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November 26, 2019

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Engaging people with business brands is what Meiyoko Taylor is all about. He is a branding expert and life and business strategist who teaches CEOs, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and industry leaders to promote peak performance in every area of life. Today, he walks us through branding your business and how you can engage with your consumers to turn them into loyal customers. Meiyoko teaches us on how small businesses can get lower overhead and still organically grow their business and achieve their goals. Learn tips on how you can develop your skills for your own business growth in this episode.

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Branding: The Processes Of Engaging People With Meiyoko Taylor

We have a branding expert, a business strategist, Meiyoko Taylor. Meiyoko, welcome to our show.

Thanks for having me, Sam.

Why is it important for small businesses to brand themselves? What does that do for them?

Connect the audience to who you are, not just your services. Click To Tweet

Branding establishes a connection to your audience to where you build loyal followers. What I mean by loyal followers, if you look at our society, oftentimes there’s a lot of one and done when it comes to purchasing. Many years ago, you had repeat customers. If your grandfather drinks Coca-Cola, your parents drink Coca-Cola and you drink Coca-Cola. What branding does is it allows people to engage in your personal experience. The journey that your company takes your potential customer on is an important setting in a stage to have because what it’s going to do is it’s going to allow you to generate more leads from an organic base. It’s going to take your overhead down because a lot of small businesses, if you see a lot of advertisements, it’s Facebook ads and it’s Instagram ads. It’s a lot of different things that are causing you to spend excessive amounts of money. When you have a strong branding presence, it allows you to attract people to your brand to your business to your service, which is ultimately going to generate and produce more income.

People now want to be engaged with who you are. They want to know who’s operating the controls and who’s behind the controls. As small business owners, we often don’t engage our potential audience on who we are and what makes us different? What makes us unique? They want that connection and sometimes we push our services so much. There are a lot of people out there that can provide maybe the same level of service, but what connects us to our audience is that personal touch. Where have you gone? Where have you been? Where are you going? That’s very important for small business owners to understand and to keep in mind. I see a lot of people that are disconnected from their audience. They have a great product. They have a very strong outcome to give to their potential market. They don’t know anything about them or anything personal enough to connect with the audience. I’m about connecting the audience, not just your services and what makes you different and where are you going? People want to be part of that process. That’s very important.

Something you said intrigued me. It was about organic customers and getting your overhead down. Tell me a little bit more about that. How can we get that lower overhead and still organically grow the business?

206HPRCaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 206 | Branding: The Processes Of Engaging People With Meiyoko Taylor
Marketing Your Business Brand: Having a strong branding presence allows you to attract people to your brand, to your business, and to your service, which is ultimately going to generate more income.


Whether it comes to marketing and posting on social media, our marketing materials were books. Anything that you put out there that’s content, what we often do is we put out content that is teaser content. We’ll do a landing page or we’ll do something where we present the big offer. One of the things that I definitely emphasize to my clients is that you have to learn how to put the offer or the outcome in your marketing and your content. People have a clear idea of what your process is before they even enroll as a client. What this is going to do is it’s going to build trust. It’s going to build your credibility. They’re going to have a crystal-clear idea of how you can help them because you’re laying out the process. We’ve been taught so long to show them what it is. We show them why, but we never show them how. There’s a way of showing your potential customer how without giving them the details, but give them the process. Take them through that process, whether it’s through a Facebook post or it’s through Instagram, whether it’s through a book.

Whatever marketing that you do, let them see your process because that’s going to give them a clear idea and confidence that you are able to give them the outcome that they’re looking for. That’s a very big piece that a lot of business owners miss. Once they understand that and they start implementing that, it boosts their profits and not only that, it generates leads organically to where you’re not spending so much on Facebook ads or Instagram ads or different types of marketing methods to gain clients. Everyone is clear of what you do, how you do it and the process that takes them there.

Give me an example of that. Maybe in your own business, how do you let people know a little bit about your process? What would be one or two things you tell somebody?

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One of the things I would first start with is I would give them a very short back story on some of the mistakes that I’ve made in my business, whether it was spending money on ads or believing that I had to withhold information from my particular client. Then, I would segue into how to talk and speak to your client in a way where you’re letting them know that I understand the process. I’ll take them to, “I understand what you’re going through. I understand what your goals are. I know the process to get you there.” Once they know that I understand that process and for example, let’s say we’re talking about people that want to go into the coaching field.

One of the first things that I say about people trying to be coaches is to find your zone of genius. What is that thing that you’re best at, that takes very little effort for you to do and you love doing it? That is step one. That’s part of my process and then I’ll say, “What is your dream client? Describe them to me. It has to be somebody that you enjoy working with. Are they male or female? Are they married?” It won’t be long-winded, but I’ll put these particular steps in a post and I’ll close out with something like, “If this sounds like you, this is definitely something I can help you with. You can reach me at whatever the information is.” What I’ve done is I accomplished two things. I’ve accomplished the fact that you know that I’m relatable because I’ve gone through what you’re going through and two, I’ve laid out part of my process so now it’s clear for you to see, “This is where I am and he can help me achieve the outcome that I’m looking for.”

There are a couple of other things that you mentioned like social media marketing. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What are your thoughts on that because it’s very easy to get overwhelmed or stick to one platform or go with ads or not go with ads? What is your viewpoint on marketing through social media? What’s most effective?

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Marketing Your Business Brand: Pay attention to what you do best that requires the smallest amount of effort and then figure out what type of outcome you can provide and what audience needs that the most.


One of the things that had me stuck is as I was trying to market on every single platform and it literally almost burned me out. My suggestion is, all those platforms, you have to mark it differently because it’s a different audience on every single platform. The majority of your audience on Instagram is between the ages of 18, 34 to 35 or younger. If you are someone that your clients are all coaches or mid-level executive professionals, that may not be the most advantageous platform for you. There on that platform, but they’re usually on there looking at pictures, videos and things like that. You may want to go for LinkedIn.

Let’s say you’re looking and trying to sell a program that’s the high ticket. The average income on LinkedIn is $80,000 a year. You know from those statistics, that’s where you want to go to your executives, your C-level executives, your small business owners and your entrepreneurs. Many of them are on LinkedIn. That’s one of the platforms that you focus on. Facebook is another good one. I recommend personally, if your audience is not someone 18 to 35, I would focus your efforts on LinkedIn and Facebook. That’s where I would go because most of your audience is going to be there. Facebook is huge. Facebook still has more users than any social media platform. You’re going to get a little bit of everybody and you can target a lot more on Facebook on who you want to market to. I would say, LinkedIn and Facebook, especially if you’re a small business, you train coaches or you’re dealing with executives that make a certain amount of income, LinkedIn and Facebook are going to be your go-to. Instagram is pretty much more for entertainment unless you fall in that age range.

You’re getting a slightly older client too, more established and maybe a little more goal-oriented on those two platforms. What are your thoughts on Twitter?

Branding establishes a connection to your audience where you build loyal followers. Click To Tweet

I like Twitter, but the thing about it is they’re all different animals. Twitter is very informational, but once you post a tweet, you literally have about ten seconds to grasp somebody’s attention. You have to tweet a lot. It has to be a very strong level of consistency there. You can generate business on Twitter, but the reality is it’s so much information thrown at you at such a given time. While your tweet is up there for five seconds, there are already 50 or 60 tweets that already hit the timeline. You have to know how to market to that Twitter audience but I recommend to people LinkedIn and Facebook. If you’re trying to generate any business as a small business owner and if your audience is not that 18 to 35 range. If your product service is more established and more professional services, you’re definitely going to want to look to LinkedIn and Facebook and how to engage your audience in those platforms.

Let’s say someone has a business, they want more clients and they have a limited marketing budget, what one or two tips would you give them to focus on?

The first tip is to focus on how you are delivering your content. Everything with me is content, whether it’s a text I sent to someone, whether it’s a social media post or whether it’s a blog post. I don’t care what it is. Your content should always have specific ingredients in it. One, it should always bring back to something that you’ve dealt with personally that your audience can relate to. Two, who you are and what you do. Three, the process and doing it. You should always know the outcome that your audience is trying to receive. That’s how people get messed up because they are not clear on their offer. They’re not dialed in on what type of outcome they can provide for their audience. If you do those three things and you keep it in your content all the time, the little pieces of it, you’re going to generate more leads and more income that way. That will be the first thing. The second thing is to be crystal clear on your zone of genius. You want to tighten and hone in on your specific skillset that you have in your particular company and focus on that. As much as you can, delegate everything else that is distracting you from the things that you do best.

I think you hit the nail on the head, people by results. What is the outcome that they are getting? How can our audience find out more about you?

They can reach me at They can reach me on social media, @MeiyokoTaylor on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s the same thing across the board.

You’ve had so many great insights on business strategy. What is one parting thought you’d like to leave our audience with?

The last thought I want to leave everybody with is to stop overthinking. I know you can get shiny object syndrome. There are a lot of people that sell marketing tools, tips on how to reach six figures overnight, that type of thing. Don’t pay attention to that. Pay attention to what you do best that requires the smallest amount of effort and then figure out what type of outcome you can provide and figure out what audience needs the most and is able to invest in themselves and in your services to the point where you can establish a great relationship. That’s what you should focus on and nothing else.

If you are too tired of figuring out, contact Meiyoko, he will help you fix it. This is Sam Mak, your guest host. You can find out more about me and Diversity and Inclusion Consulting at You can also join us at #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine and connect with like-minded business owners to grow your ideas and grow your business.

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Meiyoko Taylor e1574771390531 241x300 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 206 | Branding: The Processes Of Engaging People With Meiyoko TaylorKnown as “the Trajectory Changer” Meiyoko Taylor is a life & business strategist and the creator of the acclaimed 7 Pillars To Peak Potential™ which teaches CEOs, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and industry leaders a comprehensive system to promote peak performance in every area of life. As a Business & Peak Performance Coach and speaker, he infuses his experience in business, NLP, and emotional intelligence, with the power of relatable real-world examples.

Meiyoko Taylor has authored and co-authored a total of six books, including Find Your AMAZING! 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life and Forever Truckin Mastering The Will To Win, both of which have become bestsellers. He has received wide media coverage and acclaim, including features in SUCCESS, Womens Health and Fitness Magazine, Bustle, Ladders, and dozens of other media outlets.

Meiyoko is also a sought-after speaker and trainer due to his conversational style which connects his audience to an intimate, intense, and transformational level of self-discovery. Additionally, he is a lead writer for the fastest personal development blog in the country and a featured author for many other publications.

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