June 8

Your Life’s Purpose, Revealed With Lance Essihos


Lance Esshios is a visionary who has experienced life through three very different lenses - as a hockey player, a bartender and now an innovative entrepreneur and podcaster. Lance himself is no stranger to adversity, he has faced some of life’s most difficult challenges, from grinding his way through the hockey ranks to travelling the world as a bartender. Through his personal battle with drugs and alcohol in his twenties, the tragic loss of his brother to suicide followed by the great loss of his father to cancer only a year later, Lance realized he had hit rock bottom. In the darkest of days, he made a promise to himself that he would create a new life, one that would make an impact and inspire the masses, leaving the world in a better place than he found it.

Lance has made it his mission to facilitate the message of positive change through adversity and encourage people to see the light through the darkness of life’s worst moments. Since making the shift from being a bar manager two years ago, he has been developing his skills while following his passion for human connection and relationship building. Through his podcast “University of Adversity”, Lance extracts the very valuable messages of undeniable resilience, bravery, courage and hope from each of his guests, lessons his listeners can actively apply to their own lives. Podcasting has brought him such fulfillment that he has grown his dream one step further and into creating a start up called Mic-Up podcast production. Mic-Up provides a full white glove Podcast service that includes production, management, and marketing which allows people the freedom to have their own voice and success through podcasting without all of the work. He also helps existing podcasts with the management and production of their shows, so that they can focus on their growing business and other priorities.

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