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July 9, 2019

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Ads are every business’ showcase to the world, yet not very many are effective at attracting people. Giving us an understanding of what makes impactful advertising is Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz. Ken is the Founder and CEO of Ad Zombies, a flat fee ad copywriting service. He shares some tricks on how you can run your own ad using specific and effective strategies, most especially when it comes to creating that emotional connection. Start creating ads that add heart into media as Ken showcases an example where he added passion and love into an advertisement and how it resonated with the target audience.

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Creating Impactful Advertising with Ken Moskowitz

We have with us Ken Moskowitz. He is the Founder and CEO of Ad Zombies. Ken, welcome.

Thank you so much. I’m thrilled to be here.

Ken, I saw the word “Spanky” in your name. Can you explain that first?

For the older Americans in the audience and I should say globally because everyone knows the Little Rascals. This nickname was given to me when I was about four years old. I hated it at the time. I’ve grown to love it because I was in the creative industry and it served me well throughout my career. People would forget the name Ken but they would never forget Spanky.

Ken or Spanky, tell us a little bit about Ad Zombies. What was the inspiration behind that?

We write words that sell anything. It doesn’t matter what your business is. We write more ads for Facebook than any other company in the world. We write Instagram ads, email sequences, landing pages or any words that a business needs to move its product and its branded service forward. That’s what we do. We don’t implement strategies. We don’t come up with your game plan for marketing. That’s not what we do. We write the words that sell. How did it start? I’ll be honest with you and I share this very openly, it was an accident.

Bob Ross on PBS used to always say, “It’s a happy little accident.” This is exactly what that was. I was in a Facebook group on March 6, 2017 to be exact and someone had written an ad for a plastic surgeon. The ad wasn’t resonating. It wasn’t converting. It was an ad specifically for breast augmentation and he had written the ad from a guy’s perspective. The problem with that was when you write an ad for women, you need to talk to the heart. His ad didn’t connect with women emotionally. I quickly rewrote the ad in the comments section of the Facebook post, which led to a handful of people saying, “I wish I could write like that,” which led to me offering to help anyone who needed help with their ad copy. When I say anyone, I thought three, five, ten people would say, “That would be awesome if you could help me.” That weekend, I had over 100 emails and DMs saying, “I wish you could help me with this. Can you help me with that?” A business was born out of me offering to help someone.

Customers come and go. Clients stay with you. Click To Tweet

Let’s back this up a little. You hit the nail on the head. You need to write with heart, especially for women but I think for everybody. If the words and the ad appeal to the heart, I do think it has more finesse or reach. Tell me what made you think about that and what made you write towards that?

My wife has said this for years. I write better for any female than a woman can. Why is that? First of all, I love women. There’s a reason that men exist and women exist. I connect emotionally with women. I know how to write for women. That may come across very sexist and I didn’t mean it to, but I write for women better than I write for men. I can’t write about cars and sports because I’m not into that stuff. I know how to connect emotionally. Part of it is that I come from a career of spending my life writing ads. I have been in the creative industry for many years and all I’ve done throughout my career is write ads. I’ve gotten better at connecting emotionally.

What is connecting emotionally? All too often, advertisers go for the sale right away. They’re trying to close the deal on the first date, which to me and I always phrase it like this, it’s like going out with someone on a first date and expecting it to end in marriage. No, you go through a courtship. You go out on a date, then you see for a second date and then you have dinner, and then you meet friends. There’s an evolution that occurs in the relationship that takes you from the first date to marriage. The same thing happens in the marketing space that you have to have a relationship and develop that relationship. Does it maybe take longer this way to close the deal? Sure, but you’re going to have a long-term customer. You’re going to have a relationship with that client. Clients are very sticky. Customers are not. Customers come and go. Clients stay with you.

We don’t always want to be chasing after another client if we can get them to stick.

Doing things from the heart when it comes to advertising and when it comes to running your business, it’s critical because that’s building not just your culture internally. It’s building a fan base or a following. It’s building a loyal client base.

Give me an example of a generic ad that you’ve worked on and how you’ve added heart to it. Do you have a before and after sample of something off the top of your head?

A friend of mine had written an ad for a swim school and this swim school ad wasn’t converting well. The ad showed a picture of happy children underwater and blowing bubbles. The ad was super cute, but the ad didn’t resonate with the audience. The reason it didn’t resonate is it didn’t speak to the pain point of why you want to give swimming lessons or get swimming lessons for your child. I crafted the ad in a different way. What I did is I went for the pain point, the absolute darkest thing imaginable because that’s the reason you give your kids swim lessons is you don’t want them to drown.

181HPRcaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 181 | Creating Impactful Advertising with Ken Moskowitz
Creating Impactful Advertising: Think about your clients not as a bottom line column on your spreadsheet, but as someone you have a relationship with.


The image in the ad is a father and daughter holding hands in there staring at a grave. The headline says, “Don’t let this happen to your kid.” The ad body reads this way. “What’s the sound the baby makes when they fall into a pool? There is no sound. They quietly fall in. There’s no splashing, no screaming, nothing. They open their mouths to cry and the water rushes in. It burns. It’s excruciating. They panic. They frantically move their arms but continue to sink. They see the sky. They see people moving around on the deck. They see the dog barking at the pool, then the light fades, the pain stops and they’re gone. Don’t let this happen to your kid.” There’s “Sign Up” with the call to action to get them in for their free swim class. That ad converted so well so fast that they had to turn their ads off.

Go with the pain point and hit the heart. That was a sad hit the heart example of an ad. We have heart-based businesses that are looking to make an impact. What else do they need to know about making an impact, especially through advertising and how they position themselves through words?

First of all, know that your business, whatever your product, your service, your offering is, serves another human being. Your business makes money and you hope that you’re profitable, but at the end of the day, someone needs your product or your service. Think about them not as a bottom-line column on your spreadsheet, but think of that client as someone you have a relationship with. When you market, when you advertise, write to how this impacts their life. How many times have you seen a plumber that puts out a crappy ad that shows a pipe wrench and a phone number and, “Got plumbing problems?” Nobody has plumbing problems that moment or that day. That plumber builds content ads that show consumers and homeowners, how to do certain things themselves, how to replace the handle on their toilet or how to stop the toilet from flushing by itself because the thing doesn’t seat well. You’re creating a connection with that audience who when the time comes and they have the pain of a problem, they’re going to call you first because you’ve built the relationship with them.

They know that you know what you’re doing. How many times have we all had someone come in to do work, whether it’s in our business or a contractor and after about fifteen minutes, you realized they don’t know what they’re doing?

When you have more knowledge than the professional that’s in your house, run.

Ken, you’ve written more ads for Facebook. Why did you choose that medium? What has made you gravitate towards that medium in social media versus websites or Twitter or other mediums?

It chose us. The majority of marketers that we find that become clients of ours are marketing in that space. It just so happens to be the shiny object of the month, the year or the decade, so that’s where everybody’s advertising. Because the demand is high, that typically is what we write the most ad copy for. At any given day, there are 4,000 to 5,000 of our ads running on the Facebook platform. That’s crazy. Nobody knows that they’re ours because we’re everybody’s secret sauce. We serve about 300 agencies around the world and they don’t profess to use an outsourced copywriting company. As marketing shifts and as a new platform evolves and emerges, so too will the shift to marketing on those platforms. If you think about it, a typical business will start with a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad, but once you get that person in as a lead, then you want to serve them email sequences. We write a lot of those. We do a lot of landing pages, but the majority of the day-to-day copy orders that come in for us are Facebook because it’s the thing.

Always be true to who you are as a business and always remember that you are serving your clients. Click To Tweet

Is there a difference in how you would write something as far as size for Facebook versus a website or is it more about having that heart-based language that connects?

It’s more about the language than the length. Let me give you my philosophy on this. On any given day, I may or may not have the patience to read a long-form ad on Facebook. If I’m busy, it happens to be the day that we’re recording this podcast. The day that we’re recording, I happen to be busy. I’ve had back-to-back client calls. We had a birth in our company and our head copywriter and his wife had their first baby. I had to cancel a trip to Amsterdam. We’ve got a lot of things going on. It would not be a good day for me to read a long-form ad so I might find a short-form ad that connects with me and I’ll read that because I have the bandwidth. People always ask the question, “Should I write long-form or short-form for Facebook?” Let me ask you, do you want Chinese food or Italian? On any given day, it might change. We test both. I know for us as a company, I’m always testing different ads, lengths, language and wording, but always be true to who you are as a business and always remember that you’re serving your clients. That’s your number one job.

Ken, how do our audience find out more about you and your services?

If you want to stalk me on the internet, I don’t want to be stalked but you can follow me. You can follow the brand, Ad Zombies on Facebook and Instagram. On every social channel out there, look for Ad Zombies. If you want to follow me, I go by my nickname, Spanky Moskowitz. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and all over the place.

Thank you so much. Ken Moskowitz is the Founder and CEO of Ad Zombies. You can find out more about him on social media. Look up Spanky Moskowitz. This is Sam Mak, your guest host. Find out more about me at my website, for diversity and inclusion consulting, especially with empowering women and college students. Find us also online at #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine. As always, we appreciate your five-star reviews.

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About Ken Moskowitz

Ken Moskowitz 1 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 181 | Creating Impactful Advertising with Ken MoskowitzFrom laid off to building a multi-million dollar startup, Ken Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the Internet and Facebook marketing company Ad Zombies.

AdZombies creates copy for thousands of businesses worldwide on a monthly basis. From Facebook Ads, to landing pages and email sequences, Ken and his team write words for nearly every industry imaginable.

AdZombies is now the single largest producer of Facebook Ads on the platform. Ken is also a Dad, Bestselling Author, and Speaker.


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