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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 179 | Intuitive Eating: Choosing The Right Food For Your Body with Lana Nelson

May 21, 2019

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Fibromyalgia is a burdensome incurable disease that deals with chronic pain. Lana Nelson, author of The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating for Every Body, talks about how she has been dealing with pain from fibromyalgia for over a decade. Through trial and error, she discovered that something as simple as food can help you minimize and even get rid of the pain. With Lana’s recipe template, she offers a guide on what to buy and how to prepare food in advance, specifically for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. She shares her solution to thousands of hopefuls every year, allowing them to discover the power of intuitive eating.

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Intuitive Eating: Choosing The Right Food For Your Body with Lana Nelson

We have an amazing guest. Before we get to hear from Lana Nelson, be sure that you like our blog and we appreciate your five-star reviews. It’s so nice to have you here. Lana, welcome to our show.

Thank you. I am glad to be here on Heartrepreneur. Thank you very much.

Lana, you have started three heart-based businesses and now you’re giving Heartrepreneurs energy to keep going in their business. Tell me a little bit about what you do.

A little bit about what I do is teaching you the best foods and teaching you how to find your own best foods for more energy because we all need more energy in a day. We need more energy for best health, more energy to get out there and get the job done and to be alive these days. We live in a stressful life.

What’s one tip that you have for finding food that’s good for you? How do we start the process?

Your inner knower or your subconscious mind knows exactly what foods are good for you. Click To Tweet

I’ll tell you a little bit about my history. I had fibromyalgia for ten years. I had been in a severe car accident and a trip to the hospital with head injuries. I have looked for ten years to find something to help me be better and to help me out of the constant pain and headaches I was in. Eventually, I found that the answer was in my own refrigerator and my own kitchen. About that time, I also found that energy work or chiropractic work helped me tremendously. One of my neurologists said, “You should see a chiropractor for this headache pain.” Interestingly enough, Sam, what you put out there and the energy you have comes back to you because I met a wonderful doctor on a blind date who specialized in what I had.

In using his special technique, I was healed. I can use that word because it was me in about two weeks with his technique. Fast forward that, we joined two families of twelve each. We have a great story here. We have two families of twelve leading on a blind date. My pain is gone working eventually with him in his business. When I met him, I owned a very successful dental laboratory business and morphed into working with him in his practice. He worked with people that had extreme pain and a lot of diseases that people have these days, but he worked with the underlying cause. Working with people from all over the country, I decided to work with him, “Food needs to be a part of this.” That’s where we’re coming in with the food and energy. In order for our patients to bring in healing and more energy for their body to do what it needed, I formulated a plan and tested each one of their bodies through muscle testing. Are you familiar with that, Sam?

Yes, muscle testing is the best. I have had someone muscle test me for food. For our audience out there, I would highly recommend it because your body doesn’t lie. We like to lie to ourselves, but it’s surprising what your body doesn’t lie. One of the things that came out in my muscle testing was that I was sensitive to chicken. Chicken is everywhere. I realized that I can have chicken in small quantities, but if I eat a bunch of chicken over multiple days, I get sluggish. I’m like, “Nobody told that lady.” I’ve been eating chicken my whole life. All of a sudden they’re like, “You shouldn’t be eating chicken.” You’re like, “What?”

179HPRcaption1 188x300 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 179 | Intuitive Eating: Choosing The Right Food For Your Body with Lana Nelson
The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating For Every Body

Your inner knower or your subconscious mind knows exactly what foods are good for you. Sam, chicken may not be one of your best foods right now, but in a few weeks to even a couple of years, it might be a high energy food too because our bodies are ever changing. What I did in testing our patients for their best foods for whatever they needed like healing or energy, I decided finally that I needed to teach this to you. I needed to teach this to someone in China. I needed to give everyone the message of how to do this. My book, The Food Codes, teaches you how to do this yourself. I’ll give you pictures and everything to teach you how to muscle test yourself to find your perfect foods for whatever it is you need. You have a business meeting coming up and you’re just nervous about this. “What are my best foods to give me energy?” You have for stamina. I teach you how to do this. In my book, I teach you how to use it. There’s a lot there.

We’ve got food codes or groups of food. That’s the key, Lana. Foods affect us differently. When we are running businesses, we are making an impact and trying to leave a legacy, we need to have the proper food and nourishment so that we can have the energy and the stamina to carry out that mission. Give me an example of how eating the wrong food or not having the right food codes can affect someone.

You can say, “I have been told that I need to eat coconut oil and I need to do green smoothies. I need to only eat raw food.” You go on what is called a diet. We’re groomed with that from our grandmothers. This is a new diet that’s coming out. That’s almost like a new love affair. You get excited about it. You work with it. You deprive yourself. You eat only this little group of foods and maybe you’re the one that gets energized. Your best friend goes, “No, I gained weight on that. I feel bad. I don’t feel good at all.” You need to test for yourself.

There have been many other eating plans based on blood type, based on this and that. A lot of those things do impact us. I travel a lot and I noticed from the American diet and diets in another country the level of freshness of the food and how often the food is purchased. I was in a grocery store. They had one of those orange juice machines where the oranges roll in and they cut them in half and juice them. I was like, “This is not from concentrate.” It made a huge difference because many times having oranges and that level of sugar made me sluggish. This fresh out of the orange juice was just fine.

In my book, I’ll teach you how to shop with your best foods and how you can easily get in quickly do the shopping in the store. I’ll teach you how to be able to combine and cook your own best foods with recipe templates that are easy to use. I’ll teach you not only to test it but how to buy it, where to look for it and to be able to make your own recipe, which is very awesome using a template. I’ll give you lots of examples.

I’ve never heard of recipe templates. Usually, they lay out the entire recipe for you. I do think this is a key issue and you brushed on it. Having a plan makes such a difference, in my opinion. It’s a lot easier not to stray when you have it all laid out. What are some of the things that you’ve noticed that once people have these plans, know how to shop, know what foods they’re looking for? How does that work?

As busy entrepreneurs, a lot of us will grab something and eat it quickly. If you think ahead and plan ahead, I’ll show you and teach you how to do that, whether you have ever boiled water or whether you’re an expert cook. I’ll give you templates of how to make a soup and make extra because you can make larger batches and freeze ahead. If you want your fresh foods, you can make those on a Saturday. Chop them up and put them in bags or dishes. You can make a cooked recipe on vegetables on the weekend. You grill a bunch of vegetables and you eat them on salads cold during the week. Making them larger batches and showing you different food combinations. That goes together, for instance, if you’ve never combined different things for a salad or different things for a soup using your foods and teaching you how many parts.

If you’re making a soup, here are five parts of water or broth, here are three parts of your good vegetables, here’s one part of your best protein. That’s how you would define the template. I’ll give you lots of variations for making it Italian or making it oriental. I’ll teach you all sorts of ideas on how to test your food, where to find it, your best sources and all good food cooking and how to make it quickly and have it in advance for us busy entrepreneurs who say, “I’ve got this to do before tomorrow.” I have something nutritious that is tested good for me in the fridge right now. I’ll also teach you how to use a menu to test what is the best thing for me on this menu. We go out to dinner. We discuss things over dinner and food should be a good friend of ours. It should be one of our best friends and this is how to make food your friend again too.

Food should be a good friend of ours. It should be one of our best friends. Click To Tweet

Get Lana’s book because you want to know how to body test especially on a menu. How do our viewers find out more about you?

Go to my website. It’s a beautiful website and a wonderful blog. There are lots of info there. Go to You can also find The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating for Every Body on Look at me there.

Do you have any last parting thoughts that you want to leave our audience with?

You will have much better business energy if you eat correctly. Eat what foods are good for you by stopping to listen to all the diet mania out there like, “This is good for you. No, that’s bad for you.” Find out what is best for you and you can do that with my book, The Food Codes: Intuitive Eating for Every Body.

We all have customized business plans. With Lana Nelson, you will have a customized food plan. This is Heartrepreneur Radio. I am your guest host, Sam Mak, diversity and inclusion consultant. You can find out more about me at Also, connect with us at Heartrepreneur with Terri Levine on Facebook and you can meet other Heartrepreneur individuals that are making a difference in this world. Thank you so much.

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About Lana Nelson

Lana Nelson 200x300 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 179 | Intuitive Eating: Choosing The Right Food For Your Body with Lana NelsonPain is something many people have resigned themselves to. Over a decade ago, that’s what Lana Nelson believed for herself. That is, until she intuitively discovered a solution to her pain that turned into her life’s work.

Diagnosed with a serious “incurable” illness and dealing with years of chronic pain, Lana was determined to find the cause and solution. After years of searching, trial and error, Lana Nelson discovered the solution was as close as her kitchen cabinets and refrigerator…. food.

Going from daily pain, to living pain free, Lana was determined to share her message near and far … which she has. Teaching thousands of people every year how to heal themselves with food, Lana is more determined than ever to reach the masses with her message.

Lana is the author of The Food Codes, Intuitive Eating for Every Body.


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