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May 23, 2019

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Time is valuable for entrepreneurs, and mastering delegation is what keeps it valued. Gwendolyn Young, the founder and CEO of Your Virtual Admin Expert, unravels the key for entrepreneurs to staying in their genius. A lot of times, we believe we can do everything and we cannot afford assistance. Gwendolyn trumps that idea as she believes delegation is not a cost but an investment. Find out from the genius herself where to find these supportive people that we can delegate to who will save us from all the hassle.

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Mastering Delegation with Gwendolyn Young

Our guest is Gwendolyn Young. Gwendolyn is going to teach us how to stay in our genius. Welcome to our show.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I’m glad to be here.

There are so many things that entrepreneurs do wrong. I remember when my dad first started his own business, he was the stock boy, the cashier, the manager, the owner. He was everything. How does an entrepreneur stay in their genius?

You have to know what you’re great at, what you’re not good at and what you’re not great at, and then find people who are great at the stuff that you’re not. You have to learn how to become a master delegator. Delegation is going to be your key skill to master your small business and be able to grow it the way that you want to.

They have a replica of Air Force One going around the country, and one thing I noticed was one of the reasons the president gets so much done is he’s always got a beehive of people following him. Why do we feel we’re different and that we can do it all?

I think it’s human nature and until you actually get used to having people support you, that it’s foreign to you. We have to know as entrepreneurs, as small business owners, that it’s okay for us to have the support that we need and for us to have a team and to recognize early on that we can’t do everything. Even things that we’re good at, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should be the ones doing that. It takes us away from our genius zone and the things that we know what we can do to either make more money, bring in more clients, grow their business, then we get stuck in what I call the minutia details that are important but just not necessarily important for us to be doing.

Find people who are great at the stuff that you're not. Click To Tweet

I often hear, “I need to grow my business so I can afford to delegate, get an admin and get someone to update my website.” What would you say to an entrepreneur who is trying to grow, but they see delegation and getting people to do stuff as a cost maybe not as an investment?

I would challenge them to change their perspective and see it as an investment and not a cost because we can afford it. Maybe we can’t afford full-blown support, but we can start by getting that website done. I charge per hour. To get somebody else to do it per hour is a lot less. You have to think in terms of, if I could spend those two hours booking more of the clients versus updating a website and pay somebody else maybe $20 to update the website, but I’m going to get $1,000 from booking a new client. It’s a no brainer. How can you not do that? We have to change the perspective and say, “Where can I invest so that I can stay focused in my genius zone?”

For me, Gwendolyn, it’s basically a joy factor because I have someone that went through my book line by line and told me everything that needed to be fixed. I was like, “Thank God I didn’t have to do it.” Just interview me and I’ll tell you what I meant to say.

That’s where we have to get. We have to say, “What does it cost me?” If I’m saying that I can afford to do this, what is the true cost of that? It’s my time. It’s my energy. It’s probably my joy. My relationships are probably being hampered by it. If you look at the true cost of what it costs you, then you can’t afford not to delegate.

There are people that have passion for a certain job, such as editing a book that they do better. Whereas I’m going to sit there and swim around and I’m going to look at something to eat and then try to figure out if the laundry needs to be done. I’m going to slide the chair to get comfortable enough, then I might start doing a task just because I don’t have a preference for it.

That person does. It’s their genius zone. They can do it quicker, faster and better than you ever could. We want to have people like that on our team because that’s how we’re going to grow the business. If they’re working on their genius, we’re working on ours, then growth has to happen.

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Delegation: Until you actually get used to having people support you, it’s foreign to you.


Where do we find these supportive people that we can delegate to? Some of it is also a little bit of trust. I’m counting on you to get something done. Where do we find these people?

People are everywhere, but you can find job platforms that are out there. One of the favorites that I use is Upwork. Facebook Groups is another great place to find people. There are tons of groups out for every type of person that you might need on your team. That’s a great way. Your own personal network, letting friends and family know that you’re hiring and here’s what you need. They probably know someone great at that. We have to put it out there and say, “Here’s where I need support. Here’s what I’m looking for. Who’s interested?” Let the people come. You have to have some processes in place to be able to weed those people out, whether that’s a great application. I do a personality assessment with everybody on my team just so we know how to communicate well with each other and if we’re going to be a great fit. Of course, you want to interview them and have some Facetime, some voice time with them to see if the chemistry is there and that they’re skilled in what they can do, and always a trial task. We live in a virtual space where technology can make us seem more proficient than we might actually be. You want to make sure there are trial tasks so that you can see the skill set that people say they have, which I’ve learned is very important.

I always hire them for a project and say, “Let’s see how you do on this project.” That gives me peace of mind. The other thing is I always look at, does this person reduce stress or add stress to my life? Those are my litmus tests. What are some of the other obstacles that you think small business owners have with delegating or finding talent?

Another one of the options they have, and this is going back to that trust factor that you mentioned, is not having their processes in place with how they like to have things done. If they don’t have the processes in place, we have to know that we have to have the processes in place. Sometimes we think we don’t have the right person and we do have the right person, but we’ve done a poor job of communicating what we want and how we want it done. You want to make sure that you have processes in place, whether those are a written manual of how you want things done or video tutorials, which I absolutely love. I will do a video tutorial of a task in a hot second because that way, they can follow along and see exactly how I wanted to be done. It minimizes the error and it helps to build trust because I’ve communicated clearly, they can see it clearly and they know exactly what to do. You have to have processes in place, and I think that’s a huge place where entrepreneurs and small business owners go wrong.

Sometimes I’m so busy running my business, I don’t realize I have processes. It’s so automatic to me. When someone else comes in just like, “Log in, here’s my username.”

I caught that baptismal by fire and then the poor person is like, “I have all this stuff. What am I supposed to actually do with it?”

If you look at the true cost of what it's costing you, then you can't afford not to delegate. Click To Tweet

I also do think it takes a little while for someone that’s working for you to get to know you. What other tips would you give for someone that’s a heart-based entrepreneur that’s making an impact, making a difference and wants to grow their business?

I love heartrepreneurs. I’m a heartrepreneur myself. You want to set up a fail-safe system as well. One of the things that have been a godsend is my project management system. You want to make sure that you have a way that even when you’re outsourcing to your team or you’re assigning tasks, that you have a way to manage it all. You have someone on your team that can manage it all, but you have a place where you can always have that high-level view of what’s happening. You want to have a project management system in place. That’s going to be very important. Set up a fail-safe system, and then you want to make sure that you’re asking for feedback. Sometimes we hire people and they may see something that we don’t see because we’re so close to it, it’s our baby. We know it like the back of our hands. All of your processes are in your head. We need to make sure we’re asking for feedback so that we can stay in our genes. Those are two things that are super important for a heartrepreneur to make sure they focus on as well.

One thing I noticed once, I justified having an assistant, not having an assistant. I had her do a few simple tasks and I realized it took an hour. I was like, “This woman is so slow.” The next time I did the task myself, it was so easy. It was mailing packages, but it takes an hour. I had no idea just taping this stuff up, making sure the address was right, weighing the thing and getting the right postage. The simplest thing that probably a high school kid could have done, it was sucking up that much of my life.

Imagine what you could do with that hour while you’re sitting there doing that. You could be out here impacting even more heartrepreneurs.

That’s what I didn’t realize. A lot of these tasks that I was engaging in that I thought were quick, just put a package together is to get the mail, was like an event. Gwendolyn, how do our audience find out more about you?

They can visit me on my website, which is They can connect with me on social media, @YourAdminExpert on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. I’m known as Your Admin Expert, so they can connect with me there. I would love for them to reach out and engage with me.

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Delegation: Sometimes we think we don’t have the right person and we do have the right person but we’ve done a poor job of communicating what we want and how we want it done.


One last thought from Your Virtual Admin Assistant. What do they need to know?

They need to know that we are the best in our field, and we love helping entrepreneurs scale faster, quicker and profit even more. I have a great resource that I love to share with them. It’s an eBook called Systemize Your Success. It’s going to give you some tips on why systems are important in your business. Give you some tips on how to effectively outsource as a business system and different platforms that you can use. They can go to and learn more about that.

Thank you so much, Gwendolyn.

Thank you for having me.

Be sure you go to her website, and get her eBook for systemizing your business. I’m your guest host, Sam Mak. You can find out more about me at Thank you. We appreciate your five-star reviews.

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Gwendolyn L. Young. MA 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 180 | Mastering Delegation with Gwendolyn YoungGwendolyn Young is a highly sought after organizational, communications and administrative expert. She is a huge fan of structure, systems, and processes and loves helping her clients implement these in their businesses to make their lives easier and their businesses run smoother, scale faster, and profit quicker.
She has been honored as one of the Influential Women in Business by the Daily Herald Business Ledger in partnership with the National Association of Women Business Owners — Chicago Chapter and the Women’s Innovation Network.
Gwendolyn holds a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Lewis University and loves serving entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals.
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