May 18

Decluttering Your Way To Freedom With Laura Williams


Laura started her business 2 years ago with the aim of helping people who feel overwhelmed by their possessions, to regain control and create calmer, more organised homes and lives.

Laura's work includes helping overwhelmed families to recover space to live comfortably together, creating space for entrepreneurs to work productively, enabling individuals living with or recovering from illness to regain control of their homes, and helping people to prepare their homes for visitors and for sale.

Although Laura's passion is the physical transformation of a space, she has also developed her virtual Organising Partner service to help people who prefer to do the organising work alone but still want guidance and accountability.

Laura received her BSc (hons) in Behavioural Sciences and Masters in Personnel Development before embarking on her first career in HR and now brings her passion for understanding what drives us and her experience of coaching, together with her love of organising, into her current work. When not working with clients, she values time with her family, yoga and running.

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