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October 1, 2019

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Believe it or not, dedicating fifteen minutes a day can positively change your life. In this episode, Terri Levine and co-host Sam Beck interviews the Creator of The Power of 15 Club, Michelle Demers. Her club aims at helping members break down their wildly important goals into doable bites and take daily, consistent actions on them. Through Michelle’s accountability method, she has successfully seen great results on all of her clients. According to her, when you can see somebody else’s progress, you’re learning from them, they’re learning from you, and you’re sharing resources. Learn more from Michelle as she talks deeper about the Power of 15.

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How Fifteen Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life with Michelle Demers

I have with me Michelle Demers. Michelle helps entrepreneurs stay accountable with the Power of 15. Michelle, welcome.

Thanks, Sam. It’s great to be here.

What is the Power of 15?

The Power of 15, that’s the short name for my proprietary method of how to move mountains in fifteen minutes a day. What I do is I teach people how to harness small amounts of time and take daily action to actually get their wildly important goals done.

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How did you come up with this Power of 15?

I’ve been in the coaching industry for about many years. The long and short of it is a lot of my career I’ve been in business, coached other coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, service providers. When you’re coaching on a weekly call basis and you’re giving folks things to do, I was finding it was hard for people to get things done. Even in a week, there was too much space going by and also people didn’t have the framework in which to actually get something done. They’re already busy, they’re already overwhelmed. They’re already doing so much and their businesses. How could they actually fit the work we were doing into their already busy day? I set up a framework of doing a minimum of fifteen minutes on our work and checking in every day and then the program has evolved from there.

It sounds like you’ve got some accountability built into that.

I do. Over the last several years, I’ve created an accountability team method where I have online accountability teams of somewhere in the realm of six to twelve people per team. People that are checking in daily at least five days a week on their one focused declared goal that they’re working on. Most of the people in the groups are entrepreneurs and are working on business-related goals. I have people who are doing weight loss, who are organizing their homes, who are writing books. They can declare any goal. It works for that. They’re checking in every day if they did their fifteen minutes or more, what they’re getting done, what’s going well, what’s not working. They’re showing up for their team and their team is showing up for them and it works well.

197HPRcaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 197 | How Fifteen Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life with Michelle Demers
Coaching And Accountability: Most of us are our worst accountability partners for ourselves because we let ourselves off the hook.


That’s interesting because I do feel like as entrepreneurs, we don’t want to be stressed out busy when we had day jobs. It is so easy because we’re self-regulating to discount fifteen minutes and how much can get done.

We often throw away fifteen minutes. I’ll scroll through social media or I’ll add an extra fifteen minutes onto my lunch. I’m waiting at the bus stop for my kid for an extra fifteen minutes. What could we be doing in this time? Part of my Power of 15 method is helping people get 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes of productivity in fifteen minutes. Part of that is how to focus in and maximize those fifteen-minute segments. Some people, depending on their goal, they’re doing one fifteen-minute segment a day. Others are just working in cycles of fifteen all throughout their day. They’re applying this method. People literally shave hours off of their day. They get more done in less time and it gives them more time freedom.

What is the secret to the fifteen minutes? Is it the focus or is it the declared goal? How does it shave off time off the day?

It’s a combination of those things and a couple of other things. First of all, some people might have heard of the Pomodoro method, which is working in 25-minute cycles. I’ve shortened it to fifteen just because our attention spans are less. We can all give at least fifteen minutes, sometimes 25 or 30 minutes is more than we can get. People are setting a timer. They’re turning off distractions. I actually have a whole process that I give away on my website that people can follow how to do that fifteen-minute method. It is about doing one thing at a time and not allowing any other interruptions, setting a timer, just ways to speed up your process as you’re going along. The other half of is that you are much more mindful of all of your time. You take advantage of other small pockets of time. You eliminate anything that isn’t important. We all are doing stuff every day. That actually is stuff that is a waste and we can just get rid of it.

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We’re on a time diet and we’re eating time in fifteen-minute chunks, something like that. We can’t go through the entire process. What is one critical step that you feel makes a big difference in getting so much more productivity out of your fifteen minutes?

The key is to do what I call batch work. If you have emails to return, you’re going to do emails in that fifteen minutes. If you have a social media post to do, you’re just going to do that in fifteen minutes. You want to batch like activities together so that you’re not jumping from doing a Facebook post to responding to an email to making a call to writing a proposal. You want to focus your fifteen minutes on one thing or things so you’re not losing time in transitioning from one thing to the other.

We lose time in transition. What I thought was interesting that you said is that you have accountability teams. What is the benefit of having a team versus doing it one on one or keeping yourself accountable?

Most of us are our worst accountability partners for ourselves because we let ourselves off the hook. We don’t keep our promises to ourselves. We do need other people. Even for those who are extremely disciplined and successful, then you need other people too. The reason the teams are so valuable, there are several reasons. One is when it’s you and another partner, you’re only as good as the weakest link. If you’ve ever had a good accountability partner, they’re the one who stops going to the gym. They’re your gym buddy and all of a sudden, your partner left or you might be that person where you’re slowing down, but they’re not able to help you rise to the occasion. The thing with the teams is when you’ve got six, eight, twelve people, there’s always someone who might be ill or who might be going through a personal loss or something, but there are enough active people who are at the top of their game who can be supporting each other at any one time. Lastly, there is also synergy. When you can see somebody else’s progress, you’re learning from them. They’re learning from you. You’re sharing resources. It makes the whole thing better and faster.

We’re dealing with a lot of heart-based entrepreneurs, solopreneurs. When you’re working from home or maybe not as social as you used to be, where do you find these eight people? Are these people that you have business relationships? Where are you finding your team?

They come to us and they get put on a team. They don’t have to find their teammates. They’re welcome to invite the friends though, that’s for sure. That’s part of what we provide is we build the teams.

It makes such a big difference. I was noticing with my son, he comes back from college and until he started his job, getting him out of bed has been my entire life and act to God to get this kid up. I find out with his roommate that two of the buddies got an apartment together. His roommate gets up at 5:00 and goes to the gym and works out. Guess who’s getting up at 5:00? I was like, “Whose kid are you?” Having that one person to push you make such a huge difference.

I do want to say that part of what I’m doing in my business is teaching and training other coaches to create and run groups like these in their businesses. They can give their clients this type of experience and they can get their clients these kinds of results along with any other courses, masterminds or other things that they’re doing.

Take advantage of other small pockets of time and eliminate anything that isn't important. Click To Tweet

You’ve already got a proven system on how to make groups successful and you’re passing it on to other people?

I am. People can come in. It’s pretty much a done-for-you situation and they can customize it to their content. I work with them very closely on that. They get all my proven methods. I’ve done all the testing, tweaking, made all the mistakes. Basically, they can get up and running pretty quickly and have a lot of success.

Michelle, this has been fascinating. How do people find out more about you?

The best way is to go to my website. My business name is Power of 15. The website is an abbreviation of that, For my contact information, they can find my email on the site. You can also find me on Facebook at

What’s one parting thought that you want to leave our audience with?

The big thing in terms of time is don’t let little pockets of time go by. Use them. Use all the time you have available and to coaches. There is a model out there for you to help your clients go to even higher levels.

We’re here with Michelle Demers. You can find out more about Michelle at This is Heartrepreneur Radio. I am your guest host, Sam Mak, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. Connect with me at Join us on Facebook at Heartrepreneurs With Terri Levine and connect with like-minded Heartrepreneurs and find out more about Michelle Demers.

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About Michelle Demers

Michelle Demers 260x300 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 197 | How Fifteen Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life with Michelle DemersMy work is based on my proprietary productivity, time management, and goal achievement method:

The Power of 15™: Move Mountains in 15 Minutes per Day

I teach people how to work in effective 15-minute laser-focused cycles, and how to prioritize, so they are working on their most important and critical tasks.

I help people break their projects, goals, and dreams into bite-size pieces so they can get started and get from A to Z.

This method works for chronic procrastinators and high achievers.

I created The PWR15™ Club as an online accountability community that transforms people’s lives and gets results through a unique combination of systems, skill and habit-building, coaching, DAILY accountability, and peer support.

Members can join the Club directly or I can partner with other people and organizations to create the accountability component and fill that gap in your courses, programs, and communities.

I also coach and consult other coaches, consultants, trainers, subject matter experts, course creators, community builders, retreat and workshop leaders on creating engaged online communities through the use of accountability-style groups.

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