Episode 20 Interview With Dawn-Marie Mutell

Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. I’m really glad you tuned in. It’s Terry Levine Chief Heartrepreneur. And I have someone I’m really anxious to interview today. I have so many questions so her name is Dawn-Marie Mutell and she is the founder and CEO of Life’s Necessities and Body Luxuries. So it’s a home, body, soul and lifestyling business and I had to have her on the show when I heard that description. I was like Wow! They actually call her a life commodities broker and she is very versatile. She’s a wardrobe styler, a personal stylist and a makeup artist. I want all of that. I’m just saying. She has over 25 years experience in fashion, entertainment, beauty and even an event planning businesses. As a young model and a dancer she aspired to be a dancer on Broadway and little did she know she’d be hit by a drunk driver at age 22 and her life would change forever. Her self-esteem crumbled and it took many many years to get back on track. And that’s when she decided to help others lead happy, fulfilling and beautiful lives. I am so excited to have you with us Dawn-Marie. Thank you so much for joining us.

Dawn-Marie:  Thank you Terry I’m honored to be here.

Terri:  I have to tell you I’ve gotten your file when we scheduled this and I looked you up on line and was all excited to have you and as I was reading your bio I was like Wow aspired to be on Broadway and then I was like oh my goodness. So, how did you literally, I have to ask you, how did you pick yourself up and move forward.

Dawn-Marie:  That’s really a good question. My parents taught me to be a strong-willed person and so that really helped me. When I was hit everything in the body went down and I thought okay the only thing I had was to aspire to be on Broadway. So I didn’t have a Plan B and my dad would always say have a Plan B. So I didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully I knew how to type. I was able to get a job actually working at some music store after that. So that helped me pick up a different avenue of where I would go.  So I wound up working in music business for quite a while.  I said okay I can’t dance but I can still groove to the music. And so that kind of kept me going. But I still felt there was something missing in my life and one of the things I loved to do was to help people and watch them flourish. If I can lift somebody’s spirits then I’m a happy camper. I tried to find ways to do that and I started to do commercials and getting people in the music industry networking to different nightclubs and so I could connect with one another because I’m a connector. And I still felt like I’m still not doing what I wanted to do so I wound up finding a program at FIT to be an image consultant certification for 2 years and I thought OH this is it.

I love fashion. My mom was a clothes horse and she really got me into fashion when I was a kid. Being a model when I was younger I was around makeup and fashion and I thought this could be a really great fit for me and that’s how I got into it and kept it going.

Terri:  Wow that is really cool. Thank you.  I always find it interesting when we are doing our thing and life throws up some kind of crazy curve ball. We never know what the heck life has in store. And not everyone can pick themselves up and keep and go forward and what I love is not only did you do that, but then you made that decision, I’m going to help others. So what is it exactly that you do? I’m fascinated.

Dawn-Marie:  Well I help men and women take the pain out of trying to get ready everyday. Whether they work out of an office or if you an entrepreneur and you have to go deal with clients or you maybe are a public speaker.  First impressions, I mean it used to be 30 seconds, now it’s like 3 seconds, you have to make a great impressions. So I help them build their wardrobes and one of the things I do is I do a let’s shop in your closet program where I actually go into their closet and really delve into it so they can see exactly what they own and what that may need to fill in there and I’ll take them personal shopping or I’ll shop for them and they can bring it home and try things on.

I also create new outfits from the stuff they already own in their wardrobes. They do’t have to spend any money. People think I can’t hire a stylist. It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars. No, I work with all budgets because I’m a very frugal woman myself and I never want to spend tons of moneys on clothing, but I always wanted to look good.  So I’ve learned the ways over the years of how to ???? a great deal and then chat with my clients about that as well. So we go through colors for your hair, your makeup, you really need to know what your colors are to look great all the time and make them build a capsule wardrobe which is 9 articles of clothing and you can make 30 outfits out of it.

Terri:  Ok, I’m going to need you. I’m telling you right now. I want that. I want that. So I think this is so important because everybody that I know male or female has got to have different kinds of clothing right? We’ve got to show up, let’s just say you’re an entrepreneur and you need to go to a speaking engagement and let’s say you are in corporate America and let’s say you are like aahhh I’m just going to be around the house most of the day but oh goodness I am doing a webinar and I’m going to be seen on camera, I’m always getting asked and I certainly don’t know the answers. What should I wear? What should I look like?

One of the questions I want to ask you, I’m so excited to ask you this. I work with alot of speakers and speakers constantly say I need a signature look. What would you say to a speaker who is listening and considering this signature look? What does that even mean? Do then need one? Male and female if you could.

Dawn-Marie:  Well it all depends on what kind of business they are in and who they are speaking to. So, what is their audience? IF they are a bunch of creative people that they are speaking to then your look can be very creative. But on the other flip side if your audience is very corporat3e, bankers, lawyers, then you are going want to appear a bit more buttoned up and more conservative. Because that’s how they are dressed and if they see you looking creative they may not trust and like you as much. So I always say there’s 7 different fashion styles and you can always mix them up and create your own look.

Terri:  7 different fashion styles? Say more, I’m very curious.

Dawn-Marie:  Yea, well you have the feminine which is you know you have alot more lace and details and a bit more ornate like maybe some different pieces on the shoes are a bit more ornate; then you have the sporty look where you may just have some khaki pants and the cool safari jacket; then you have somebody who might be more alluring which is the tight knit dress with a little bit more cleavage showing; or you may have somebody who is a little bit more creative where you may find like think of Annie Lennox; then you have these looks and you can pull pieces of each of them and intertwine them to create your own style which is really what I love to do because you should really show your personality I feel when you dress. You don’t want to conform to something you’re not. You want to be comfortable in what you wear everyday.

Terri:  I’m actually really glad you said that and the reason I say that is I love funky stuff, like really funky stuff and I wear funky stuff. It makes me feel good, it’s certainly part of my personality and many years ago I met a woman who was an image consultant who I didn’t resonate with by the way and she said “Oh you can’t wear funky clothes at your age.” Can we talk about that? Do you disagree?

Dawn-Marie:  I definitely disagree.

Terri:  Yeah!

Dawn-Marie:  I always say there are certain things that women and men should be conscious of when you hit a certain age. So I feel that anything over 40, I mean you don’t want to go wear something that makes you look like something that you’re not because that is really a bad look. So you can still have fun with your wardrobe, but you may want to tone certain things down. So you may not want to walk around with flaming pink hair if you are 60 years old, but you can maybe have something that’s pink, like a blouse under a jacket or some really cool accessory piece that has that color in it where you can still bring it in, but it’s really age appropriate. It’s not flattering to dress in something that you are not.

Terri:  I love it. It’s funny you mentioned pink because that is the color that I wear the most of. I’m like yes! Pink! I love it. So another question I have, this is all about Terry, I live here in Pennsylvania, we’ve got people listening to Heartrepreneur Radio from all over the place, what if we don’t live close to you, then what?

Dawn-Marie:  I do sessions over Skype, so I can work with you. They are anywhere in the world and we can always work with them.

Terri: That is so cool and I was keeping my fingers crossed, like I hope she says she can do that. That is awesome, that is awesome. What’s a couple of critical things that you may offer to anyone listening that’s concerned about what they look like and what they should do in terms of I’ve got to figure out what I should do in terms of my look and my hair, my whatever, what are a couple of key things you can tell folks?

Dawn-Marie:  Well, I always say to start with whatever you have already. So go to your closet and really make an assessment. So pull everything out, I know it sounds like a tedious task but once you do this you are going to be amazed. You are going to see all the things that you never wear.

If it’s something you haven’t worn in a year or 2 put it aside. Pull it out. Make 3 different piles, one to toss, one to donate and one that you made need to do some mending. You may have a great piece but let’s say you lost weight and it’s a little too big and bring it to a tailor and have them tailor it to fit you and you can still wear it. Or if you can sew you can do it yourself.  But always try on everything. Because you want to see. Does it really fit?

And then you want to check if the color, if it’s the right color for you and if it’s in season, what’s the palette for your wardrobe plan? Check the line and the texture. The line is the center ???? So if you know your body type which is really another important piece of the puzzle, then you know certain things than you can wear and certain things that you can’t wear with your body type. So, you may have things in your closet where whether you went up a couple of pounds or down a couple pounds either way they are not going to fit you properly so carve them out and maybe you can give them to your neighbors, friends or family or donate it to Goodwill what have you.

Also as I’ve mentioned before, that fit your personality today. Maybe you worked in the corporate world 10 years ago, but now you are more of the creative type and those suits are not going to fit your wardrobe, but you might be able to take the jacket and not the skirt or pant and vice versa and still be able to utilize it in your wardrobe.

And does if fit your lifestyle? How much do you work in a week and do you have kids and are you at their soccer games? If you are a stay at home mom you may be doing  more of those activities and your wardrobe may want to reflect that and you may not be going out as much. So you may want to think about those types of things.

Also the weight of the material is very important too because if you are a petite woman and you wear very chunky sweaters you are going to disappear in those types of things. So you have to keep that in mind when looking at your wardrobe as well.

Terri:  Perfect, perfect. Wow you have given so many tips. I’m so excited. I’m so glad to get to know you and I just knew, I have to get Dawn-Marie on my show. I just know she is going to bring a ton of value and man you have. So how can people get in touch with you and what’s the best way of reaching out for help

Dawn-Marie:  Well, they can do 2 things. They can call me directly and the number is 727-858-3515 or they can reach me at my website at lifesnecessitiesandluxuries.com and that’s all spelled out or they can email me at lifesnandl@gmail.com.

Terri:  Perfect. I love the name of your business too.

Dawn-Marie:  Thank you.

Terri:  Your website is awesome. So first I just want to say thank you Dawn-Marie. Wow, there’s been so much valuable information and I’m actually really really excited and am going to give you a call myself. So I recommend to my fellow heartrepreneurs, male and female, I think we can all use some expert advice in this area. Wouldn’t it be cool if you just wake up in the morning, you’ve got these outfits, you know what goes together, you know which pieces, I mean I’m just very excited about it. So make sure you reach out to Dawn-Marie and Dawn-Marie thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur Radio today.

Dawn-Marie:  Well thank you Terry I really appreciate that.

Terri:  And to the listeners. Make sure you tune into each and every show. You can simply subscribe to the show and that way you never miss an episode. I have some more amazing guests booked. So share, tell your friends and everyone keep tuning in here on Heartrepreneur Radio. We’ll talk again soon. Bye for now.