on intuition that have been published in over fifteen languages. Lynn reveals the three techniques to listen to your intuition and apply it to decision-making. To learn more, visit She’s with us today to discuss how to listen to your inner GPS.

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Intuition: How To Listen To Your Inner GPS with Lynn Robinson

We have Lynn Robinson. Lynn is an author, a speaker and an intuitive businesswoman. Lynn, tell me a little bit about this intuition and welcome to our show.

Thanks for having me. I wrote a book called Put Your Intuition To Work. I’m excited about sharing with people about how to use their intuition in business. I’ve had my business for many years and I think of it as my intuitive business plan, just listening to my own inner guidance about how to promote and how to create my business.

HPR 175 | Intuition
Put Your Intuition to Work: How to Supercharge Your Inner Wisdom to Think Fast and Make Great Decisions

That’s so key, the inner guidance because many times we’re looking outside for answers. “What should I do for my marketing? Who should I talk to about this?” A lot of times we have the answers inside. How does our intuition help us in business?

You raise such a good point. Have you taken all those marketing classes with the expert and you feel like, “I don’t know if this would work for me?” That’s your intuition speaking. We get an intuition in a lot of different ways. It can come as an a-ha moment. It can come as a still quiet inner voice like a whisper. You might get that proverbial gut feeling about something. You might have a dream about something. There are lots of different ways. Your question contained a great nugget of wisdom there. Asking your intuition questions is so important like, “How can I grow my business? Is this marketing plan a good one for me? What should I do to create more clients?” The answer doesn’t always come in immediately, unfortunately. It would be lovely if there was a big booming voice, “Sam, here’s the answer to your question,” but it comes in often subtle ways. Unfortunately, that is the way you have to listen to its wisdom.

You’ve got to get quiet enough to hear it. Were you always in touch with your intuition? Is this something you learned? How did your path come about?

I was always fascinated by intuition and to me, it’s very connected to spirituality. When we pray, we’re speaking to God or a higher power and intuition is one of the ways that that wisdom answers us. I’ve always been fascinated by it. My business started in such a weird way. I was the Operations Manager of a software company. I knew I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to be a counselor. It was before coaching and I wanted to write a book and all this. I was excited about a lot of things, but I had no idea where to start. I did what I’m sure a lot of our audience are familiar with. I decided to meditate, pray about it, visualize and do affirmations about having a successful business.

Coincidences and synchronicities of life emerge when you're in that more positive, receptive place. Click To Tweet

The weirdest thing is, and I’m not sure too many other people could claim this, but my business started at a friend’s funeral. That’s probably the first time you’ve heard that. I went to a friend’s funeral and I ended up sitting next to a Boston Globe newspaper reporter. At the end of the service, she and I started chatting and I shared my idea of starting an intuitive reading business, counseling people using my intuition. She thought that was fascinating and asked for a session. She wrote an article and it was such a wonderful “Lynn is so spot on” article that I got over 500 clients in the next few months. That’s how my business was launched.

I do think being at a funeral was probably one of those divine moments. You’re thinking about how you want to be remembered, legacy, impact and all that. That perfect connection of it’s fun being an operations manager in a software company, but that’s not putting your name on something.

It was one of those things that I struggled over for years and I’m sure a lot of our audience have. How do you start a business? What do you do? How do you get to be really successful in it? To me, the combinations of trusting my own intuition and visualizing and doing positive self-talk or affirmations would be the answer there. I just thought that that was a lot of the ways. It seems like a lot of the miracles in my own life have come about.

HPR 175 | Intuition
Intuition: Pay attention to what you feel excited, enthusiastic, and curious about. That quickening is your intuition saying that’s a successful direction.


We have heart-based entrepreneurs. They are making an impact in the world and they are making a difference. How do they listen to their intuition or what decisions can this help them make as far as the business?

I would say any kind of decision. I have a technique that I’ve used that might be helpful for our audience. It’s got three steps to it and some of the first couple might be a bit familiar. The first step is to get as clear as possible about what does success look like in your business. Maybe it’s X number of clients or X number of dollars or some kind of acknowledgment or recognition. It could be a number of things. I write them down in my journal, “This is what I want this year to look like.” Sometimes I’ll create a vision board, cutting up pictures and words from magazines and then I do a process. I usually do it in the morning where I sit and meditate for about ten minutes.

I just talk to myself as if what I want has already happened like, “I’ve got these great clients and I’ve got this new speaking engagement.” Those are the ones for me. I feel the essence of it, “What does it feel like when I have that thing that I want?” The third step is where intuition comes in. Before I open my eyes, I say, “What three things can I do now to move in this new direction?” I tried to pay attention to what comes to me that feels interesting or I’m curious about it or it energizes me because all of those are ways that intuition communicates with us. If it feels like, “I ought to do my bookkeeping or I ought to go to that networking event,” that’s probably not the thing your intuition is indicating.

Trust your gut because it's a fabulous inner guidance to a life you love and a business that's successful. Click To Tweet

Where I find that technique helpful beyond the obvious is if I feel stuck, usually I can think of three things. It doesn’t need to be something big. It can be sending an email. It can be working on your blog. It could be going to a networking event. The other thing is when I feel super overwhelmed if I can think of, “What three things should I do? What are the things I’ve been called to do?” Those seem to be the ones that are important. At the end of a five-day work week, I’ve got fifteen ways that I’ve put the energy out to grow my business in the way that I’ve envisioned that success.

You start in the morning and you get quiet enough to hear your own thoughts. The other thing is you feel like what does that success look like. Every day you’re feeling that and feeling that. You know what it looks like and you already are prepared for it.

The other key part is paying attention to your own self-talk. I find that a lot of us, it’s easy especially when you’re a solopreneur and you don’t have a lot of other people around you to get into that, “Why is my business not working? What’s wrong with me? Why so and so seems to be successful and I’m not?” I learned when I start to feel one of those strong negative emotions like anxious or depressed or a little hopeless. It’s to stop myself and think, “What am I saying to myself right now?” When you can keep that self-talk more positive like, “I’ve gotten through tough times before. I do know what to do. I’ve been successful in the past. I can do it again.” Giving yourself that inner cheerleader. I find that’s when we’re more open to the helpful, intuitive messages about what to do and who to go to, it allows almost the coincidences and synchronicities of life to emerge when you’re in that more positive, receptive place. Positive self-talk is very important.

I call it going from self-talk to self-soothing, “This too shall pass.”

I wrote a book many years ago called Listen: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis. I interviewed a lot of people for the book and that was something that many of them said when they were going through a difficult time is learning those self-soothing statements. “This too shall pass” was a popular one. It’s like, “I’m going to get out of this. I’ll get through this. This is not a permanent life situation.” That’s a very helpful statement.

Many of us were raised with that angry parent in our head. When we want to perform and we’re like, “This is it. It’s go time,” we get that angry parent voice. You need to get in touch with yourself to realize that for most of us, that angry parent voice is a shutdown. It’s a total system shut down.

It paralyzes you so that you feel like you can do nothing right. No matter what you do, it’s going to screw up in some way. Getting a handle on that and learning that self-soothing is important.

When we’re in business for ourselves, we don’t have that structure that someone else creates. We’ve got to create it for ourselves. In your book, you talk about how to use intuition at work. What are a couple of tips you have about using intuition in a work situation?

Asking those intuitive questions and it doesn’t require ten minutes, half an hour of meditating every day. It could be you’re going into a difficult meeting and think about what is the outcome you want and then ask your intuition that question, “What could I do to create a win-win? What could I do to make this be an effective meeting?” I usually keep a pad of paper and do it the old-fashioned way. Maybe you can do it on the computer. For me, writing it out longhand seems to work better. I start brainstorming answers. You even might say something like, “What’s going on with the other person? What insight could I get here?” This is going to sound a little out there, but even if you haven’t met the person before, you’ll often find that you get very accurate impressions.

Intuition is one of those skills that the more you use it, the better you get at it. Asking those intuition questions is all important. Secondly, pay attention to what you feel excited, enthusiastic, curious about. That quickening is your intuition saying that’s a successful direction. The thing that’s tricky often about intuition is sometimes you get a clear go ahead and sometimes you get a shutdown feeling or that gut feeling that says, “No, don’t do it.” Sometimes you get a neutral and often it’s paying attention or just wait or it’s not the right time to make the decision. I like asking open-ended questions that evoke more than a yes or no answer. The key points are being clear about the outcome you want and then imagining that your intuition is your inner CEO or your inner entrepreneur. That’s a wise entrepreneur that has all the good answers tailor-made for you. That’s a wonderful way to think about it.

Some of my questions for that situation is, “How can this become easy? What can I do to make it easy?” The other one that I have is, “What was I supposed to learn from this?” I can take the lesson and throw away the experience and say, “Life, universe, God, whatever you’re teaching me, I’ve learned.”

Don’t you wish your life came with an instruction book and a grading thing so that you knew whether you were on the right track or not? We’re like the game we played as a kid, “No, you’re cold. No, you’re getting warmer.” Sometimes it’s tricky to find that out. I like your question too, “How can I make this easier? How can I make this fun?” When I was writing Put Your Intuition to Work book, it was during the summer. It was so hard to write the book when I could see everybody out walking and I live near the beach. I finally just said, “How can I make this fun?” Sometimes I brought my laptop along to the beach and started writing on the beach or I went to the local Starbucks or gave myself a treat if I worked for several hours. “How can I make this fun?” is a great question to ask your intuition.

Lynn, how do our audience find you?

My website is There are lots of quizzes and videos and how-to things and stuff like that on my website and an intuition newsletter. There are lots of good stuff there for learning to develop your fabulous inner guidance.

Any closing remarks you want to leave our audience with?

Go forth and trust your gut because it’s a fabulous inner guidance to a life you love and a business that’s successful.

Trust your gut with Lynn Robinson. This is Sam Mak. You can find out more about me and my Diversity & Inclusion Consulting at Also, connect with us on Facebook at Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine. When you like the show, be sure you subscribe and give us a five-star review. Thank you.

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About Lynn Robinson
HPR 175 | IntuitionShe’s a bestselling author and one of the nation’s leading speakers on the hot topic of developing and trusting our intuition. She teaches how to tap into the power of your “Inner GPS” Her intuitive reading clients consistently praise her uncanny insights as “spot on.” They report greater personal clarity and a deeper understanding of their purpose and calling.
Lynn has authored seven books on intuition that have been published in over 15 languages. Her latest is Put Your Intuition to Work. She’s also the author of Divine Intuition. To learn more visit She’s with us today to discuss “How to Listen to Your Inner GPS.”


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