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Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 19 | Sally Thibault Interview | Terri Levine

Episode 19 Interview With Sally Thibault

Hello Heartrepreneurs and welcome back to Heartrepreneur® radio. It’s Terry Levine and I have a special guest with me today. You are going to enjoy her and you are going to want to pay a lot of attention for this interview. So my guest today is Sally Thibault. She is a professional speaker, a counselor, author, certified EFT practitioner and a woman success mentor. She has over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness areas. As a fitness instructor, trainer, tv show host, she facilitates the reclaiming of your passions. They are designed for business woman who want to reignite their passion, power, and purpose to create meaningful success and purposeful life and work balance. So she has been feature extensively in Australia, National and local media, I could go on and on. I want to get right into the interview. Welcome, Sally. I am so glad to have you with me. You have so much going on. Thank you for making time for me.

Sally: Thank you for having me. It’s a great honor to be here.

Terri: I am really excited. There is a piece we didn’t talk about. All of these other things that you have done since your son’s diagnoses of Asperger’s. There is so much you do and you are so full of helping people and to giving people. What do you do for you? How do you reignite your passion, power and purpose?

Sally: Thank you for that question. I am focused on self-care. I have a daily routine. I am an early riser up at 4:30 and 5:00. I meditate and tap every morning and I work out about 5 times a week. So, things like that to me are essential when you want to give to others. When I am with clients, one of the things I focus on most of all, if you want to serve others, you must look after yourself. Those are just non negotiables.   It’s simple because I don’t have children in the house anymore either. I can live more selfishly.

Terri: I want to highlight some of the things you said. We have all kinds of business owners listening. A lot of us, fall out of routines and I think what you said, the words, non-negotiable are so powerful. It’s really simple yet really profound which is if you are going to serve others, you have to look after yourself. I think that is so brilliant. Talk to me about the reclaim you. As soon as I heard that name, I just got goosebumps. What is that program?

Sally: I have a great belief that success is not changing who you are, it’s reclaiming who you are. We are all born with amazing abilities that serve us. We need to go back and reclaim those aspects of us. Raising a child with Asperger syndrome, I learned early on that in order to be present for my son and help him navigate his world, I had to be a whole human being. A whole mother. There were times during those years, he is now 31 and about to get married. He lives in Montreal now. The times when I was most shattered, as I like to say, were the times when he was most stressed. I learned that early on that I needed to be myself. Not anybody else. In order to truly connect with him on a heart level. We are heart centered people. When our hearts our whole, we attract people into our lives. I don’t like to be anybody different. We have to say, here we are. The shattered pieces. We get lost in life.

Terri: I like the concept of reclaiming who you are. I was thinking, yes, part of my journey over the last two decades, really has been picking up those pieces of me that I forgot and so the word reclaim really fit. The other thing that is so true to me is when you are heart centered and authentic and transparent, and you are focused on living in the present with your heart, with knowing who you are and what you passion is, oh my gosh, the universe keeps sending you more of that, more of that, more of that.

Sally: That is the law of attraction. You attract to you. I believe change happens through you not to you. Whenever we are going through a massive change in our lives, we simply need to get quiet and ask what do I need to heal with me in the moment. If you have a block somewhere in your business, instead of looking outward all of the time, look inward and ask yourself the right questions. Where am I creating this pattern in my past? What do I need to heal in order to allow to let go? This is some fabulous research about the impact of our heart engine. It reaches out about 9 feet from us. So whatever you are feeling in your heart, you can question it out in a radius about 9 feet around you. If you walk into a room and you can feel certain energy. That is the same with us too. Whatever we are feeling internally, authenticity, we know what that is because heart centered people feel that. They just know it. They sense it. When you are working an event and you meet people that you resonate with and some others you don’t, you feel that energy. I believe, Terry, I think we are being called to step into their true sense of who they are right now because we need leaders who are heart centered and authentic to change what is going on in the world. We are being called to do this.

Terri: I couldn’t agree more. I love how the universe works. Right before our segment I was chatting with someone about the fact that their organization they need to change all of the leadership and my question was why? They said we are not heart centered leaders. Because of that we are losing customers and we can’t complete business that needs to be done. Whether its politics or something else, it needs to come from the heart. I am glad to hear that is what you talk about. You mentioned asking a question that I loved. What do I need to heal? I want to have the audience to note that. Write it down. It’s really brilliant. Look at what is happening in your life. Look at the patterns that you don’t want that is not quite right yet. Look at what you are not attracting that you really want in your business. What do I need to heal? You had mentioned that you and your husband have been married for 35 years. Congratulations. You are now discovering a new passion, power, and purpose for the next stage of your lives. Could you talk about that?

Sally: We both hit a major decade birthday this year. My husband is ten years older than I am. What I love about this time in my life, we have three children. Two now have made their home in Canada. We live in Queens and my husband is Canadian. Two have made their homes in Canada and one is lives here. She just announced that she is moving to Canada. So, my husband sat down and said, ok, what do we do? We don’t want to give up this life. We love living by the Ocean. We also want to be able to be free and travel and spend time with the children. We are building a new business. We looked at everything we didn’t want in our lives. What is wonderful about this stage of our lives, the majority of the mindset has always been, when you reach 60 you are thinking about retiring. Well, that is the furthest from what we want. I ask myself, where is my passion. Because we don’t have children in school and worrying about dance lessons, the money we make is about what we want to do. We continually ask the question, how can we best serve ourselves now in this stage in our life? What are we going to do? We are looking continually at what is my passion, purpose and power? We are continually re-honing our business to do that. Thank goodness for the internet where we can connect in ways we couldn’t do before. A perfect time for us to reclaim what we want to do in our lives.

Terri: I have goosebumps. I honor and celebrate that. Our time just went so quick. I want you to know that just in this conversation, I am feeling more passionate. I hope the listeners are excited about rediscovering their passion, power, and purpose. Sally, how can they connect with you?

Sally: On Facebook Sally Thibault or I would love to continue the conversation.

Terri: I appreciate you being here. I wish you and your husband happy, wonderful birthdays and I look forward to staying connected to you.

Sally: Thank you I feel the same.

Terri: Thanks to the listeners and come back to Heartrepreneur® radio and share us and let others know about the great people that come and visit us and create value for each of you. Thanks again Sally. Bye for now.


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