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HPR 20 | Looking Your Best

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 20 | Looking Your Best For First Impressions with Dawn-Marie Mutell

HPR 20 | Looking Your Best


First impressions matter, most especially in business where you need to be looking your best and presenting yourself well in order to get the right connections. However, not everyone has the time and skill to do that. Dawn-Marie Mutell, founder and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Luxuries, aims to help men and women take the pain out of trying to get ready every day. She has built an overall system on helping clients look their best to ensure business success. Not only do you look good, you will also represent and lift up your business. Dawn-Marie she shares her backstory as well as some insights and tips on fashion that ultimately brings out the best in you.

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Looking Your Best For First Impressions with Dawn-Marie Mutell

I have someone that I’m anxious to interview. I got so many questions for her. Her name is Dawn-Marie Mutell and she is the Founder and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Luxuries. It’s a home, body, soul, and lifestyling business. I had to have her on the show. They call her a life commodities broker. She’s very versatile. She was a wardrobe stylist, a personal shopper, and makeup artist. She has over 25 years’ experience in fashion, entertainment, beauty, and even in event planning businesses. As a young model and a dancer, she aspired to be a dancer on Broadway. Little did she know, she’d be hit by a drunk driver at age 22 and her life would change forever. Her self-esteem crumbled, and it took many years to get back on track. That’s when she decided to help others lead happy, fulfilling, and beautiful lives. I am so excited to have you with us, Dawn-Marie. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you, Terri. I’m honored to be here.

I’ve gotten your bio when we scheduled this and I looked you up online and was all excited to have you. As I was reading your bio, I was like, “Aspiring to be on Broadway.” I have to ask you, how did you pick yourself up and move forward?

My parents taught me to be a very strong-willed person. That helped me. When I was hit, my body went down and I thought, “The only thing I had planned for me was to try to be on Broadway.” I didn’t have a plan B, although my dad said, “Always have a plan B.” I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I knew how to type. I was able to get a day job working on Sony Music after that. That helped me take a different avenue of where I would go. I wound up working in the music business for quite a while. I said, “I can’t dance but I can still groove to the music.” That kept me going but I still felt like there was a hole missing in my life.

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One of the things I love to do is to help people and watch them flourish. If I can lift somebody’s spirits, I’m a happy camper. I tried to find ways to do that. I started doing like promotions and getting people in the music industry networking to different nightclubs and connect with one another because I’m a connector. I still felt I’m still not doing what I wanted to do. I wind up finding a program at FIT to be an image consultant certification for two years and I thought, “This is it. I love fashion.” My mom was a clothes whore and she’s gotten me into fashion as a kid. Being a model when I was younger, you’re always around makeup and fashion. I thought this could be a great fit for me and that’s how I got into it and kept it going.

I always find it interesting when we’re doing our thing and life throws us some crazy curve ball. We never know what life has in store. Not everyone can pick themselves up and can go forward. What I love is not only did you do that but then you made that decision, “I’m going to help others.” What is it exactly that you do?

I help men and women take the pain out of trying to get ready every day, whether you work in an office or if you’re an entrepreneur and you have to go deal with clients or you may be a public speaker. First impressions used to be 30 seconds. Now, it’s about three seconds to make a good impression. I help them build their wardrobes. One of the things I do is I do a Shop in Your Closet program where I go into their closet and delve into it so they can see exactly what they own and what they may need to fill in there and then I’ll take them to a personal shopping or I shop for them. I bring it home to them and they can try things on.

I also create new outfits from the stuff they already own in their wardrobe so that they don’t have to spend any money because people say, “I can’t have a stylist. It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars.” I work with all budgets because I’m a very frugal woman myself. I never want to spend tons of money on clothing, but I always want to look good. I’ve learned over the years I’ve had to find a great deal and I try to put my clients with that as well. We go through colors for your hair and colors for your makeup. You need to know what your colors are to look great all the time and you can build a capsule wardrobe, which is nine articles of clothing and you can make 30 outfits out of it.

HPR 20 | Looking Your Best
Looking Your Best: It used to be 30 seconds to make a good impression. Now, it’s about three seconds.

I’m going to need you. I want that. This is so important because everybody that I know, male or female, got to have different kinds of clothing. Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you need to go to a speaking engagement, you’re in corporate America and you’re like, “I’m going to be around the house most of the day, but I am doing a webinar and they’re going to see me on camera.” I’m always getting asked and I certainly don’t know the answers. What should I wear and what should I look like? I work with a lot of speakers and speakers constantly say, “I need a signature look.” What would you say to a speaker who’s here and is considering this signature look? What does that even mean? Do they need one, male and female, if you could?

It all depends on what kinds of business they’re in and who are they speaking to. What are their audience? If it’s a bunch of creative people that they’re speaking to, then your look can be very creative, but on the flip side, if you’re very corporate or they are bankers and lawyers, then you’re going to want to appear a bit more buttoned up and more conservative. That’s how they’re dressed and if they see you a little creative, they may not trust in you as much. I always say there’s seven different fashion styles. You could always mix them up and create your own look.

Seven different fashion styles, say more. I’m very curious.

You have the feminine, which is you have a lot more lace and details and a little bit more ornate, maybe some different pieces on the shoe that’s a little bit more ornate. Then you have this sporty look where you have the khaki pants and a cool safari jacket. They may have somebody who might be more alluring, which is the tight-knit dress with a little bit more cleavage showing. You may have somebody that’s a little bit more creative, think of Annie Lennox. You have these looks and so you can pull pieces of each of them to try them to create your own style, which is what I love to do because you should show your personality when you dress. Whether you conform to something or not, you want to be comfortable in what you wear every day.

I’m glad you said that and the reason I say that is I love and I wear funky stuff. It makes me feel good, it’s certainly part of my personality. Many years ago, I met a woman who was an image consultant we didn’t resonate with by the way and she said, “You can’t wear funky clothes at your age.”

I disagree. I always say there are certain things that women and men should be conscious of when you hit a certain age. I feel like anything over 40, you don’t want to go where something that makes you look like trying to be something that you’re not because that’s a bad look. You can still have fun with your wardrobe, but you may want to tone certain things down. You may not want to walk around with maybe flaming pink hair if you’re 60 years old, but you can maybe have something that’s pink, maybe it’s a hot pink blouse under a jacket or a cool accessory piece that has that color in it where you can still bring it in, but it’s age-appropriate. It’s unflattering to dress something that you’re not.

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I live here in Pennsylvania. We’ve got people listening to Heartrepreneur Radio from all over the place. What if we don’t live close to you, then what?

I do a lot of sessions over Skype. They are anywhere in the world and I can always work with them.

What are a couple of critical things that you may offer to anyone that’s concerned about what they look like and what they should do in terms of, “I got to figure out what I should do in terms of my look and my hair.” What are a couple of key things you can tell folks?

I always say start with what you have already. I always say go to a closet and make an assessment. Pull everything out. I know it sounds like a tedious task, but once you do this, you’re going to be amazed. You get to see all the things that you never wear. If it’s something that you haven’t worn in a year or two, put it aside, pull it out, and make three piles. One to toss, one to donate, and one day you may need to do some mending. You may have a great piece, say you lost weight and it’s a little too big and you bring it to a tailor and have them tailored to fit you and you could still wear it or do it yourself. Always try on everything because you want to see if it does fit.

You want to check if it’s the right colors for you and if it’s in season with the palette for your wardrobe plan. Check the line and the texture. The line is the silhouette, so if you know your body type, which is another important piece of the puzzle, then you know certain things that you can wear and certain things you can’t wear. You may have things in your closet whether you went up a couple pounds or weighed down a couple pounds, either way they’re going to not fitting properly so pull them out and maybe you can give them to your neighbors or your friends or your family or donate it to Goodwill or what have.

HPR 20 | Looking Your Best
Looking Your Best: Always start with what you have.

Also, if it fits your personality now. Maybe you worked in the corporate world ten years ago and now you’re more of a creative type and those boxy suits are not going to fit, but you might be able to take the jacket and knock the skirt or vice versa and still be able to utilize it in your wardrobe. Does it fit your lifestyle? I do the lifestyle wheel where you slice it up to say, “How much do you work in a weekend?” Maybe could have kids and they have their soccer games, you may be doing more of that activities, so your wardrobe may want to reflect that and we may be not going out as much. You might what to think about those types of things. It’s a lot easier than you think. The weight of the materials is important too because if say you’re a petite woman and you’re wearing very chunky sweaters, you’re going to disappear and those types of things. You have to keep in mind when you’re looking at your wardrobe as well.

You have given so many tips. I’m so glad to get to know you, “I have to have Dawn-Marie on my show. I know she’s going to bring a ton of value.” You have. How can people get in touch with you and what’s the best way of reaching out for help?

They can do two things. They can call me directly and the number is (727) 858-3515 or they can reach me at my website at Either one of those or they can email me at

I love the name of your business, too. I’m going to give you a call myself. I recommend to my fellow Heartrepreneurs, male and female, we can all use some expert advice in this area. Wouldn’t it be cool you wake up one day, you’ve got these outfits, and you know what goes together and you know which pieces? I’m very excited about it. Make sure that you reach out to Dawn-Marie. Thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you, Terri. I really appreciate that.

To everyone, you can subscribe to the show and that way you’ll never miss an episode. I have some more amazing guests booked. We’ll talk again soon. 

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About Dawn-Marie Mutell

HPR 20 | Looking Your BestDawn-Marie Mutell, Founder, and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Luxuries – Home, Body, Soul and Life-Styling business.  They also call her a “Life Commodities Broker”.  She is a versatile wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, accessory designer, personal shopper, professional organizer, event planner, life coach and travel consultant who has over 25 years experience in the fashion, beauty, retail, travel & event planning, entertainment, and music industries.  Please also visit

In the early part of her years she was a model and dancer with various theater groups in NYC but due to a severe auto accident with a drunk driver, she had injured her spine and was no longer able to dance.  Devastated, she didn’t know where to turn.  Her next thought was “what do I do now?” The only goal she knew was to become a professional dancer hopefully on Broadway.   A friend of hers introduced her to someone in HR in a music company and she worked in the music business for over 15 years.  She’s managed singers, recording artists,  composers.  They called her the “Sampling Queen” when she was licensing songs at MCA Music Publishing. Making songs famous for new artists like Ice T, Mary J. Blidge.  She even had the chance to administer and license Michael Jackson’s famous music catalog which thrilled her.  She felt like something was missing in her life, she wanted to do more, be more so she decided to go back to school and do something she loved as much as music.  Fashion!

Dawn-Marie decided she wanted to set a goal to empower men and women and assist them in living their most fulfilled lives. She became a certified Image Consultant and Personal Shopper through the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002 where she was determined to make a difference in people’s lives and her company was born (originally called The New You Makeover) has now transitioned into a full-blown life-styling business.

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