Episode 22 Interview With Dr. Amber Robins

Welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio and thanks for tuning in for another episode. I am your host Terri Levine, the chief heartrepreneur and I am here today with my special guest who is Dr. Amber Robins and she is the family medicine resident physician at the University of Rochester, kind of close where I went to college, personal wellness and media coach and she is also an international best selling author of the The Write, the Write Prescription and what her hope is and what her personal vision is is to help to motivate others to achieve their best. And truly she is a heartrepreneur. Welcome to the show Dr. Amber.

Amber:  Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Terri:  I’m excited to have you, really excited. So it’s such an interesting combination. I have to ask you, so you are in medicine at the same time you are interested in personal wellness and media. How does all that come to be?

Amber:  They are actually several passions of mine. So in regard to being a doctor I got led into that because my dad got diagnosed with a spinal cord injury really early on when I was younger so I’ve seen medicine all my life and I’ve also seen the importance of being well and making sure that you are taking care. Especially with medicine. And alot of doctors and just people in general get burned out so I see the importance of that and then the media portion brings everything together. I would say because I see patients come in the clinic but alot of the patients I’m trying to reach aren’t necessarily coming to the clinic so having the outlet of media and getting to people giving them good information about how to live their life in a healthier way, that’s important to me too. So the media gives me that outlet. So that works together I think.

Terri:  It does, it does. It’s just as though is interesting and I love to hear how people combine what they are interested in and why they got interested. So thanks for sharing that. I definitely want to hear…I’ve got to tell you the title of the book is awesome. The Write Prescription.

Amber:  Thank you

Terri:  That’s brilliant! How did that come to be? What’s included in the book? I’ve got lots and lots of folks that own businesses that need to write, want to write, some are writing books, some have books, I’d love to hear what that’s all about for you.

Amber:  So if you call a doctor or whatever they say can you put in a prescription for whatever, blah blah blah blah and I say well that’s a catchy thing that a doctor is also known for.  And the fact that I love writing and I love journaling and I encourage both patients, family members, friends to write things down and that’s a way to come up with a goal and actually meet the goal. So the book itself goes through my first year of medical school and the reason why I did it that way is because I wanted people to know that it doesn’t matter if its medical school, life or whatever, everyone has  a struggle.  So they way the book is set up is it starts out when I’m first starting and it ends when I end the first year. But within it are places where the reader can actually write down what is going in their life. They have different questions about what your goals are, what do you do when you are in a place of being scared or being discouraged, and then in addition there’s scriptures so those are the ways that I got through that year and I continue to get through hard times in my life and I felt that it’s always helpful to have someone there to hold my hand. And in my instances it’s been my family, my friends, but alot of people don’t have that so I thought I would be able to be their companion and walk them through whatever hardships they may have in life. So writing is the prescription to the ????

Terri:  I love it. It’s such a nice healthy prescription and as an author myself I journal like crazy and starting writing books after journaling. The journaling is a great process for me to get through whatever life’s curveballs are. So i  love it I love it. What’s it going to look like for you to motivate others to help them achieve their best. What’s your vision of doing that? What does it look like?

Amber:  It’s me actually talking with people about what their goals are and making sure #1 they are realistic goals and that we have things to do in order to get them. So action steps. And alot of time I find that people have goals, but trying to get there and coming up with those action steps is very very difficult and in addition having someone to be accountable to to make it there is difficult. Also, being able to talk with someone to encourage you. Finding an encourager is so hard. I would think its easier to do but it’s very hard to find someone who is there to say, “hey  you are doing a great job! Hey, you may need to tweak some things so that you can do it maybe a better way,” but really being there to walk someone through so they can get to that goal. So that’s what I would say it is that I do and what I’ve done with several of my clients. I  kind of walk with them and even my patients too and letting them know you can do it. You may go through difficult times, difficult struggles, but coaching them through that time and pushing toward the goal and toward where a person wants to be. So that’s what honestly I’ve done throughout all my life and now I’m making a part of my practice of medicine, how I coach, is just something I’ve naturally done.

Terri:  That’s beautiful. So you can give an example, maybe of the kind of work you’ve done with a client on that journey?

Amber:  So I have different things. So I coach through media someone who’s interested in being more visible or someone who’s interested in actually tweaking their blog. They have the goal that making sure the blog looks better or going on television, figuring out what to do in regards to segments. For myself I do segments and I’ve done several over the last year or so and then this goes more to the medical side. I talk to a lot of people about weight and helping with weight management and going through different changes that they can do and seeing many people actually losing several pounds, 15, 20, 30 pounds.

Terri:  Wow

Amber:  By going through that process so it’s something that I’m really passionate about. I feel like alot of people are very hard on themselves and they make it wherever they need to be and I’ve found that that’s my life’s passion to help with that and it brings me so much joy so be a part of that, but also to empower someone to give that to someone else too.

Terri:  Hmmm. I love that. But with me what I love doing is the work that I do because it is a gift to someone else and then seeing my clients and bring that out to their clients is even a bigger gift.

Amber:  Exactly, exactly. The gift that keeps on giving.

Terri:  I love it. That’s beautiful. The gift that keeps on giving. So, if somebody is struggling with something in their business, their personal life, their health, their career, their relationships, how do they reach out to you? how do they get to know you or experience you?

Amber:  You can email me at dramberrobins@gmail.com and then you can also look at my website www.dramberrobins.com. Also on Facebook you can find me on facebook too. I’m always checking all those things so feel free to contact me. I love helping people. I mean that’s why I’m in medicine, that’s why I’m in coaching, that’s why I wrote the book.  So I would love to hear from whoever is interested in talking with me.

Terri:  Yea. I just encourage people, one of the reasons that I really wanted to have you on the show is I went to your website. I was on your Facebook first. Then I went to your website and I just said “wow this interesting” and I love the name of your book. And where can people get the book? Why don’t you give the name and where they can get it.

Amber:  So they can get it actually on Amazon.com, type in the Write Prescription and Dr. Amber Robins and you’ll see the book come there. So that’s the place you can get it and then in the next couple of months and probably even continuing further than that, I’m going to be doing different master classes based on the book and just personal coaching and having all that available to people to bring what they really want because it’s hard for me to know exactly the goals of people as they go through the book individually unless I have contact with them. So bring whoever is interested together and really talking about what your experiences with the book and how we can get you to tht goal. So again that coaching piece. So you can contact me in those different ways and I would love to talk with you.

Terri:  And everybody remember it’s Write Prescription W R I T E and you know it’s such a rare treat to have an author who is actually willing to take you and take you through the book and guide you because it’s very different when we read a book than when we can actually have contact with the author. We can get some advice and coaching and speak to the author and ask questions. So that’s a real real gift. I’m going to encourage people to go get a copy of the book. I’m actually on Amazon right now getting my copy. So I encourage

Amber:  Oh thank you.

Terri:  Oh yea I’m excited to read it. I encourage you to get a copy, connect with Dr. Amber Robins on Facebook. Definitely go to her website like I did. There’s just great information and knowledge and grab a copy of the book and then take advantage of whatever she is offering and I just want to thank you.  I’m so honored to s peak with you and love hearing how you took things that you are passionate about and combined them together. It’s just brilliant and I hope it inspires other heartrepreneurs who are listening.

Amber:  Yes, well thank you for having me. I really enjoyed speaking with you and I’ll continue listening to your conversations as well. I love the content that you have.

Terri:  Awesome. Thank you. And for all of the listeners, please be sure that you do tune in every single episode. The best way to do that is subscribe right on iTunes. It’s the easiest way to do it and we love it when you share us on Facebook. We love it when you give us some 5 star ratings and comments. So make sure we’re sharing Heartrerpreneur radio. The goal is to create more people doing business heart to heart with transparency, integrity and results. Thanks for tuning in to Heartrepreneur Radio. Bye for now.