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HPR 200 | Transformational Clarity

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 200 | Transformational Clarity And Confidence: Understanding What You’re Talking About When Pitching Your Idea With Natasha Charles, MSEd

HPR 200 | Transformational Clarity


What is holding you back from believing that who you are is profitable and marketable? Let business coach and CEO Natasha Charles, MSEd help you discover clarity in your purpose, communication, and process that creates authenticity and confidence. Natasha talks about transformational clarity and confidence, as well as her intuitive approach to coaching which can unlock your potential to be who you are and create a business that you love.

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Transformational Clarity And Confidence: Understanding What You’re Talking About When Pitching Your Idea With Natasha Charles, MSEd

I have with me Natasha Charles and she is with Intuitive Coaching with Natasha. Natasha, welcome to our show.

Thank you so much for having me on, Sam. I’m so excited.

Natasha, you had been helping clients with your coaching, and tell me some of the results you get for your clients.

I would say the two biggest results that I’ve gotten with my clients are literally transformational increases in confidence going from a message that was not aligned at all with their personality, their purpose. Who they’re truly meant to be in this world, to communicating from a space of, “This is who I am. This is what I believe, and these are the kinds of clients that I want to attract with my message.” It’s about not thinking about all of the stuff that gets in the way of that and just sharing 100 from a space of authenticity. The other result that I would say that I’ve been able to achieve is transformational clarity. Going from not having a product, not understanding the purpose, not being able to pitch correctly, not having people understand what it is that you’re talking about when you’re pitching your idea and just mapping out an entire process. Coming from a space of not being able to communicate what it is that you’re wanting to say in terms of talking about your business, your gifts and things like this to understanding what it is that you offer, what’s your product, what’s your method of delivery, what’s your process. It’s being able to go in and knock the socks off of the people who invite you to come and pitch. It’s not even the ordinary, everyday, “I get it.” It’s on fire and has amazing clarity.

You’re giving them confidence and clarity. With this confidence and clarity, what kind of business results have they achieved?

There have been others but there’s this one person that I think of all the time where we had a conversation. She went out right after we worked together and she started sharing in an amazing way. She’s so authentic now. You would not believe that this is the same person. Her messaging has shifted. Her confidence has improved. She’s gone beast mode. She is just out there and she’s rocking it. She stepped up her game in terms of her business. She’s gotten clear about who it is that she is and who she wants to serve and how she wants to do it. She’s out there hustling to get clients and she’s sharing and she’s doing webinars. She’s opened up.

Another client that I’m thinking of is, he’s preparing to pitch to small businesses that are making a minimum of $2 million per year in revenue. We started out in a space where we were on phone calls and people just had no idea what in the world he was talking about. He’s a completely brilliant guy. I love him. He’s a genuine, solid individual coming from a heart-centered space and loves people. I know that he has great ideas. He’s made millions before. For me, it was one of those things like, “Let me talk to you over here and let’s spend some time working out some of the kinks.” We’ve done that and he’s preparing to make a pitch. He’s more active. I would say that he’s been activated by the time that we’re spending together. He’s spending the time that’s necessary to get clear. He is in tune and he’s open to working with me. He’s open to my process of questioning and probing and going deep to get the answers.

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We hear you have a gift. What is your gift and how do you share that with your clients to help them achieve this success of having more confidence and more clarity?

There are a number of gifts, but my strongest gift is my intuition. It’s having an intuitive knowing, having a sense of something’s not right or there’s a question that needs to be asked or there’s something that’s not being addressed. It’s having a sense around money. I’ve had clients that I’ve worked with say things like, “I’m not sure where I’m going to find a client. I’m not sure what’s going to happen now.” I’ve been in meetings with people and I’ve said something like, “I feel like something’s going to happen.” I’ve had people get phone calls while I’m on the phone with them working with them.

That’s an instant result.

I’ve had that. I’ve had things shift and move while I’m on the phone with them. I had someone who was wanting to get a particular result. There’s one where she actually left me a great review. She was concerned about something that she wanted to do. I think it was a position that she wanted to get and it literally went through me like a lightning bolt and I reached out and I said to her, “I feel like you’re going to get a job in the next eight days.” She reached out to me and she said, “Natasha, I didn’t get one. I didn’t get two. I got three job offers and I accepted one and it all happened in the space of eight days as you said.” I had another client where I just felt like she was going to end up in an influential space and they were going to be three different types of people. I got this whole download in terms of messaging around the types of clients that she was going to be working with and the types of offers that she was going to make and literally happen just like that. She had three different types of clients, three different offers, three different products, the price at different levels and she’s been successful. She’s made close to six figures on top of what she was already making in her business. I haven’t thought about these results in quite a long time, but those are some of the things that I’ve done with clients.

We’re dealing with heart-based entrepreneurs, people that like to do their business with heart. How did you bring your heart into your business?

My heart is my business. I pour myself into my business. I would say that when things started to open up for me was when I realized that I didn’t need to fit myself into something. I could create something that was about me and from me. I pursue every passion, every interest. I ask every question and I know that it’s all perfect and it’s all perfectly aligned and that it’s creating a better me, a greater me. It helps me to be better for the people that I’m working with. I literally am someone who loves to give. As I’m out in the world and I’m doing things and I’m thinking, “How am I going to be able to share this? How am I going to be able to do this? How can I integrate this? What can I create that’s going to serve somebody by learning this, by doing this?” I get excited about doing that. Just about sharing, about giving, about increasing my talent, my skill level and my ability to help the people that are seeking me.

How can we be more giving, how can we be more sharing and actually looking for opportunities where we can make our mark from our heart with giving, sharing and helping people? That’s a good universal energy. The other thing you talked about was being authentic and speaking your truth. Tell me a little bit about that.

HPR 200 | Transformational Clarity
Transformational Clarity: Doing business with a heart is about showing up as yourself and believing that you can be who you are and still make money.


Here’s the bottom line. It’s about showing up as yourself and believing that you can be who you are and still make money. I talked to so many people who literally hold themselves back because they don’t believe that who they are is going to be profitable and they don’t believe that who they are is marketable. I’m the person who shows up and says, “No, let’s go. Come on.” There is a segment of the world that is waiting for you and wants to pay you to be who you are just as you are right now.

Yes, there may be things that you need to tweak and hone and things like this. We all have to take classes. We all are looking for ways to develop our skillset. This is why we work with coaches. That’s why you and I both have invested in working with a coach, you work with Terri. There may be things that you need to tweak, but who you are at the core, at the essence, that is who you are for a reason. You are divinely assigned, you are divinely developed. You are who you are on purpose and you need to believe that and step into that and believe that there are people who will pay you to be yourself.

Natasha, where do people find out more information about you?

There are a couple of different ways. You can find me on Facebook. I have a Facebook group, Love, Prosperity and Abundance, which is my baby, my brainchild. I also have a Facebook business page, which is Intuitive Coaching with Natasha. I also have a LinkedIn page, Natasha Charles, and I also have Instagram, which is @NatashaCharlesIg.

I’m your guest host Sam Mak, diversity and inclusion consultant. You can find out more about me at You can also find like-minded individuals and connect with us on Facebook at Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine.

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About Natasha Charles

HPR 200 | Transformational ClarityI have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and completed two Masters degrees in Education and 3 certificates in Business and Non-Profit Fundraising while working full-time, running a part-time business and being a parent.

I am CEO of Intuitive Coaching with Natasha, a heart-centered, intuition-based, encouragement and empowerment custom coaching business that generates solutions as unique as the client. I believe in helping clients to create what’s next in business and / or life.

As part of my core philosophy, I teach that you don’t need to seek me only when you have “problems”. I am extremely effective in creating diversity, fun, and joy in life. Using the creative process, I teach to create from a place of peace, excitement, abundance, prosperity, overflow.

I encourage living “A Full Circle Life”(TM), a life that feels vibrant, healthy, whole, complete, and fulfilling both inside and outside. I continue to be a very involved parent to one bright, energetic, courageous, and determined child.

You can connect with me via my Facebook group ‘Love Prosperity Abundance’, or via LinkedIn.

From my heart, to yours.

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