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March 16, 2020

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Whether you have money or not is a choice. This is what today’s guest believes, and he teaches us how we can make the choice to be in a better financial situation in this episode. Host, Terri Levine, has Andrew Gardella—a chiropractor and a Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator, a specialty program from Access Consciousness. All about the idea of creating your reality, Andrew leads us into the power of our point of view when it comes to wanting and seeing wealth for ourselves. He shares his own personal experiences of growing up and going to flea markets to generate more income, believing in the importance of being present in making the choice to have wealth. Get inside the reality of achieving your financial goals and more. Take the first conscious step by learning how Andrew’s program at Access Consciousness can help.

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Creating A Life Of Wealth A Reality With Andrew Gardella

I have with me Andrew Gardella and he’s a chiropractor. He’s also a Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator, which is a specialty program from Access Consciousness. He graduated from school Magna Cum Laude with BAs in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science and he received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Since he was young, he bought items from flea markets and then he sold them to generate more income. This has evolved into buying and selling antiques alongside his Access Consciousness network. He realized some years ago that whether you have money or not is a choice. Since discovering this, he’s never looked back financially. That’s going to be a lesson for all of us. He loves teaching others how they can make the choice to be in a better financial situation. Welcome, Andrew. I’m excited to have you.

I’m excited to be here. It’s always fun to talk about money, wealth and things for me.

I’m excited and I know our readers want more money, more wealth and they want to do it in an easy, effortless way. You have many degrees. What led you down this path and the decision to be an Access Consciousness person?

My whole life I was always seeking something but I didn’t know what I was seeking. When I was studying in undergrad, I was always fascinated with the weird stuff like paranormal psychology or someone has a stroke, they lose their vision, but all of a sudden, they can see in vibration. Weird stuff that doesn’t happen to everyone. There are these outliers and that was always something that interested me. I took all these weird courses and I ended up with three majors because I was like, “I want to take this.” I was looking into the brain. I was fascinated by the nervous system and all of that. That’s also what led me to chiropractic school.

At this point, I have done four years of formal education and I’m at a chiropractic school. I’m still like, “I’m missing something.” Because in chiropractic school I was reading a lot of stuff on quantum physics and outlying physics stuff that they were talking about. When you observe something, it starts to change. There would be signs that would shoot an electron out and they would ask you to go left and it would go left. They’d ask you to go right and it would go right. It was 50/50, but it would always do 100% of what they asked it to do.

You have people that I would work on in chiropractic school and someone gets better but they would have the same disease. I was the same person and I would do the same thing, but someone would show progress and someone wouldn’t. It didn’t sit with me. I started taking Access Consciousness classes and one of the first things I heard was your point of view creates your reality. I went, “This makes sense now,” because someone who thinks something’s impossible, it becomes impossible for them. Someone who doesn’t have that point of view, it’s not impossible for them.

Let’s take that point for a minute, “Your point of view creates your reality.” I think that it’s key. I want to stop, pause and make sure that our audience takes that in. I want the audience to know this. Where are you in your income? Where are you in your relationships? Where are you in your attitude? Every aspect of your life comes from your point of view.

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If we want to look at this in terms of wealth and money that your point of view creates reality. I was raised in a middle-class family in Cleveland, Ohio in Midwest. I’m the oldest of four children. Growing up, when we went to the restaurants, you didn’t get soda, juice or anything, you got water. It was always on a tight budget or you didn’t splurge on all these things. I noticed as I was growing up, especially as I started making more money and working, I still carry those points of view with me. I was acting as if I didn’t have the money and acting if I couldn’t afford these things based on “how I was raised.” All of a sudden, it’s starting to shift, but it’s taken a while to break those old habits or the ways that I’ve learned to function with money and everything. If I had the choice between a car or walking somewhere and the walk was 30 minutes or something, I would leave early and walk because I didn’t have the money when I was younger. Now I do, so I could take the car but it’s been a process of continually like, “What would I like to choose here?” “I do have the money.” It’s these small things in your life that you don’t even realize the points of view that you’re functioning from. What does that say, how that creates your life and starting to unravel those and change those is what I do with the Wealth Creators classes and all the Access classes.

Where do we find Wealth Creators Anonymous?

If you want to find me, the easiest way is or If you want to find out about all of the Access classes, you can go to

Since you were young, you did the flea markets to generate more income. How does that parallel with Access Consciousness work? Can you make that connection for me?

The Access Consciousness work in the classes is a set of tools and processes to change anything in your life that’s not working for you. All of it is based on the idea that if we can ask you a question, then it empowers you to know well. If we give you an answer that disempowers you because it’s not about what you know or what would be fun for you, it’s what worked for me. What worked for me was buying. That was one of the lessons my dad gave me when I would buy things. He’s like, “Buy what you know and buy what you like. At the end of the day, if you like it and you’re stuck with it, at least you like it.”

That’s what we look at with all the Access classes, empowering the participants to know what they know and know what’s going to work for them in their life. What might work for me is different. The tools are something that I would use in buying and selling things. They’re an additive to that. It doesn’t necessarily have to be involved. What we like to say is all the Access stuff is about making stuff work for you. If you already have stuff working for you, then one of the questions we give people is, “How does it get any better than that?”

You have a great life and you’re making money, how does it get any better than that? What else can you add? Because oftentimes, when we talk about wealth creation, wealth isn’t a stopping point. It’s a continual reinvestment and creative process. Sometimes what I see with people that I work with is they’ll hit a certain amount of money or they’ll hit a certain point in their life and then they’ve made it and that’s it. All of a sudden, they’re like, “My life’s not working as well as it used to.” I’m like, “What did you just say? You said you’ve made it. You’ve already decided. You’ve created the plateau with your point of view.”

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Creating Wealth A Reality: You have to make the choice to have money and wealth.


People come to me all the time as a business consultant and they say to me, “I want to have money. I want to have wealth.” I say to them, “You have to make that decision, that choice.” I know you feel the same way. Can you give a sentence or two about that?

One of the things that always interests me is you have to make the choice to have money and wealth. A lot of people are like, “I don’t want to give this up or I don’t want to do this,” or “I don’t want to stop doing this.” I’m like, “Having money is a choice.” You look at all the areas. One of the things we give people is like, “For a month, keep track of all your expenses and all the money that comes in and all the money that goes out and look at that.” Most people are surprised and they don’t realize where their money is going or how much money is coming in.

That’s important too. I always tell my client family members, they did this exercise with me for fourteen days where they track everything. Whether they spent a couple of bucks on a cup of coffee or whether they got gas or they bought a book on Kindle. I find it interesting that we make many buying decisions without truly being present and conscious. Do you agree with that?

Yes, totally. One of the questions that we give people is, “If I buy this, will it make me money? For every purchase that you make.” We’re not saying, “Is it going to have a direct line of return in investment?” Money isn’t just, “I bought something and now it’s worth $2,000 more. That made me money.” It’s something that contributes and enriches your life.

People talk a lot about not having money and therefore, “I don’t have everything I want in my life, so I’m not happy. I don’t have the joy that I desire because I don’t have money.” How would you respond to that statement?

You have $1 million, are you going to be happy then? People that hit the lottery, most of them are in the same place. Some amount of time later they’re back where they started or in a worse position. My question would be, did they make any different choices? They got this surplus of money, but in their life did they change their life with it? Did they start making different choices? Because people aren’t conscious or present with how they’re spending their money. That’s where I would look at saying, “You say you’re not happy, then if that’s what you’d like to create and you’d like to be happy, what choices can you make to be happy?”

Oftentimes people that I talk to, whether I’m consulting or meeting people, family or friends, they seem to think money is going to solve every problem in their life. Can you speak to that?

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If we’re talking about point of view creates your reality. Once you decide something’s a problem, then it’s always going to be a problem and you’re looking at money as the solution. Anytime you make a person or something a solution, if someone made you a solution in your life, how would that feel? It’s not a great thing to have. If you did that to money, what does that look like? All of a sudden, you’re seeking this thing that isn’t going to solve the problem in the first place. You’re buying a lie and then even if you’ve got it, it’s not going to change it because you didn’t make a different choice. You’re looking for an external thing to solve an internal problem or issue.

Who is an ideal client or someone that you help? The second part of the question, can you give us perhaps an example from one of the clients that you’ve helped?

An ideal client is anyone that’s looking to change in their life. I work a lot with bodies too. That’s another area of mine. If you’re looking to change their body or money and everything like that, I don’t think it’s an age range or amount of money or anything. Their willingness to change is ideal.

Can you give us an example of someone you have helped and how they have transformed?

I do a lot of sessions like bodywork sessions as I’m a chiropractor. One lady had the tool of, “If I choose this tool will it make me money?” The other thing we talk about is asking your body. You want to ask your body because it has intelligence and an awareness of what it requires and what it desires. She asked her body, “If I get the session, will it make me money?” She got a yes. I worked on her because she had some physical body things. The next day she got a contract for €5,000 that came out of nowhere. This is more of the way that we can be in our lives with money, wealth and with creation. When you ask questions, the universe can contribute to you in weird and wacky ways that you don’t expect.

I find that interesting too. I learned to ask good questions. I certainly think of Access Consciousness. I have several clients that have studied it and they ask truly some of the best questions ever. If anyone is coaching or helping people on any kind of counseling service, massage therapist, chiropractor, whatever it might be, these questions are super important. I remember this particular client. We were chatting and she gave me a couple of questions one day, “I was trying to lose some weight. I try all these programs, nothing fits. I said, ‘I’m going to ask my body what it wants versus reading more nutrition books.’ I started following a pattern that my body said would work for me. The weight shed like that. It is staying off and I find that I have more energy, more health.” All these years, I never tuned in and thought, “Ask your own body instead of looking for outside sources.” Why is it that we always turn to other people for the solution? We want money to be the solution, a book or something to be the solution instead of ourselves.

Part of it is a cultural thing. We’re not taught from a young age of like, “What would you like to choose?” When you were a child, did anyone else ask you, “What would your body like to eat? What would your body like to wear?” Even if people ask you, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” Are they asking you or do they already have a thing of like, “No, you shouldn’t do that,” or “You shouldn’t be this?” Why would you want to be that? That’s not going to make any money. Those are the things that we have in our heads and our world on an unconscious level that is one of the areas where we started to pick apart and work with the clients. They have these beliefs and they don’t even realize it sometimes.

218HPRCaption2 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 218 |  Creating A Life Of Wealth A Reality With Andrew Gardella
Creating Wealth A Reality: When you ask questions, the universe can contribute to you in weird and wacky ways that you don’t expect.


Two words come to me as you’re talking, to become more aware and to become more alert. Do those words make sense to you?

Yes, I would even say, if you talked about the present, when you can be present with what’s going on to you, be aware and alert like, “I’m being triggered,” or “I’m reacting rather than having an active choice.”

I want to make sure that our readers know how to connect with you. Tell them about Wealth Creators Anonymous and tell them again about Access Consciousness if you would., you can go right there. That’s the easiest way to get to anything. If you want to find out about me personally, I also have some money blogs and some stuff like that. I’m on the Access site too. On that Access site, there’s a bunch of specialties. You can find out about the Wealth Creators programs. On the Access site, it’s going to be under specialty topics and programs.

We have to tell people to follow you on social media. I’ve been getting prepped for interview and I’ve been following you. You are truly a wealth of information. You have many degrees. You have a lot of skill and I find you to be what we call Heartrepreneur, someone who is of service, who is making a difference for others in many ways. Why is this important to you? Why is helping others create more wealth and accessing their consciousness important to you?

Part of it is selfish in a way because I see people change and it contributes so much to me and I get so much out of it. That’s how I’m wired in a way. I’ve always been interested in helping others. It’s part of my curiosity too because I’m always interested in how people work and what makes them tick. That goes with my choice of a profession.

Being open and curious is important. Instead of thinking we know everything, we have all the answers. The more open and the more curious we are, the more we learn, we grow, we develop and

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When they open to a different possibility you can change or make a different choice.

We’ve talked a lot about something and I want to go back to it. The word choice has been here since the very beginning of this conversation. What would you say to people who show up and say, “I’m stuck in this marriage? I’ve tried to lose weight. I can’t. I’ve had this illness forever. My parents were poor. I know I’m going to be poor,” and have what I call the stuck mentality. Any thoughts around that?

One of the things we about are you can only be stuck in something if you’re buying a lie. One of the things we look at is, “What lie are you buying here that are keeping you stuck? Is it true that you can’t leave your marriage?” People are like, “I can’t.” There was one story that I love. The founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas was working with a lady. She was in a marriage. She’d been married for 30 years and she was in her 60s. She’s wanting to leave her husband. Gary’s like, “Why won’t you leave your husband?” She’s like, “My mother would never approve.” Gary’s like, “How old is your mother?” The lady’s like, “She’s dead.” The mom’s dead but she’s still evaluating her life from this other person’s point of view. We do that in all areas of our life. It’s like money or anything else. The person’s stuck. Who’s whose reality are you stuck in? Is it the life you’d like to have or is that someone else’s?

As you were saying that I was thinking I had a choice to make in business and I wasn’t seeing all possibilities. I was narrowly seeing a response. I journal a lot. I began to do some journaling and I said, “I’m like hearing my father’s voice as to why I should choose what I’m choosing.” I was amazed. I became much more conscious and aware of how I was programmed and then made a different choice and said, “I’m an adult. I can make my own decisions.” Why is that that we get stuck in that loop?

I don’t know if it’s why. I think it’s just that we do. As children, we look up to our parents in a way and there are many points of view around, your parents know best and like obviously they wouldn’t give you bad information. This is where questions can become powerful because if we can ask children questions about what it is that would work for them. They can start creating a life that works for them rather than something that is tied to the parent’s points of view views and how they’re brought up and how they’re raised. That was one of the things I looked at that I became aware of. I don’t desire to perpetuate my family and how they were raised on anyone else. I don’t desire to perpetrate it on me anymore. I’d like to have a different kind of mindset and outlook on life and look at, “If everything was possible, what would I like to choose?” I’m not saying you have to have the most money in the world or what’s going to work for me?

What’s interesting that you said is, whether we have kids or we have grandkids, the way we behave, the way we act rubs off on them. If you’re someone who is conscious, more aware, more alert and you’re making choices. You understand what Access Consciousness provides and you start to ask different questions, you start to change your point of view. You’re modeling this for your kids and grandkids.

One of the things I like to talk about with Wealth Creators Anonymous, we look at wealth and we always consider it money. It’s about the wealth of possibilities that you can have in your own life. Also, the wealth that you can contribute to the world when you’re being a Heartrepreneur. When you’re coming from this space of what works for you and the possibilities you know are possible, invite us to have more and choose more. It’s funny how many times I go to these classes and even the classes I’m not in, other access classes and people follow me. They see I travel all over the world and they’re like, “It’s such a thrill this to you because I knew you years ago.” You made a different choice and I saw you did it and I was like, “I can do it if he can do it.” That’s such an aspect of wealth that we always forget about because we were like, “No, it’s about the money.” Wealth has very little to do with money.

218HPRCaption3 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 218 |  Creating A Life Of Wealth A Reality With Andrew Gardella
Creating Wealth A Reality: When you open to a different possibility, you can make a different choice.


That’s a key point. I want people to take away from our conversation. That word wealth has very little to plenty. I feel great wealth in my life. I’m not talking about financial wealth, I’m talking about relationships, love, health, knowing my body, feeling positive, waking up happy and I could go on and on and that is Heartrepreneur. Andrew, it has been a delight to be with you. We want to go to Wealth Creators Anonymous. We want to go to Access Consciousness. Follow Andrew all over social media. Andrew, thank you so much for being here. You created so much value here for me as well as the readers. It’s a pleasure being with you.

Thank you so much for having me.

For our readers, a couple of good things for you. First of all, we have an educational webinar that we put together for you. It’s not a sales pitch like other people’s webinars. It’s truly to help you grow your business. It’s the seven deviations that you need to know to make the kind of money that me and my client’s family members have made and to transform your business. You can find that at Secondly, we added all new resources on our website, which is Lots of freebies and value because we are truly here to help you. Finally, we invite you as well as Andrew to join our Facebook group, where we do business together, where we lift and inspire each other. Also, we create more Heartrepreneurs and more wealth as we talked about at a higher consciousness level. You can find that group on Facebook. It’s called #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine. We want to thank you for reading. We encourage you to share the show. Come back next time.

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Andrew Gardella is a chiropractor and Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator, a specialty program from Access Consciousness®. He graduated from school Magna Cum Laude with BAs in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science and then received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Since he was young, he has bought items from flea markets and sold them to generate more income, and this has evolved into buying and selling antiques alongside his Access Consciousness® work. He realized some years ago that whether you have money or not is a choice, and since discovering this, has never looked back financially. He loves teaching others how they can make the choice to be in a better financial situation too.



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