June 1

Overcoming Fear: Discovering The Potential In You With Christina Rivera


Christina is a corporate accounts receivable consultant, speaker, and internet podcast host of Savvy Business, Life Unscripted. Her background in corporate finance extends beyond twenty-five years.

Interestingly, Savvy Business started in April 2012 as a marketing tool for her receivables business but quickly snowballed into an exciting entity. Her platform supports knowledgeable individuals and business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips, and stories.

Savvy Business, Life Unscripted features businesses of all fields, and inspirational individuals.

Her new book: " Having It Made: A Journey of Rediscovery and Purpose" is a personal journey of self-discovery and how she finally found her purpose. She analyzes and uncovers many of the old world myths many of us were taught and believed.

· Uncover your deepest longing, desires of your soul and your true purpose.

· Get clear on what is holding you back from living your purpose in a bigger way.

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