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April 27, 2020

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Imagine solving your business problems by reading a one-chapter book? W.T. Hamilton is helping driven entrepreneurs do just that. W.T. is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, business owner, and business management consultant helping people find solutions that they couldn’t see by themselves. Today, he joins Terri Levine to show us what his book, Ask For The Money: A One Chapter Book, is all about and how it’s helping entrepreneurs navigate the struggles of building a business. Get over the hurdles of entrepreneurship with ease including the grueling process of starting one by listening to this episode.

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Solving Business Problems One Chapter Book At A Time With W.T. Hamilton

I have with me W.T. Hamilton and he created the world’s first ONE Chapter book series. He helps driven entrepreneurs solve business problems ONE Chapter book at a time. W.T. specializes in using mindset techniques and insight to build his business in a fun and authentic way. He’s also an award-winning author, motivational speaker, business owner and business management consultant. He specializes in helping people like you to see solutions that you’re not necessarily seeing yourself. Let’s talk about how to grow your business, how to use your mindset and be authentic in your business.

W.T., welcome to the show.

Thank you, Terri. I am excited to talk with you.

How did you get into what you’re doing? What’s your path then?

I was a production manager at a big company. Everything was going well. I had a great ownership, then the 2009 market crash hit and the company went bankrupt. We had some funny books things going on and then I got rehired to help build it back through a consulting company. The consulting company, they were heart-centered like we were in the past, so everything changed. The whole game changed with the way I was making my money. I start looking for another avenue. At the same time, I start learning about the Law of Attraction which was born into alignment with my personal philosophy I already was like this whole integrity. I started looking for opportunities to be able to expand on that. That ended up getting me into management and sales consulting. From there, I started working with entrepreneurs to help them as I built my business, showing them the things that I’ve learned. Everything that I teach is things that I’ve already done. I don’t teach things if it’s still a philosophy. It’s the things I’ve experienced. The things that work and the things that don’t work.

That’s one of the things I value the most. There are many people that teach things that come from books and practical knowledge that were proven in their own life experience. I love it when we pass forward something that we love, passionate about and have applied in our own lives. How did you come up with the ONE Chapter book series? As soon as I started reading about that, I’m like, “I want W.T. here on the show.” Tell us about that.

I love business and marketing books, but I love them for particular reasons. What would happen is I buy the books that had a problem that I needed to solve. I need to solve it quickly so I can keep moving forward with my business, but I have to read 15 to 20 chapters to find the one chapter that answers the problem that I had. I said, “I have a lot of experience. I can start writing about the experiences I have with just one chapter at a time solving one problem.” One of the book is Ask For The Money because I know a lot of entrepreneurs have a hard time once you get to that sale part of asking for the money and being authentic about it. I said, “I can write a book about that.” It’s not going to be for everyone but for the people that have that problem, they can buy that book. I started looking at different solutions I could solve and which ones they could put into ONE Chapter books. The one bite size information because when you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to read a book that might take you two weeks. You need one that can take you an hour and you got the solution that you can put it into action.

221HPRCaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 221 |  Solving Business Problems One Chapter Book At A Time With W.T. Hamilton
Ask For The Money: A One Chapter Book

The concept is so brilliant to me. It’s one of those like, “I should have thought of something like that.” People want specific information. They want it fast and they want to learn it fast. There are lots of people out there teaching information. They’re teaching it not in bite-size chunks. Even when I’ve attended seminars or conferences, I’ll walk away and go, “It’s that one thing that I wanted.” All that other stuff took me to other days of sitting at a conference or when I’m going on a teleclass or a webinar or whatever it might be. I’m looking for just that quick nugget of helped me learn this concept and I have got an issue, a problem or something I need to solve. Where can people find the ONE Chapter books?

I sell them mainly on Amazon and you can see them on my website too but the main revenue from those are from Amazon or from doing public appearances.

If they go to Amazon, are they looking under your name, W.T. Hamilton? How do they find you?

If you punch in W.T. Hamilton, you’re going to get a big list of books. You’re going to have my Law of Attraction books as well. You’re going to have all the ONE Chapter books. You can search on The Harsh Truths, which is the newest one. That link will give you the link to my author page.

What is your website?


You’re a motivational speaker. You’re definitely a high-level consultant. How did you get into blending in mindset and Law of Attraction? How did that come into your experience?

A lot of people have personal beliefs and they have personal integrity for their family. They throw that aside and they run their business with their mind. They’re not thinking about how that affects community and employees. The only thing they’re looking at is how it affects their business and the client but the rest of the circle is empty. They can be cutthroat. They can do things in unauthentic way. When they make that money that way, that money is attached to these bad experiences. You’re attracting people that are opportunistic and trying to take money out of your pocket. You never feel comfortable if you make your money in a bad way.

You’re going to make money no matter what you deal in life but if you make it in a heart-centered way that’s caring or considering for other people and helping other people, you get to keep that money for as long as you want. That’s what drove me to start teaching it like it’s a big piece that was missing in business. When I was talking to other people that were trying to build their business from a spiritual heart-centered business, they struggled with the business part of that because their business is so cutthroat. I wanted to teach people how to do it without being cutthroat. You could still be authentic and keep values, integrity, and feel good about making your money because you’re not ripping people off. You’re not lying and misrepresenting. That was very important to me.

We’re very aligned in that way. The whole Heartrepreneur movement is about you can help other people with your products and services. You can transform other people’s lives with whatever it is you’re selling and offering if you’re doing it from a place of authenticity, without manipulation, thinking you have to overcome objections or agitate people and be of service, be of help and be that same authentic person that you are in your heart, family and friends.

A lot of that was through experience. I danced with being aligned and being out of alignment, sometimes you get in a situation where you need to pay your bills and try to figure out what you can do. Every time that I get out of alignment, it never works out for me. Through that experience, I realized that you have to stay true to what you believe in all circumstances. That’s a challenge but life is challenging.

I love how you said that in all circumstances. I have a similar story to share. I was president of a national healthcare company and all of a sudden, they were coming up with things they wanted us to do and say with our employees and the stock members. The stockholders at a board meeting said, “Don’t tell the employees the truth. Do this and this.” I went back to my office that day and thought, “I’m not supposed to be doing this anymore. I can’t say what they want me to say. I can’t do what they want me to do. I can’t act the way they want me to act because it’s not in alignment.”

I walked away from a very high-paying job and said, “I can’t work here anymore. It’s not meant to be.” I started my coaching and consulting business, literally the next day. I had 30 clients in 30 days. People said, “How did that happen?” I said, “I stayed in integrity.” I saw the difference. You could make money the way I made it in corporate America, but not feel good, go home and feel sick every night, which is how I felt. You can be in alignment and people show up. What do you see as the biggest obstacle that people have in business? What’s the most frequent thing that shows up?

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The very first thing and it would be the initial biggest hurdle is people are afraid to lose. They want everything to line up and be perfect. They look at companies like Amazon and they see all these guys are huge, but then I realize that they were struggling just like you to build it. They got to a certain level where all of a sudden, they got popular and that’s why you know about them. You’ve seen that it’s huge. It looks it’s instant, but it’s not instant. You have to be able to make mistakes and understand that those mistakes are your building blocks to your success. People don’t want to make mistakes.

They want to be perfect, have the perfect business plan, the perfect everything. That is the biggest initial hurdle. The true hurdle is when you’re telling somebody you’re going to start a business, everybody’s excited for you. That doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you. That doesn’t mean they’re going to support your business. Being excited about you doesn’t mean that you have a huge foundation to launch your business with. I think people get discouraged. They’re afraid to lose and they also don’t realize how much you have to build it. The momentum is the piece that you have to build and it takes time.

People say to me sometimes when I say I had 30 clients in 30 days, “That was easy for you.” I’m like, “Just so you know, I was making hundreds of phone calls every single day. I didn’t call 30 people and get 30 clients. I did an incredible amount of work because I was determined to build a good base knowing that I could expand from there.” That also doesn’t mean that I never had to do anything again. It was like, “I have 30 clients in 30 days and now many years later, it rolls along.” Every single day I work on myself and my business. I asked, “How can I help other people? What is it that I can do?” We have to keep building businesses. What do you find as the largest issue that people seem to have mindset-wise?

Going back to not being afraid to lose, not being afraid to fail is that mindset of not understanding what your success looks like, what it should feel like and believing in yourself. A lot of people want to get certifications or permission from other people to start something or to take it to the next level. They don’t give themselves permission to start something and take it to the next level. It’s not easy and it’s a process, but once you learn how to build your self-confidence, then you can show up as your real self. I never wear a tie. A lot of times I’ll wear a suit jacket. I always wear my jeans. I always have my hat on. I am always walking around in my Nike’s because that’s how I feel comfortable. When I first started doing business consulting, I’d wear a suit and tie, have my fancy pants shoes on and I didn’t feel like the real person.

I saw felt I was pretending to be somebody else that I thought people wanted to see, but I wasn’t resonating with people. I started to be myself. It’s building up that confidence that you can be yourself and can understand that you’re not going to resonate with everybody you meet. You’re going to resonate with a very small niche. They could do the ONE Chapter books. It’s a very small niche. That’s what people do because you only speak to a small percentage of people at a time. If you’re comfortable with that and that’s your authenticity, then you can build your business. It’s that struggle first to believe in yourself and allow yourself to chase your dreams. Allow yourself to understand that you’re worthy of that which you’re seeking and you deserve it. A lot of people don’t believe that they deserve it and they’re worthy of it. They want it but to get into that avenue of you deserve it and you’re worthy of it. That all starts with self-belief.

221HPRCaption2 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 221 |  Solving Business Problems One Chapter Book At A Time With W.T. Hamilton
Solving Business Problems: When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have time to read a book that might take you two weeks. You only need a one.


I will work with a new client family member and they’ll be like, “Let’s jump in. I need help in this area of my business and this area.” I’m always like, “First, you need help with your mindset. The way I like to think of it is we work on the inner approach. We get you aligned and balanced, then we can look at the outer actions.” A lot of business, sales and management consultants like to get right into strategies and tactics and haven’t taken a look at the person and where the person is coming from. Any thoughts about that?

That is a big disconnect when you have a business because it’s all procedures and strategies. If this person is not comfortable going up to somebody and talking to them, they can be great at writing emails, they can be great at putting together a deal but if they can’t present it and you don’t have that confidence, they’re going to have a real struggle in doing business. If you don’t have the confidence to be the cheerleader of your own business, you’re going to have a hard time to build your business. You have to look at the individual and find out what the strengths are and what their weaknesses are. For them, it’s not their skills, it’s more their attitudes, habits and how they see things.

You need to understand what their beliefs are, their self-beliefs, the beliefs of the environment and what their values are. You have to align your values with helping people. When you’re in business, you’re in service. Even if you’re in a corporation, you’re in service of the other departments and the other people around you. Once you start to realize that and you put that first, then you can start to get into an alignment with the heart-centered part of business. There is a heart center in business. People just don’t realize that it is.

As Heartrepreneurs in this movement and this cause, there’s a lot that we have to get back and touch with like living from our heart and being in our heart. Whenever I am talking to someone who is a prospect and might want our help, I always am checking in with my heart, not certainly with my head. My head might say, “Yes, I can help them.” I’d go to my heart and I say, “Does my heart feel aligned with them? Are they open and curious enough to learn from me or the consulting in my company? Can we be of the most service?” I’m always doing more of a heart check-in. My logical mind will say, “I can solve most people’s business sales and marketing problems. I’ve been doing it for decades. I happen to be good at it.” The whole ego-mind is saying, “We can do this.” There’s a part of it that’s also saying, “That’s a smart idea in business to have more clients who are financially smart.” However, I always defer to my heart now. Is my heart aligned? Do I even want to help this person? Do I care enough about them and their business? Do I feel like I want to take them on as a client family member because clients become family? If I make that offer to work together, it’s a heart connection.

Some of the concepts, you have to have an open mind. You have to be ready to put other people first. That’s not everybody’s cup of tea. That’s not how everybody sees making money. It has to be aligned because I can’t help someone that is just out there to grab money. That’s fine if that’s how they want to do but it’s not the circle that I can be in.

Remind people again where they can get the books and your website to make sure everybody has that.

The website is and my books are on Amazon. Connect with me on Instagram as well @W.T.Hamilton. My belief is because I have an abundance of wealth, knowledge and insight, I try to share them as much as I can to help people to be able to do things even if they never buy from me anything. I want them to still get some insight, nuggets, motivation and inspiration. I do a lot of that on Instagram. I do blogs. You’ll find my blogs all over the place.

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That’s the true Heartrepreneur attitude. Even if you never buy from me, even if you never give me a penny or a dime, I’m going to help you. I’m going to show up, do blogs, do videos, do social media posts, whatever it is. I want the audience to bring that back into your mindset. Breathe that in for a moment. That’s great wisdom and that comes from being heart-centered Heartrepreneur. It comes to a saying, “When you wake up in the morning, it’s how I can be of service? It’s not how can I go hunt for someone else to pay me?” I believe in the alignment of waking up, being of service and helping others allows the right people to find you. As W.T. said, that may be a smaller percentage of people. However, that’s the right people. There’s enough of those right people for you to prosper. What are a couple of final words of wisdom or nuggets that you want to have people take away from our conversation?

It is to be in service. If you have any knowledge or insight or whatever it is that you do in your profession or your business, your voice is important. There’s somebody that will resonate with that same message unless they hear it from you. You have a responsibility to get out there, to share what you know, to help people in whatever way you can. You might not get direct compensation, but that compensation will come to you. Don’t worry about what you’re going to get out of it and focus on what you can give, it’ll come back to you in ways that you didn’t expect.

What I love about our conversation and I’m so glad that we’re getting to know each other, is that you have such a balanced approach. You have great business advice and you’re willing to share that and give that. At the same time, you have great advice for people to see themselves better, to become more authentic. It’s a blending of the inner alignment and the outer alignment. It’s beautiful the way that you show up. I’m grateful for all you do in the world and I personally wanted to say not only thank you for being here, thank you for being someone that I most definitely deem a Heartrepreneur who comes from the heart and is of high service to others. I’m grateful for you.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Thanks for being my guest. Let me say a few sendoff words to our wonderful readers. First of all, thanks for tuning in. Without readers, we can’t help you. We’re here to help you. You got some of the best business advice from W.T. Hamilton. Take a look at the books because if you ever asked yourself a question like, “I want the answer to this. I don’t want to read this giant book. It could take a week, two weeks to get through it.” Let me get one chapter. Let me get that one solid piece of business advice and clearly, you’re getting it at a very heart-centered way.

221HPRCaption3 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 221 |  Solving Business Problems One Chapter Book At A Time With W.T. Hamilton
Solving Business Problems: Focus on what you can give, and it’ll come back to you in ways that you didn’t expect.


The last couple of things that I want to say is to make sure that you do join our Facebook Group which is #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine Facebook group. I would love for W.T. to join us there too. We are constantly giving you solid business advice that blends with the Heartrepreneur philosophy and integrity. We’re there to help and we’re not only there to help you grow your business, but also to grow yourself and to make transformation. Finally, I put together an educational webinar that will show you the seven deviations that you need to follow in business. Get a pen, get a piece of paper because you’re going to take a lot of notes. It’s not a typical webinar where someone’s trying to pitch you something. That is at At the end of the webinar, you can have us solve your biggest business problem. Thank you again. I’m delighted that you tuned in here. I encourage you to share the show. Whenever you find something that is creating value, be of service to others, pass it forward and create an extraordinary day.

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W.T Hamilton - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 221 |  Solving Business Problems One Chapter Book At A Time With W.T. HamiltonW.T. Hamilton is an award winning author, motivational speaker, business owner and business management consultant helping people find solutions that they couldn’t see by themselves. He’s has over 14 years experience in the business management and sales management and 7 years experience as an entrepreneur business consultant.

He created the world’s first ONE Chapter Book series to help driven entrepreneurs solve business problems and navigate the struggles of building a business One Chapter Book at a time, so he could reach more people with his insight into using mindset to grow your business in an authentic way.

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