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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 191 | Rhonda Sher on Maximizing And Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

August 15, 2019

191HPRbanner - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 191 | Rhonda Sher on Maximizing And Improving Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform in the world. As such, it has become a go-to place for many professionals to check up on each other’s credibility and figure out why they should work together. This is why it has become more important to maximize your LinkedIn profile, and our guest, Rhonda Sher, is going to take us through it. Rhonda is a keynote speaker, LinkedIn strategist, bestselling author, and business networking expert. With these credentials, she is the perfect guide into understanding the common mistakes people do on their LinkedIn profiles and how these can be fixed and improved. Read on and take notes as you learn to get that credible profile that will get you more networking opportunities.

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Rhonda Sher on Maximizing And Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

I have with me, Rhonda Sher. She is an expert on LinkedIn. Welcome to the show.  

Thank you.  

Rhonda, why LinkedIn? What got you started with that? 

I wrote a book on business networking back in 2007 and when LinkedIn came out, it was a natural extension for me because that’s where all of the business professionals on social media are. Having a background as a paralegal, it was very logical for me to jump over to LinkedIn since navigating it is very similar to what I did as a paralegal. 

How would having the presence on LinkedIn which is another social media platform be different? How do you think that’s viewed differently? 

LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform in the world. Microsoft bought LinkedIn back in October of 2015. When you google yourself or somebody googles you and you have a LinkedIn profile, there’s a 70% chance or better that your LinkedIn profile is going to show up on the first page of Google. Given that it’s the largest business networking platform in the world, your credibility is right there and that’s where people are going to check you out. You can’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn in terms of you can tell people a little bit about yourself. You can put testimonials, recommendations, where you went to school, all in a very easy way to navigate versus Facebook, Twitter, any of the other social media platforms. LinkedIn is the business platform where you can pretty much find out anything about somebody, depending upon what they’ve put on their profile. I don’t think that it is a resume. It’s a place where you can tell people who you are and why they should work with you. It’s a resume for those people that are looking for jobs certainly, but it’s not a resume if you’re a coach, a CEO, a business owner, and you want people to know, “This is what I do. This is the kind of clients I work with. This is what other people think about me.” Also, to share a little bit of personal information about yourself. 

You look at and do LinkedIn profiles for small business owners. What are some of the common mistakes you see in poorly done LinkedIn profiles? 

Number one, most people don’t have a professional headshot. You’re about eighteen times more likely to get viewed if you have a professional headshot. You’ve seen way too many selfies, pictures with your dog, your kids. That’s one big mistake. Another is a professional banner. That blue area that goes right above your head is free real estate and you can use that for your branding. I see many people that don’t even take advantage of that. Also, the other thing that I see in LinkedIn profiles is people don’t understand privacy settings. They create a way for people to jump off their profile and go look at other profiles. Finally, they leave out the most important part. How do we contact you? They don’t put an email or a phone number. They don’t put any way to reach out other than through LinkedIn. The truth is not everybody pays attention to their LinkedIn account. 

I’m guilty as charged. Put on a professional headshot. Use the banner to promote your business or your product and have a point of contact outside messaging them on LinkedIn. 

Make sure that you complete every section of the profile. They call it the “About” section for a reason. People want to know about you. Do they want to know who you are? Who do you serve? What do other people think about you? Who are the types of clients that you’ve worked with in the past? Fill out every section completely. Don’t do it halfway. It’s not going to serve you. It’s going to hurt you. 

The “About” section, do you recommend that written in first-person or third-person? 

In first-person. Do you talk about yourself in the third-person? No. The only people that I ever see do it in the third-person are either CEOs that are so far up the ladder that you can’t get to them. A lot of times, I see it still in the law firms, with the senior partners. They will write in the third-person. I still believe that if you’re going to interact with somebody, do it in the first-person. 

You're about eighteen times more likely to get viewed if you have a professional headshot on LinkedIn. Click To Tweet

What kind of clients do you work with and what kind of results do you get for your clients? 

I can tell you who I don’t work with first and that is I don’t work with job hunters. That’s a very specific area. Who I do work with are a lot of coaches, a lot of consultants, business owners, CEOs. I started working with an implant dentist who has a franchise where he’s already sold 50 and he has 200 more to sell. What’s interesting is his ideal clients who are dentists that do implants are on LinkedIn and they don’t know he exists. Those are pretty much the ideal clients. I take their profiles and the way that I like to use the analogy is it’s like you’re going to a black-tie event but you’re wearing your running clothes. You want to show up dressed like the professional you are. I give the profile a facelift for lack of a better description. 

You asked me about the results. I will give you one example. One of my clients is an event planner and she called me and said, “I’m up for a very big consulting engagement. I was told that they’re going to check out my LinkedIn profile. Help, it’s terrible.” We had enough time that I took all of her information. I positioned her on LinkedIn. They did check her out because when you have the paid version, you can see who’s looking at you. She generated $30,000 because she knew that LinkedIn was going to be what was going to make or break her. That’s one of many successes. Another is a ghostwriter who does funnels for people and that’s a very competitive space. He didn’t have the right words to optimize his profile, which was done-for-you create the funnels. He made $40,000 in his first 45 days of working with me. 

Picking all the words, what else do you do as far as doing the profile? 

I’m a strategist. I interview the clients to get to know who you are stepping into the shoes of their ideal client because many people wear a lot of hats. You might be a speaker and also a coach and a consultant. My process is I interview people, I have them fill out an intake form and then I write the profile for them. I show them a very specific strategy that they can use to generate two to ten appointments a week. If they know how to close somebody that I can show them how to drive the traffic with multiple different strategies to never have to go out and prospect again if they didn’t want to. 

This sounds fabulous but how long does it all take? 

My process is pretty straight forward. I’ve been doing this a long time. From the time that somebody fills out the intake form and has their one-hour strategy session with me, it’s ten business days to turn it around. At the end of the ten days, we go through it. That’s where the magic happens because we get on a strategy call and I show you how to use LinkedIn to get the results that you happen to be seeking. 

What are some tips that you would have for small business owners that maybe are not computer savvy or not LinkedIn savvy? What are a couple of advice, points or tips that you would have for someone like that? 

The first thing that I would say is to show your profile to somebody that knows you and knows what you do. Ask them very honestly, “Based on looking at my profile, if somebody referred you to me and this is what they saw, would you do business with me?” Ask for feedback on the profile. The other thing that I would also suggest is it’s very easy to post and what you can do is post daily. If you don’t want to post share and like what other people have posted. Create a tribe, reach out to their current clients, the people offline and connect with them online on LinkedIn. That’s something that a lot of people forget or maybe they signed up on LinkedIn, they put up a profile and then they never did anything. All those connections are like your first cousins that you don’t talk to. Reach out to them and start connecting. Send them a message and say, “We’ve been connected for a long time. I’d love to get to know you better. Here’s a link to my calendar. Let’s set up a call and see how we might be able to be a resource for one another.” There’s nothing sales-y about that at all. What’s cool about it, it’s a way to reconnect and start the engagement. 

191HPRcaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 191 | Rhonda Sher on Maximizing And Improving Your LinkedIn Profile
Improving Your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is the business platform where you can pretty much find out about anything about somebody, depending upon what they’ve put on their profile.


Give people value and let them get to know you a little bit. 

Always be sharing content and have a call to action, whether that call to action is maybe going to a webinar or, “Would you like a free copy of my eBook?” Something that’s going to give them an opportunity to see the value so they can get to know you and like you because it’s going to take several times before they’re going to want to do business with you. 

How do people find out about you? I know they can connect with you on LinkedIn, but where else can they find you? 

I have a free gift called LinkedIn Planner and all they need to do is go to then they can get my free planner. If they haven’t connected with me on LinkedIn, that would be an awesome way to connect as well. 

With LinkedIn, there’s a paid version and a not paid version, what are your opinions on this? 

If you’re serious about growing your business on LinkedIn, I’m a huge fan of Sales Navigator. The reason is that sales navigator allows you to do very detailed searches. It allows you to save the searches. It will send you the new people that have come into searches that you’ve already saved. You get to see who’s looked at your profile, when they’ve looked at it, which gives you an opportunity in the event that they didn’t connect, they send a message and say, “Sam, I noticed you viewed my profile. I’m curious, what was it about it that generated your interest?” We’d love to connect and see if there’s any way I can be of service to you. If you don’t have the paid version, you can only see the first three or five people that have viewed your profile. It’s like walking up to an ATM, putting in your card and walking out without your $20. 

We have been talking with Rhonda Sher. Be sure you go to and get her free template as a generous gift. I’m your guest host, Sam Mak. You can find out more about me at You can also find me at Samarina Maktoum on LinkedIn. Thank you so much and you can connect with us on Facebook at #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine.  


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About Rhonda Sher

Rhonda Sher 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 191 | Rhonda Sher on Maximizing And Improving Your LinkedIn ProfileRhonda Sher is a successful entrepreneur who has climbed to the top of several businesses with dedication and hard work ethics.  As a keynote speaker, LinkedIn strategist, bestselling author and business networking expert, she has helped thousands of people increase their bottom line and create a steady stream of new business and referrals.

She has dedicated her life and career to creating prosperity by helping others achieve their goals by leveraging the power of relationship and referral marketing – both online with LinkedIn and offline.

Rhonda’s experience working in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur have made her an indispensable mentor and consultant to business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants Rhonda is a master at teaching how to convert connections to cash and relationships to revenue using LinkedIn and how to utilize LinkedIn to book a steady stream of appointments with their ideal clients and referral partners.


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