Episode 21 Interview With Tracee Sioux

Welcome again to Heartrepreneur Radio. Really glad you are tuning in for this episode here with Terri Levine and my special guest today is Tracee  Sioux. She is a spiritual business and life coach and she’s the creator of The Year of Yes. I’m really anxious to hear about this by the way. It’s a coaching program and in that program she helps people understand their soul’s purpose and have them make it happen. She’s also the publisher of Sioux, Inc. Soul Purpose Publishing where she takes people and transforms them into personalities and transforms them into experienced experts. I know alot of you who are listening you want to be that expert, you want to be that personality so it’s exciting. And Tracee also has her own radio show, Year of Yes Radio, and it’s at True2YouRadio.com. I have to tell you, she’s amazing. She’s been featured in New York Times Magazine, Today.com, Forbes.com. Just amazing, super-interested, she’s a regular columnist and a ton of publications.

Terri:  So Tracee, welcome here to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Tracee:  Thank you so much for having me Terri. I really appreciate it.

Terri:  Well I got excited, really excited about you. What is this Year of Yes? So I want to know what that is and how you came to formulate this?

Tracee:  So I got a divorce into 2012 and I had been a stay-at-home mom. I had kept my foot in the door writing and I had some passion projects going on, but I hadn’t really focused on the business piece of it because my children were pretty young.  So when I got divorced I found myself making $600 a month and feeding my kids from the food bank and utterly terrified. And one day I was doing some dishes and I looked at this peacefully and I felt this profound peace all the way deep in my bones. And I realized that my soul had gotten what she wanted. She wanted a divorce because she felt very confined in the marriage and now that she had it there was this deep deep deep peace. And I thought well what if my soul gets everything she wants? What if I just say yes to everything she wants. What would my life look like? What would I be doing? How would I be making money? How would I be living?

And I decided that it was a worthy experiment. I did it from January to December of 2013 and I kept a diary, a very raw diary which I published as the Year of Yes and now I teach people how to do that. How to say yes to their soul. It can be an extremely scary thing to do and how to even figure out what does your soul want?  Most of us are so busy and there’s so much noise in our world and we think that we can’t even hear our soul.  So just getting quiet and noticing which is your ego and which is your soul is how I help people do that and then we have a marketing or a publishing arm. So it’s  like ok now we know what you want to do so let’s make that into a profitable business. What’s the business model you can build around that and how can we market that to people and how can we package it so that it’s something that you will love and so will your clients. And the publishing arm where we can take people and publish a book for them. They can write it and I can edit it. It’s just all the way around a publishing company. So I love to take people from the very beginning and make them into living their soul’s purpose, but also making a living.

Terri:  This is the first time, I have to tell you. I’ve heard people talk about soul purpose for 20+ years. This is the first time and I just want to honor this and celebrate it and point it out to our listeners that I actually am talking to someone who says ok let’s get to your soul purpose which so many of you want. I know that my listeners want that. Now, let’s take that and actually let’s make you a credible expert with them. You can have a career based on it. I love it I think it’s fabulous. Thank you for doing it.

Tracee:  Yeah. I don’t see a reason we should be broke. I feel if you are being called to it you are being called to it. There must be a way for you to make a living at it. There must be away for you to become an expert at it and if you are willing to invest in it, then absolutely it can happen and why shouldn’t it?

Terri:  I love that I love that. So I’m going to throw something out at you. I’ve got a client who really wants to call herself a muse. She feels like she’s really good at musing and that’s what she really likes and she’s recently said I’m really clear. This is what I want to do, this is what I meant to do this is my soul’s purpose. But she’s not a clue as to how to make a living. Where do you even start with something like that?

Tracee:  Well first what exactly does a muse do? What would be the service that she would be providing to people?

Terri:  That’s a really good question.  So we need clarity around that.

Tracee:  Yea, is she wanting to be a muse for painters? Does she want to be the model? I mean in the rock star world muses are often sexual partners, right? Is that where she is going?

Terri:  I didn’t even think of that.

Tracee:  Throughout history a muse has been a very erotic being if you will and what exactly does she want to do for the person to be a muse? And then whatever the service is, that’s what she would build a model around

Terri:  OK.  So I want everyone to catch that because that was so important.  You have to actually know what it is you are doing. Alot of my clients and listeners give me titles and I want to start to ask well what exactly is it? You have to get clarity, not just a title, clarity. What is it you are doing and I have them talk to you what the outcome you create for someone. So what’s that outcome and once you know that, how do you take her to become this known expert? Is just writing the book, is there something else that goes into it?

Tracee:  If you are going to invest in something, you need to invest in an on-line presence because maybe you business isn’t going to come from Google searches but if people are going to meet you and then think about working with you, they are going to go to your website and see exactly who you are. And I’m talking about a website that really conveys who you really are and what you really are about becasue people want to connect with your authenticity, especially if you are trying to be a muse, right?

So I’m thinking there’s got to be some kind of poetry on there or the work of the people for whom she has mused, images that kind of thing where people will be super-attracted to that. So a muse is a magical, mystical thing to be throughout history. So that could make a really cool website to that and then a book adds credibility no matter what.

I never tell people when they come to me to publish a book that they are going to make money on the book. These are expenses, the idea is to think of it as a big brochure that will get you immediate engagements, that will get you speaking engagements, that will lead people back to your website so they are interested in your service. So that is the role of books and if lightning strikes hallejuah, but the lightning is not while you are doing it. We are doing it for a sustainable business that can support you long-term. So even if lightning strikes on a book, often that’s like a 3 week high and its’ over.

We don’t want to make the outcome dependent on lightning striking on an international bestseller. Yes, we can do that, but you can be a number one amazon bestseller for an hour, you are not going to get rich in that hour. So my focus is always a sustainable business, the book adds credibility, it allows you to express yourself, it allows you to connect, especially with online media and there is no substitute for in-person contact.

People buy people, they don’t buy services, especially if you are going to be a muse. You better be selling your personality, your energy really. Actually we are all selling our energy, that’s what we are doing, that’s what we are exchanging, regardless of the service. So you want to be around people to touch that, feel that, come into contact with it. Most of my sales are after I’ve met someone in person, even if it’s just for 5 minutes and then they research me and go oh maybe tis is something I want to try or I think this person can really help me. so I often hire people that I know, that I’ve met, that I’ve met at a conference or at a friend’s party. So nothing can replace personal interaction, but that often isn’t a financial investment. The on-line presence and the book adds the credibility. That’s what people want to see. So if you’ve got a really amazing website, you do look like an expert. If you have a book you do look like an expert. and hopefully you are if you are building your business around what you are doing.

Terri:  You better be. You better be.

Tracee:  It doesn’t mean you can’t be ???????? it just means you have to be compassionate enough about this to really put yourself into it – give yourself to it.

Terri:  Wow. I love this. I took some notes and I’m going to make sure that not only this client listens to this show but I’m going to encourage those of you listening to share this show. I think we’ve got some major value here. I have to say, Tracee I’m so in awe because anytime I’ve met someone who talks about soul purpose, they never tie it in in a way that you have with understanding and here’s where you can make money from it and here’s what you can do and what you need in order to get there. So this was so clear. I love this I love this.  How can the listeners get in touch with you if they want to know more about you, about your Yes, how can they reach you.

Tracee: So, I’m on Facebook, Sioux, Inc. is my business name, Tracee Sioux is my personal page, I’m happy to friend people personally so I can interact with them and my website is traceesioux.com and you can buy my books on Amazon or iTunes and you can go to your bookstore and request.

Terri:  Well you rock. You are awesome.

Tracee:  Thank you.

Terri:  I totally enjoyed this. I actually have a whole page of notes in my notebook here which is very cool.

Tracee:  Great

Terri:  Thank you so much for joining and I am really honored that you came and I’ve learned quite a bit so I want to thank you and I really encourage people check Tracee out, follow her, connect with her on Facebook. She’s clearly got alot of value and she clearly is a Heartrepreneur, someone doing business from their soul purpose and passion and helping others to do the same. So Tracee thank you again and for my listeners than you so much for tuning in again to Heartrepreneur Radio. We will see you again soon. Tune in for each and every episode. Make sure that you subscribe to the podcast. Feel free to share us on Facebook as well. And I’ll see all of you soon. Thank you again for being here on Heartrepreneur Radio with Terri Levine.